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NOTICE: My articles are NOT grammatically correct. I am a college graduate and understand all the rules of proper writing. I do use CAPITAL LETTERS to stress and emphasize important points. I do this to enhance your UNDERSTANDING. To me understanding is far more important then proper writing skills.

This article called ” Untold Miracles,” has never been told until now. Not even my children are aware of what happened. I guess when you start talking about this subject of Miracles, it is hard for people believe or to be skeptical, and I truly understand that.

I also know that each person has an untold story or many stories relating to their life. We share a lot with family and friends about our life, they would other wise never know about. I am also aware that there are things in each persons life that are very special to them. Some stories are labeled as “Tall Tales, folklore or fables.” It is not unusual for someone to stretch the truth or make it up. Some people have a need for self importance, I am not one of them.

I am going to describe 2 events in my life, that happened that I never expected to happen. I have never been able to figure out the big question of “WHY ME.” All I can say is, “that it happened and I was there.” It will be up to you to believe it or not. I only know that at this moment, I feel the need to write about it, and finally share it.


I have other articles on my website here that describes my birth and life. As many friends know, I had a rough life filled with pain, hurt, abuse and heartache. I was born with polio, spina- bifida, and my right leg is 1 1/2 inch shorter than the left leg. I watched as hundreds of children died or were placed in an iron lung, waiting to die. When I was 6 the polio vaccine was invented. It stopped the progression of my polio but could not back up and correct the damage polio had already done. Surviving polio was a miracle within itself.

I had a mother who did not want me, but had to accept me. I had 2 sets of grandparents who were the greatest anyone could have. Both sets of grandparents were dedicated Christians and truly loved and served God. I never understood why they did the “church thing and read that old black book all the time.” They taught me sing the old church songs from the hymnals. They taught me there is a God who loved me, even though I was not a Christian and did not understand.

My dad and his brothers all drank and were alcoholics. Then there was Uncle Frank, he was different. He was like my grandparents. He did not drink, cuss or abuse his children. He was always good to me and occasionally I got to stay over night with him and Aunt Eva. I had to go to church with them and sit there and listen, but it was worth it just to be treated decently. I found out years later that Uncle Frank and Aunt Eva wanted to adopt and get me out of all the abuse, but my parents would not allow it.                   

I was very blessed that I survived. I definitely grew up totally confused as a teenager and I was not a good boy. My friends were not good boys either. I really do have to say, “We had a wild side which was most of the time destructive to us.” Being accepted by friends was a big thing for me and my friends. We had a close group of about 10 and none of us would back down from a dare. Yes, we did the totally dumb, dangerous, stupid stuff.


Randy was part of group or gang, if you wanted to call us that. Randy had lived a very troubled life, and had already been in 15 different foster homes when we met. He has been my best friend and life long friend. We are still close and have been friends for 51 years. As I said, we did all the dangerous and stupid stuff. We were young, dumb and ignorant. We both agree, that we should have been dead many times over. We had the normal attitude that we were invincible and were going to live forever.

We were 16 years old in 1965, we laid out of school more than we attended. We failed so our parents made us go to summer school, which was a real bummer. Who wants to give up their summer, the pool and girls for summer school? A few days into summer school we decided to go to the pool and meet girls as soon as class was over. Randy was driving and I was riding with him. Randy had an old Pontiac Tempest that he drove.

We left school heading to the pool on the old curvy, dangerous 2 lane road. We hit the first curve on the wrong side of the road. Randy said, “Ray the brakes are out and are not working.” We came up on the second curve of that old country road,  which was the worst on the whole road. All Randy could do was try and power his way through it. The right front tire, went off the curb and Randy tried to jerk it back up on the road, but that did not work. We were going at a very high rate of speed and it flipped the car. We were not wearing seat belts because in that day most cars did not have them.

With the first flip, the windshield burst out and Randy was thrown out through the windshield. His body went airborne and he landed 30 feet away, on his face, on a barbwire fence. The mirror had come off, I was thrown forward and the sharp metal piece that held the morrow dug straight into my right eyebrow. I was thrown backwards then slung into the floor board. The car continued to flip and roll 6 more times with me in it. It completely flattened the top of the car all the way down to the seats. If we had been wearing seat belts, the top would have crushed us both to death.

When the car finished flipping, it continued to skid down the road another 300 feet on its top. When the car finally stopped it was upside down with me in it, still in the upside down floor board. I could hear the tires still spinning. I knew I was alive, but never expected to see what I did. There in the car with me were many “ANGELS.” They just hovered over me, oh what a glorious site. One angel said to another angel, “Is he ok?” Another angel replied, “He is ok and its time to go.” I watched them as they went right up through what was the bottom of the car and disappear. I knew I had been spared but did not know why.               

I realize that Randy was not in the car and kept calling his name. Finally the police, fire department and rescue arrived. The had to cut the car up to get me out. They told they had found Randy about 300 to 400 feet up the road and he had survived. Then they took us both to the hospital in 2 separate ambulances.

