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This article is called “Can Sin be separated from the sinner.” But there is a way to separate it, and that is called “FORGIVENESS.” That is the only acceptable solution in Gods’ eyes. Sin is never just passed over and forgotten, but it must be forgiven to be forgotten. Can I prove that? YES. Remember I am talking about God’s point of view, and Dear Reader, His opinion is the one that really matters, because the consequences are Eternal


Ask the normal person (if there is such a critter in today’s world and society) who is God and what is He like. You might get a response that says, “Well, God is love.” And that is only one aspect of God, but that is all they really want to know. They want a “god” of love only. A god who will never judge them or condemn them for any sin or judgement. Never a God of wrath who created hell for Satan, his fallen angels and “SIN.” Religions have many false “gods” even false “jesus” which are fakes. 

God has a high and Holy standard that is based on Himself and “WHO HE REALLY IS.” FOR SURE.

I am always amazed at the answers I get when I ask this question, “What is God like?” 99% of the time I hear, “Well, God is love.” That is true, but God is much more than love. Too many only know that answer and have no real concept of who God is or how God is. Maybe you simply do not understand that: GOD IS ETERNAL AND GOD IS SELF-EXISTANT.

I want to talk about God’s attributes or in plain language, God’s very nature. This is who God is and what God is like.

1. God is Perfect. God is perfectly PERFECT. There are no flaws with God. Because God is perfect, He DEMANDS perfection. God cannot ACCEPT anything less than perfection. Are you perfect?

2. God is Holy. God is perfectly Holy all the time. Because God is Holy, He CANNOT ACCEPT or look upon sin. (Habakkuk 1:13).

3. God is Just, God is Righteous. God does what is just and right all the time, we do not. God does not sin, we do. Gods Perfection and Holiness demands Justice and Punishment of anything that is not just and right. Only God is totally Righteous. We are sinners because we do not do what is good or right all the time. God cannot ACCEPT anything less.

4. God is Immutable. This means that God is UNCHANGING. We may change in many ways but God does NOT change and never has. It means God’s mind and opinion have never changed. What God has said, He meant and still does, regardless of what Modern Society thinks or says.

5. God is Omniscient. This means God knows everything and His knowledge is complete. God knows everything, He knows the end from the beginning, and He alone knows the total future of mankind.

6. God is Omnipotent. This means God is all Powerful. There is no limit to His power. Only God can limit His own power if He chooses to. God has the power to create or destroy at any time. Only God is Self-Sufficient, we are not. We depend on God and all that He has created for us to survive.

7. God is Omnipresent. This means that God has the ability to be present at all places at all times. God can be in heaven, here on earth or all through the universe at the same time.

8. God is Sovereign. This means God is in total CONTROL all the time. This is how God rules His creation. God has also given us free will with the ability to obey or reject His leading. This is God’s Authority and gives Him the right to do whatever He chooses.

9. God is Merciful. This means God has mercy on us and does not give us what we deserve. God offers Salvation and all that goes with it when we deserve Hell and punishment for sin.

10. God is Love. God’s love takes in his mercy, grace, and loving-kindness to us. It allows God to have a personal relationship with His mankind and creation.


Maybe you have never seen or understood God in this way. This is God’s nature and how He is. What you really need to understand is this. ALL of these attributes are TRUE AND EQUAL. God’s love is equal to his perfection, holiness, justice, righteousness, and wrath. God does not love more than He hates. God’s love for sinners is equal to his hatred for sin. At the final judgement a sinner is condemned for his sins. God punishes Sinners for sin. It is not easy to separate sin from the sinner.

The Religious rulers of Jesus day CONDEMNED HIM because he eats with sinners. We humans can only destroy the sinner with the sin. Neither can WE make sinners into saints. Dear Reader, works Salvation is based upon what we do, do’s and don’ts, based on our works and performance. And that is NOT by Gods’ Grace through faith, Ephesians 2:8&9. Mans WORKS will only make you a “CHURCH SINNER.”

Jesus comes.  He receives sinners.  He joins them.  He eats with them.  He makes himself at home with them.  And that is intolerable.  The Pharisees and the Scribes cannot tolerate Jesus because in their mind, if Jesus were truly a holy man, He would separate himself from sin.  How can He be separating Himself from sin when He expresses fellowship with sinners? The Religious rulers said, “This man receives sinners and eats with them.” Jesus was separating sin from sinners, the religious rules could not do that and hated Him for that and wanted Him dead. Some people think, being “born again” means the person doesn’t sin anymore. Understand this, “No matter what you do, you’ll never get away from you.” AMEN. Repentance is not about changing the outside but changing the inside, THAT GOD SEE’S. 


