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The word “PANDEMIC” comes from 2 words which are Panic and Epidemic. The entire world is freaking out from the Corona Virus Pandemic. There is no nation on earth that has not been affected and infected from the Corona Virus epidemic, this is called a worldwide crisis. People are literally scared to death and living in constant fear. They are afraid they will catch this virus and DIE. The real question you have to ask is, “Is this pandemic-globalism-and vaccines, manufactured and man-made for a purpose?”


The Corona Virus is the only topic in the media, whether local or international. It this the main topic on every social media site and there are more opinions, then there is truth. Media commentators and liars, worldwide push their own version, which includes assigning blame, options, solutions, and personal opinions. They all claim this is the worst epidemic and pandemic of all time. And of course, their estimates of how many will die and how long this will last is being swallowed by the majority and states are in a total panic because they do not have the medical supplies and Personal Protective Equipment needed to deal with infected persons or those they consider carriers. There is plenty of “blame sharing” for the lack of needed equipment. No nation in the world was looking for such a Pandemic to occur and cripple their country.

No one is on the same page. We see the medical professional and the great scientist on television doing interviews every day, Not even they can agree on treatment and how this should be treated. Some experts demand their solution is the correct one. Nations have been devastated by the effects of this Corona Virus. For the first time in history over 50% of the Worlds Population is under “mandatory quarantine and lockdown.” Here in America. 90% of our population and nation are under mandatory quarantine and lockdown. This has never happened before.

Nations’ economies, manufacturing, and trade have suffered and shut down. Hundreds of businesses have gone out of business. Unemployment has reached the highest record of all time. People are not only out of work but are out of money and cannot pay their bills, buy food and support their families. Then include the liars who “inflate” the numbers of those who have died and those who are infected, and the politicians who lie for the purpose of pushing their own political agenda.

Add to all of this the Globalist agenda, the W. H. O. (World Health Organization) agenda who claims to be in charge worldwide, The United Nations, who mandates their doctrines be enforced, and 1 world government be established immediately. They push only for a vaccine for the Corona Virus and MANDATORY vaccinations of everyone on earth. (Unless you are in a poor 3rd world country that cannot afford the vaccine). I find this IRONIC considering how the mock pandemic (Event 201, led and sponsored by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation) using the Corona Virus took place, less than 2 months before the actual Corona Virus Pandemic occurred.

There is something you really need to understand. Bill Gates is the 2nd largest contributor of the World Health Organization. Gates has never been elected to any position anywhere. and is the “BILLIONAIRE BOY” of the W.H.O. They will protect him regardless of what he does or how many he kills in any country. Gates owns 7 different vaccine manufacturing facilities himself. As Robert Kennedy Jr. says, Bill Gates is establishing his own Vaccine Dictatorship and has a Messiah Complex.


I also find it totally “REPLUSIVE” how billionaire Bill Gates had made himself King of the World and knows what is best for everyone. I think the world needs to know and understand that Mr. Bill Gates OWNS the patent to the very Corona Virus that is plaguing the world. Yet he and his friends are developing the vaccine to cure it. There is debate about whether Bill Gates’s patent is for the current Corona Virus or one of the previous 4 Corona Virus’. But what he is trying to do right now, still makes him a Billionaire Globalists Dirtbag.

If you really want to see the plan of Bill Gates and his Globalist friends then click on this link to understand how he and they want to implement De-population and control over the earth and establish 1 world government.

Just today Attorney General Bill Barr responded to Bill Gates’s plan to vaccinate and chip every citizen and stated that it is NOT necessary. I am a little confused? IF CHINA RECOVERED WITHOUT A VACCINE THEN WHY DOES THE REST OF THE WORLD NEED GATES VACCINE AND A TRACKING CHIP? hummmm..I know I have posted a lot of links but you really need to click on this one. It is called I D 2020. Bill gates has given 1.56 Billion dollars to sponsor world wide ID for everyone. 

We must also recognize the agenda of Bill Gates, the United Nations, and Globalist and they state it plainly. Gates vaccine would not just be a vaccine but would also contain a computerized tracking chip, in the vaccine. They are very proud of this. So make sure you take this mandatory vaccine so they can track you for the rest of your life and anywhere in the world. Friend, I am not making this up and this is document fact. They claim this is a “Global Problem” and demands a Global Solution (which means them). “DO YOU NOT REALIZE THAT THE GLOBALIST CREATE THE CRISIS, SO THAT THEY CAN STEP IN AND CONTROL IT?” They have done this before and the latest was the so-called “REFUGEE CRISIS.”

Maybe you forgot about Bill Gates’s documentary on Netflix called PANDEMIC in late 2019. He named the virus that would occur, and the exact location of the outbreak-HOW CONVENIENT. In 2018, Communist China boasted of having the largest virus bank in Asia, housing over 1,500 different strains of virus’
Where? In Wuhan. Surprise! And Mr. Gates funded their main laboratory. Then he was given one of China’s highest honors. “Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has been elected to the Chinese Academy of Engineering, one of the nation’s top scientific think tanks.” I am sure Bill Gates billions of dollars of investments in China, had NOTHING to do with keeping his mouth shut, about the outbreak and hiding it for 2 months.

