Whats True Love

Is Your Love True or False

I Love You With All My Heart

I Love You With All My Heart. That is a powerful statement. This statement is common place and used every day. Have you ever made that statement to anyone? More importantly, have you ever felt that way? Why would you say this to someone? It has to be feelings, emotions, wants, needs and desires.

Do You Want Me

What would you say, if a four year old orphan walked up to you. Stretched out her little arms and said, “Do You Want Me?” That is a tough question. What would be your response, how would you answer? This did happen and is still happening.


I think today’s topic and story, is one you can relate to. Many have seen, felt or experienced this kind of pain. Some call it bad love. It is bad love, but I call it being abused. We should all know by now, there are many forms of bad love or abuse. I have seen many. Here is one true story.

What Is The Power Of Love

I want to start by asking a few questions, “What Is The Power of Love? Do you know? What would be your answer?” Equally important is another question, “What would be the basis of your answer?” Let’s see if you agree with this statement when I say, “The most powerful force on earth is love.”                               .. Read More

Looking For Love

I wanted to write this article called, “Looking For Love.” I think it is needed and I hope it will be beneficial and valuable to my readers. I think it is safe to say, “Everyone has either looked for love, or will be looking for love in their lifetime.”                                            .. Read More

Cold Hearted-Cold Love

I want to start with a few definitions of the terms, cold hearted, cold love. The Dictionary.com states the term was first used in the works of Shakespeare around 1600. The term being defined today as, “lacking in feeling or warmth; unkind.” The Oxford Dictionary says, cold hearted is, “unfeeling · unloving · uncaring · unsympathetic · unemotional · unfriendly · uncharitable · unkind · insensitive · hard-hearted · stony-hearted.. Read More

Which One Shows True Love

This is not my writing or my material. It is a story I feel needs to be heard. This article was written By, Nicole Pelletiere. She is with, Health-Family & Relationships. This was also presented on, Good Morning America, and presented on, Yahoo News.

Meet Me Halfway

Everyone wants equal rights. Do you? Do you want fairness? In a relationship or marriage, things are not always equal. We all have a mindset or pre-conceived ideas. One of those ideas is, “Meet me halfway.” Halfway means half. Half means 50%. This means everything will be half and half in our relationship. If I give my half, and you give your half, a 50- 50 relationship rarely succeeds. Most.. Read More

All You Need Is Love

Welcome. I want to say the time and Era I am writing about is my generation. I lived it, I was heavily influenced by it. This music had a great influence in the sexual Revolution of the 1960’s This is where it all started for me. It was a time of social and cultural change. It was known as the counter-culture or subculture movement. This was the time for me.. Read More