A Spiritual birth takes place on the INSIDE, not on the fleshly outside. Even though you may still just look like the same old person on the outside. Then there is a big trap. It is the deadliest trap of all, and it is called, “WORKS RIGHTEOUSNESS BY YOUR OWN GOOD WORKS.” (ALL RELIGIONS ARE BASED ON THIS). Again, it is your performance and your own works for SALVATION

Dear Reader, we have been entrapped, (and made slaves) by doing right (what we think is right or religious) keeping all of the rules, and the flesh gets tired of keeping all the rules, because it is our own labor. Jesus separates sin from sinners by bearing the sin. He is the only one who can. He is the only one who satisfied the perfection of God the Father. Scroll back up and look and see all the attributes of God. WHAT IS GOD LIKE, WHO HE REALLY IS. Jesus Christ satisfied ALL OF THOSE, by His death, burial and resurrection from the dead, FOR US, IN OUR PLACE. Jesus became our substitute and paid for OUR sins with His own death on the cross. II Corinthians 5:21 ““For he hath made him to be sin for us, who knew no sin; that we might be made the righteousness of God in him.” THIS VERSE IS THE VERY GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST THAT WILL SAVE YOUR SOUL.


Today, 9 years ago, I started this website. On that day I dedicated it to God. I work hard NOT to talk about me, but today I am going too. Being totally honest, I hope it has made a difference in others’ lives or meant something to them. Years ago, I went through a very difficult time in my life. I was at the point of losing my family and that rocked my world. I could not eat, sleep or even concentrate. I would go to work and did not know what to do, but I had worked that job for years. I was not in church or a church person, even though as a young child I professed to be a Christian. 

I went to see the only preacher that I knew but never really liked him. I had attended church there visiting for about 3 weeks. I asked him if I could talk to him and he said yes. Come back tonight before church services and we will talk, during choir practice. I did and we talked, I explained all my problems to him, and he listened for a long time. Finally, he told me this: “SON I CANNOT WORK OUT ALL OF YOUR PROBLEMS BUT GOD CAN, IF YOU GET GOD ON YOUR SIDE, HE CAN WORK THEM OUT, ONE WAY OR ANOTHER.”  He asked if I was going to stay for church services and I said yes.

I stayed that night and sat on the very back row of that church (in case it got hot there, and I could run). That night he preached on the death, burial and resurrection. I listened close and it hit me very hard. I could see it in my mind, I am sitting there and thinking Oh God, I am sorry, Oh God, you did that for. I am sorry God, my sins put you on the cross. Satan was telling me get up, leave, go get out of here, but I could not move. I had no idea this verse was in the Bible: II Corinthians 7:10 ““For godly sorrow worketh repentance to salvation not to be repented of: but the sorrow of the world worketh death.” But that was what was happening. THAT NIGHT JESUS, THE CROSS AND SALVATION BECAMEVERY PERSONAL TO ME. Not just information from the Bible. 

That night I realized that Jesus Christ died and paid for my sins on the cross. That night I finally realized that I WAS A SINNER, who needed FORGIVENESS. AND I ASKED GOD FOR FORGIVENESS AND RECEIVED IT. Romans 10:13 For who so ever shall call upon the name of the Lord, shall be saved. God changed me that night, the Holy Spirit came to live in me and He changed me completely. He made me a new person in Jesus Christ. II Corinthians 5:17 ““Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.” That was 1975 and now it is 2024. I have never regrated it and I really do have a personal relationship with God and it is great. 

Dear Reader, please listen to me. We are all human and make mistakes. God calls that SIN. Please go look in the mirror and tell me the person you see is PERFECT and never sinned. We all know better. This is PERSONAL to you, me and everyone. We have all sinned, messed up, made mistakes and that is a very personal issue between you and God. What will get me to heaven will get you to heaven. What will send me to hell will send you to hell. The only thing that will get you to heaven is accepting Jesus Christ into your heart and life as your own personal Savior for FORGIVENESS OF SIN. The only thing that will send you to hell is the REJECTION OF Jesus Christ for the FORGIVENESS OF SIN

We live in a very Evil Wicked time in this world. Jesus is coming back for His children in the Rapture of the church, and you do not want to be here to face what is coming on this world and the anti-christ, it will be hell on earth. Jesus died a wicked death on the cross for OUR SINS, so WE can be saved and have eternal Salvation. Are you willing to turn from yourself and turn to God for FORGIVENESS and have a personal relationship with him. God will save you and give you eternal life with him just as He did with me. It’s all yours for the asking. Again Romans 10:13 “For who so ever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.” Bow your heart, turn to Him and ASK, CALL ON HIM. He will instantly SAVE YOU. JESUS IS THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN SEPARATE YOU FROM SIN.

If you have asked, called upon God, for forgiveness of sin and Salvation, please let me know below in the comment section so I can rejoice with you. Your thoughts, opinions and comments are welcome so leave them below in the comment section in the REPLY comment section on the bottom left side. And enjoy the song in this video. RAY

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