Whats True Love

Is Your Love True or False

The Greatest Love

What is The Greatest Love? I am sure opinions will vary from person to person. I do not expect everyone to agree with me. I do expect some will come, see the content and leave. This article is one that brings strong feelings and emotions. This article is one that is offensive to many.

Somebody To Love

I think we all start looking for, Somebody To Love from the moment we are born. This also starts the process of Socialization in each of us. I am going to talk about looking for somebody to love and socialization. We are all social creatures, we were made that way. It is part of who are.

How Deep Is Your Love

How deep is your love? Maybe that is a deep question. I think we all understand the term and meaning of the word deep. When we talk about the ocean is deep, we are referring to a measurement. We would ask, “How many feet or miles does the ocean go down?” We need a measuring stick to comprehend depth or height.

One Way Love

What is One Way Love? We all know what love is but do we know what one way means? Let see if I can give an official definition. “Merriam-Webster Dictionary,” says, “One Way is, 1: That moves in or allows movement in only one direction a one–way street, 2: A one-sided, unilateral a one–way conversation, 3: that functions in only one of two or more ways.”

What Is The Meaning Of Love

What is the meaning of Love? I think people would answer this question with their own definition of love. I am a dictionary user myself. I look to those who are smarter than I am. There are already thousands of definitions. I look to those who are better educated. I grew up using “Websters Dictionary” so I stick with it.

Show Me Love

What is a person saying when they say, “Show Me Love?” Have you ever said this or some other variation like, “Prove It.” This will depend on the individual. Is this a male or a female making this statement? The word show, is an action word. It means, display it, do something and show me. Take some action. Do not just tell me with words. Actions speak’s louder than words… Read More

Hungry For Love

Are you Hungry For Love? I have a question for you. If you had to choose between food or love which one would you choose? If you could only have one, not both. I think you would say, ” I have to have food to live, so I have to choose Food. I cannot live long without food, but I could live without love.”            .. Read More

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow

There is an old song written in 1960 called, “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow.” It was recorded by an all female vocal group named, “The Shirelles.” This was the first girl group to reach number 1 on the top billboard charts. This article is not about the song or “The Shirelles.” It is about the concept of love and the question, “Will you still love me tomorrow?”

I Love You With All My Heart

I Love You With All My Heart. That is a powerful statement. This statement is common place and used every day. Have you ever made that statement to anyone? More importantly, have you ever felt that way? Why would you say this to someone? It has to be feelings, emotions, wants, needs and desires.

Do You Want Me

What would you say, if a four year old orphan walked up to you. Stretched out her little arms and said, “Do You Want Me?” That is a tough question. What would be your response, how would you answer? This did happen and is still happening.