Bill Gates is the “Poster Child” of the World Health Organization and they love him. Gates Vaccine Empire is protected by the W.H.O. Bill Gates vaccine crimes have been going on for years. He has used the poor in foreign countries as “TEST SUBJECTS.” And as usual American Mainstream Media will never report this. US Politics and News reported an interview with the Gates Family doctor. This doctor stated: “I cannot say if Bill Gates vaccinated his children as adults, I can only say he did NOT vaccinate them as children.” I WONDER WHY?

Have you forgotten the sustainable goals of the Globalists and United Nations Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030? Have you forgotten how they stated this 1 world government will be forced on every nation, even if they have to send in United Nations troops to enforce it? The World Health Organization and Bill Gates are both in bed with China, where the outbreak started in Wuhan China and was then concealed. Then China was praised by the W.H.O. and Gates for taking decisive action, after hiding the outbreak for almost 3 months. Forget the fact that the Corona Virus was produced in a lab in China (funded by Bill Gates) as a “biological warfare weapon.”

Now make sure you believe and swallow the narrative of these pathological Globalists LIARS. If you choose to believe that this virus jumped from bats to humans, then do so. It took years to prove the HIV virus story was fake. It has been proven that the HIV virus was manufactured in a laboratory here in America. It did not take place with someone in Africa having sex with a monkey.


People are terrified and mass “PANIC” is taking place here in America and all over this world. This pandemic is real and has shaken the entire world. Everyone’s life has been affected, the World Global Economy is collapsing. It is normal for everyone to be concerned about their very lives and the lives of their families. If you study I think you will find out this is a large part of the (NWO), 1 world Global Agenda. When it is demanded right now and they demand to take over the world and take control, it is very hard to believe this was all an accident that just happened in China.                                                                                              

People have the right to be afraid. I think to a great extent, the PANIC may be worse than the EPIDEMIC. Media does NOT report how 98% of the people who contracted the Corona Virus “RECOVER” from it. WHY IS THAT? It does not fit their narrative. Would it surprise you to know that all 6 major news networks in the United States are OWNED by Globalist, and they control what is broadcast? Feel free to check that out.

I spoke a lot about Bill Gates and how he is one of the Global Elites. Here is why he is so dangerous. He is not the typical Global Elite who comes out and says, “We are going to take over and kill off millions of people.” Bill Gates wears 2 MASK. One mask is that of the Globalists, the other mask is that of the great humanitarian. In speaking he is the great humanitarian, but in practice, he is the Globalist. He is one of their front men. As of today as I write this article, Mr. Vaccine King, Mr, Globalist Billionaire. Mr. World Health Poster boy is demanding that every country remains on lockdown until “HIS vaccine” is available, and everyone has received it. The video’s I will list below are truly worth watching.

His big push is mandatory vaccines (with a tracking chip) for every person in the entire world. Maybe I should have listed the link here to how he is being sued. How he gave his free vaccine to children in Africa and what all it did to them. Parents of the children who were tested showed they had been given a “STERILIZATION DRUG.” And yes Bill Gates was present there and quickly ran out of the country. Mainstream media will NOT even report this.

I do not wish for anyone to catch the Corona Virus. I am a Christian and I do not fear the Corona Virus. “YOU CANNOT SCARE ME WITH HEAVEN! Maybe the fear of this virus has made people lose sight of a few facts. GOD IS STILL IN CONTROL. NOTHING HAPPENS THAT GOD DOES NOT ALLOW-THERE ARE NO ACCIDENTS WITH GOD. On the contrary, doesn’t the Word of God tells us exactly what will happen in the last days and what to look for? Yes, it does and this is one of those things He told us about.

The Word of God explains in detail the period in the Bible known as the “TRIBULATION.” It details a 1 world government, a 1 world Religion and a 1 world money system, headed by the Antichrist. This is exactly what the Globalists are demanding right now openly. This is why they drafted and intend to implement Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030. THIS IS NO ACCIDENT. GOD IS NOT MISTAKEN.                                                    

Here is the good news. We are very close to the Tribulation period which will come in this world. But we know for a fact the RAPTURE of the church, takes place then the tribulation starts. Christians are going home to heaven, we are going home soon. People of the earth should be scared and Panicked because what plagues are coming on this earth. The total domination of Satan and the Antichrist are far worse than the Corona Virus. I am going to make a statement but not explain it. If “ANY LOST PERSON” (NON-CHRISTIAN) understood “CRISPR” and what it means to this world, and what can really happen with any vaccine or a  Bill Gates vaccine WORLDWIDE, then the thought alone would terrify you.

I truly hope your heart is right with the Lord. If you do not know Jesus Christ as your personal Savior then I beg you to do so. It is really not hard, Lord Jesus, I am not perfect I have sinned and made mistakes. I believe you came to earth and died on a cross and paid for my sins. Forgive me and come into my life and save me. I receive you right now as my own personal Savior-AMEN.

Your thoughts and opinions are welcome here so leave them below in the comments section. RAY
Please watch the videos below.

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