1am February 24, 1978 you were born and I was there. You were a Miracle Baby. According to the medical doctors you were never suppose to be here. I learned When God Speaks Listen.                        

There were too many problems during your mom’s pregnancy. The doctors believed you were malformed. They said, “If this child is born, he will be nothing more than a vegetable.” Yes son, they wanted to abort you at five months in the womb. I said, “NO!”

Your mom had four different gallbladder attacks during the first five months of her pregnancy. Each time was worse, It was stressful for you and your mom. The doctors said, “If she has one more gall bladder attack, we will not allow her life to be endangered. We will take (abort) the fetus.” I said, “No, this baby is a boy. His name is Mark Anthony and He will be fine.”

She never had another gallbladder attack. Your mom carried you for ten months. We had been to the doctor’s office the morning of the 23rd for her check up and appointment. I received a phone call that night from Dr. Moore.The doctor told me that your mom’s blood work was bad. He said that they weren’t able to find a heartbeat on you at all. He then told me to be at the hospital in one hour.

We left home, went to the hospital and met with Dr. Moore. Your mom was checked in and prepared to give birth to you. Then Dr. Moore said to me, “Whatever happens in the delivery room tonight will be on your head.” I ACCEPTED THAT. Your mom did the HARD PART, when they induced labor on her.

The blame would be mine. I was the one who prevented him from aborting you. Now they finally induced labor on your mom.

Three hours later you were born. You were alive, kicking, screaming and you were “normal.” Dr. Moore and staff could not believe it. All they could do was walk around shaking their heads.They were totally astounded with disbelief.

An hour after you were born, I was sitting in the lobby outside the delivery room. I noticed your pediatrician, Dr. Clark walked into the lobby, heading to the delivery room. He was wearing a long trench coat down to his ankles. He had pajamas on underneath. He also had a stethoscope around his neck.

He was a funny sight at 2am in the morning, but I bit my tongue to keep from laughing. I said, “Hello Dr. Clark, you are up late.” He replied, “Dr. Moore called me and insisted that I come here to check your baby.” Then he went into the delivery room.

Ten minutes later he came out in huff. I could tell he was upset and he said, “There is nothing wrong with your baby.” I said, ” I know that.” Dr. Clark said, “Why did Dr. Moore call, get me out of bed, then insist that I come immediately to check your baby? I am going home and go back to bed.” Then he left.

Your mom was exhausted but happy and doing well. It had been a long day and night. We were both tired. I told your mom to rest and sleep while she could. Her pain medication was taking effect on her. I would go home and sleep myself.                                                                                                                          

I was leaving the hospital ward and the quiet whisper of God’s voice said to me, “Sit down, do not leave.” So I sat down in a chair. You were the only newborn they had that night so they had placed you all the way down the hall in a room by yourself.

20 minutes later the quiet whisper of God’s voice said to me, “Go look at your son.” I was tired, but I walked all the way to the end of the hall and looked through the large window at you. You were on your back and it appeared you were blowing bubbles so I laughed.

You turned purple and your little hands were shaking in the air. I ran through the door. “Someone get down here and help!” Nurses ran down the hall. I was pushed aside as they used a respirator on you. With the emergency over, a nurse took me aside and explained that you hadn’t been respirated properly in the delivery room. Because of this, you were choking to death.

They assured me that the danger was over. They moved you to the room where the other babies were. The nurse said, “Dad, Your son will be fine now. He will be right here in front of me all night long Do not worry.” I went and sat back down in the same chair for 15 minutes. Then the still quiet whisper of God’s voice said to me, “Go home and rest, your son will be fine.” I left the hospital, went home and slept knowing you would be alright.

The very first church service you attended as an infant was a special one. Your mom and I publically laid you on the altar in a public dedication service. We gave you back to God and dedicated you to his service.

I tell you this Son because God allowed you to be born in spite of all the odds against you. It was no accident you lived. You were not born a vegetable. I want you to know God had a plan for your life and He still does.

Maybe you have not understood this completely, but one day you will. I will keep telling you this story until the day I die. We have come a long way in 42 years and it has not always been easy. I want you to remember that dad always told you this. WHEN GOD SPEAKS LISTEN.

I love you my son and I want to say, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY.”