I am very thankful for anyone who comes to my website and reads my pages and articles. I want to tell you about “my method of writing. I learned my method of writing in Bible College. My method is called K.I.S.S. It means, “Keep It Simple Stupid.” I also learned how to stand up, speak up, then shut up.

I believe people appreciate Simplicity and Understanding more than 25 pages of “DRIBBLE” of non-essential information, that not even I would attempt to read. I do not see the need to expand on the Psychological, or Philosophical meanings, or the testing of every Hypothesis, when the simple meaning is already clear.

I will use colors to emphasize important words and “CAPITAL LETTERS,” for emphasis. People get tired of black and white. Even the Bible has a red letter edition. Would you rather watch and old black and white movie or a nice movie in “COLOR?”

I also think it is “LOVING” to share the truth of what is going on in our world today. Mainstream Media are Parrots spewing out the same message they invent, not actual truth. They really do want to control your mind and tell you what you can think. I do actually beleive you are not stupid and have the God given right to your own opinion. The News Media controls your Beliefs and Behavior.

Thank you again for being here and reading what has been written. Feel free to comment on any article at the bottom of the page, in the comment section. and God Bless You.   RAY

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