THIS WEBSITE IS MY LEGACY TO MY CHILDREN, FROM ME AND MY FATHER IN HEAVEN. A legacy captures your life and the lessons learned along the way, or it celebrates things that were most important to you, such as a cause or an interest. Having a lasting legacy means that you share these deeper meanings with friends, family, and posterity. Your legacy captures the insights you have in the present because of experiences in the past – then you can communicate these treasures to build the future. 

My website is my legacy to my children and others. It is not only about the article but it is also about me. It contains my thoughts, my feelings, my life, my wants, needs, and desires, It contains my joys and fears. It shows what was and is important to me. It shows everything that I know and believe. It shows my mind and my heart. THIS IS WHY I HOPE IT WILL BE VALUABLE TO MY CHILDREN AND OTHERS.

Here is what I consider of great value to ME about this website. I have been able to share My Life, My Love, my Passion, and my Lord with you all.

But far greater than my legacy is this. I hope those who read my articles on this website, will get value and learning out of the CONTENT. Finally, I hope more than anything my Father in heaven will find value in it, and use it for His Glory–AMEN. THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS YOU-RAY