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This article is called, “Who do you believe-What do you believe?” We live in a very wicked vile world that is in constant turmoil, especially in our own country. NO ONE KNOWS WHO, OR WHAT TO BELIEVE. We do not know who is right or who is wrong. It is a sad day when right is now wrong and wrong is now right. Anything moral is now condemned and any sin or immorality is accepted and has become the new “norm and standard.”

Our. Government and Congress are liars, thieves, and crooks who have their own agenda. They did not become millionaires on their salaries. They sell their votes to the highest bidder and get rich.

They only “PRETEND TO CARE” at election time. I believe or trust very few in Washington. Congress and our government now legislate IMMORALITY and calls it HUMAN RIGHTS. Our very own Constitution is being destroyed and replaced. Even in our election right now, Socialism and Communism are being pushed to replace Capitalism and free markets.

We have Political Parties who have their own agenda’s, and it is not for the benefit of the American people, It is the same, THEY WANT TO CONTROL. Money, Power, and Control have always been their goal. Why will a Political Party spend millions and millions of dollars to buy a job (The White House) when that job only pays $400,000 a year? The answer is POWER AND CONTROL, AND DOMINATION. NOW THE END BEGINS.

We have 6 major media networks in America. ALL 6 are owned and run by the Globalist, that is a fact. They all have the same narrative and agenda. News no longer reports the news, they MANUFACTURE THE NEWS. They are also liars, thieves, and crooks. They now believe it is their job to tell us what to THINK. The Media love the power and control of the narrative (real or false) and are only subject to their Globalist Masters. Social Media censors the truth and runs on their “Progressive Agenda” which sets their own community standards. Those that take away free speech or free thought.

Social Media chooses what you can say or do. That includes Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and others. Even search engines are rigged to keep you from searching what they do not consider, part of their Progressive Agenda. They want their Power and Control.                                                                                            

Now we have the United Nations and the Globalist, who have a Globalists Agenda for the whole world. Their Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 is called their sustainable goals of 1 World Government, 1 World Religion and 1 World Money system, worldwide. Thank you United Nations and Globalist for “ENSLAVING THE WHOLE WORLD. Please listen to this. The United Nations and Globalist “CREATE” wars, famines, Terrorist Groups, Refugee Crisis’ and so much more so THEY can control it. They create a crisis for the intent and purpose of taking control over it. New World Order in Progress.

They believe and push for world domination over the whole world, them as the Masters, and we as slaves.  They will rule and control every person on the Planet. The only rights you will have will be the ones they allow you. They also are power-hungry liars, thieves, and crooks. Their Progressive Agenda is corrupted and immoral, it will destroy our society and country. Even Pope Francis (who is a Globalist) DEMANDS and supports 1 world government.

I hear all the time that we need a new Progressive agenda to “TRANSFORM AMERICA.” Social Justice is quickly replacing Legal Justice. so, what is wrong in our society and cannot be tolerated? What is not Politically Correct, what is offensive, and what is now hate speech? What is NOT acceptable, here it is, The name JESUS, (the name God is allowed because there are many false gods). The name Jesus is specific. The Bible, Christians, Churches, God’s laws and all morality. Believing in your country, Patriotism and the Constitution are not acceptable.

There is so much more that I can easily write that I have not even touched on, but those subjects are already in other post on this website. I have just listed some of the basics here. Now it is time for some good news and time to answer the question?


As of right now, the world is facing a Corona Virus Pandemic. That is scary and some people are dying from it. People all over the world are panicked. We know where it started (In China), but where did it come from? We also know that it is called the Novel Corona Virus which means it is a NEW STRAIN. There are already 4 other types of Coronaviruses that have been Patented, even by our country. They were developed in a lab as a “biological weapon.”

I have a friend named Sherrie and she is a fine Christian lady. She is very stressed out right now (like millions on this earth). We see so much fake news and crap from the media all over the world. We see the “professional liars” in government pushing their lies, narrative and agenda. This is one reason I wanted to write this article and I will now give the answer and it is the right answer.

My favorite verse in the Bible is Romans 3:4 which says, “YEA, LET GOD BE TRUE AND EVERY MAN A LIAR.” Who do I believe-GOD? What should I believe? WHAT GOD SAYS. I never addressed the issues of the Presidents of the United States. Preferences and Opinions do vary on that one. I do want to say here what I know and what is most important about any President or leader. Daniel 2:21 says, “God sets up Kings and God takes down Kings.” Some translate kings as governments. God knows exactly what is going on. God is in total control. There are no accidents with God. He can set up or take down any ruler of government quickly. God is never surprised anytime. Maybe you do not realize this but “GOD SEE’S THE PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE ALL AT THE SAME TIME.                                                                        

Even throughout the history of the Bible and the world, God used wicked Kings, Prophets, and government to fulfill his plan and purpose. Jesus told us, the Bible has told us, The apostles told us EXACTLY what it would be like in the very last days when the Lord returns in the Rapture for his church. We are seeing all of the signs of the Tribulation right now. But we know the Rapture comes first and is the thing that triggers the Tribulation.

God has told us about the anti-Christ (man of sin), the 1 world government, 1 world religion, and 1 world money system. Matthew 24, Mark 13, Luke 21. Do you realize there are 150 Chapters in the Bible about end times? THANK GOD WE ARE NOT BLIND TO THE TRUTH AND THAT HE TOLD US EXACTLY WHAT IT WOULD BE LIKE AND WHAT TO LOOK FOR. Here is something else. GOD NEVER TOLD US THAT WE HAD TO LIKE IT. Just check out II Timothy chapter 3 and Romans chapter 1. You will see that we are there.


20 years ago, 40 years ago, People would say the Lord is coming soon, but He did not come. So I say this and how do I know I am right when they were wrong? Now, this is a good question, I have 2 reasons to prove I am right. First, all the end time signs point to the TRIBULATION, not the Rapture. But we know that the Rapture is what triggers the Tribulation. For the first time in HISTORY, all of the signs have “CONVERGED” all at once, at the same time, which is now. This has never happened in all of history. Secondly, we now possess modern technology that can allow events in the Tribulation that MUST occur. Internet, computer technology, Artificial Intelligence, CHIPS, tracking, millions of video cameras in nations, credit cards and money systems and more. Go study what 5G technology will do. This has NEVER been possible until now, and our generation.

All of this is reality and happening TODAY. The Globalist and United Nations are pushing it in their Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030, DEPOPULATION OF THE EARTH, THEY DEMAND IT. It is exactly what God said it would be like and it will happen.

Stay in God’s Word and God’s Service. We need to witness to a lost and dying world. We are leaving here very soon and going home. The “who do you believe and what do you believe,” Can be summed up in 1 word-GOD. He is the real authority and truth, no one else. Know and understand we are seeing God’s work and plan in action. We all have stress levels, we all have feelings and emotions, all of us can easily get angry, upset and frustrated because we are human. But knowing that God lives in us and that we have a very short time here on earth, and we have a better home, should give you comfort. BELIEVE THAT AND REJOICE.

Your thoughts, opinions, and comments are welcome so leave them below in the comment section and enjoy the video below.  RAY



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