The car was totaled and squashed up like an accordion. Officials said it had to be a miracle that we both lived. They said there was NO WAY we could have survived, I BELIEVE THAT. My main injury was where my eyebrow had been ripped off. The sharp metal piece had gone straight in and stopped 1/4 inch from my brain. Just a little closer and I would have been dead. Yes there were other bruises and fractures but I survived. Randy’s main injuries was hundreds of stitches in his face to put it back together. He had multiple bruises and fractures.

I had not realized at that time, the metal object had simply been less than an inch ABOVE  my eye, it would have gone directly into my eye then into my brain. The eyebrow and bone behind helped stop the impact and depth of the wound.

When you try and tell people that angels saved you life and kept you from dying, most of them smile and laugh. It is like you just told them that some “MARTIAN OR ALIEN” was there and saved your life. Of course, the skeptics always say, “You were hurt and injured. You did not even know where you were, and you hallucinated. NO, I DID NOT HULLUCINATE ANGELS. They were there and they were real.

My friends, I can only say this. I believe it was the prayers of 2 sets of grandparents that saved me that day. I believe it was the prayers of my Uncle Frank and Aunt Eva that saved me that day. I was not a Christian, I only believed there was God. I did not understand that God was merciful to me and had a plan for my life. And God was merciful to Randy, and had a plan for his life also.

I was in the hospital for 2 days then had to go back to summer school. You were only allowed to miss 2 days in summer school. This was very painful on me. Randy’s injuries were more severe then mine and he was kept in the hospital longer. He was not able to return to summer school. I did not have a car so I had to bum a ride to summer school and back home. My parents worked during the day. I often hitch-hiked.

The first day back at summer school, swelled head and eye, beaten, bruised and battered I needed a ride home. Out side a friend Jimmy sat in his GTO gunning the motor. He went to the same school as I did. He said, Ray, you need a ride home?” I said, Yes, I just got out of the hospital, I have no ride.” He yelled, “Jump in I am in a hurry, I will show you what this thing can do.” That alone scared me plus him revving the motor. I froze and he said, “Hurry up I can’t wait forever.” SOMETHING said, do not do it. I told him no, I would find a ride later, which I did. A girl jumped in his car and said, “I need a ride.” He sped out of the parking lot, throwing gravels and yelled at me, “CHICKEN.”

20 minutes later I found a ride and headed home. I was uneasy being on that road that we had wrecked on. As we got closer to the curb we saw police and ambulances there. Jimmy had been flying in his GTO and wrecked on the same curve that Randy and I had. He had went through the old farmers fence, rolled the car numerous time. Jimmy and girl both died right there that day. WHAT IF I HAD BEEN IN THAT CAR? Same place, same curve.


You would think Randy and I would have learned our lesson. We both nearly died. No, we were to young, dumb and stupid. Randy and I went back to the wild side of life. We kept on doing the dangerous stuff and running with the same group. Randy and I were in a rock and roll band for many years. We were successful locally and played music every weekend.  You see, I am not going into details here of all we did, or how many times we were shot at, high speed chases by the law and much more. We thought we were having fun, but we were not. NEITHER DO I WANT TO GLORIFY THE LIFE WE WERE LIVING FOR THE DEVIL.

Randy found a girlfriend and eventually married. He did not finish high school but later went and got his GED and went on to get an Associates degree. I finally settled down enough to graduate high school. I found a girl friend that I really cared about and wanted to be in school with her. I was drafted into the army as soon as I graduated high school. When I came out of the army she and I were married and I settled down. Randy and I remained friends, but our lives went in different directions. He moved to another state for a better job, but we stayed in touch.

I started a life with my wife and had 2 children. I never thought about God or church, I was too busy living my life. To be honest I did not like churches or preachers at all. I blamed one pastor for an incident in my families life, and really hated him. I took every chance I had to run him down and lie on him.

I had a “ROCKING CHAIR PHILOSOPHY” about God. I did believe there was a God and probably a heaven and a hell. But I thought this: “One day when I am old and have nothing else to do, one day when I am ready for my rocking chair, I will think about getting right with God or consider eternity.” The problem was that GOD did not see it that way. God was not willing to watch me waste my life then in my old age use, Him “AS A FIRE ESCAPE.” God was not willing to take whatever left overs of my life I would throw Him. God gave the very best heaven had to offer for me, and He was not going to be some humble dog, waiting for me to throw Him a bone.

In 1975, I had trouble in my marriage and I thought I was going to lose my wife and daughter. This really got my attention. It was at that time I started to examine myself and see who I really was. God at this point got hold of my life, and The Holy Spirit of God really grabbed hold of me and would not let go. He placed me under deep conviction and I was the most miserable person on earth. I knew I needed help but did not know where to find it.

I was invited to church by a relative and said I would go. It just happened to be the pastor and the church,that I hated and had lied on so much. I started attending there and the Word of God kept speaking to me. It hit me, it cut me, and I did not like it. But I kept being drawn back there. I told the pastor I really needed to talk to him, and we talked. That night he preached a message on the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. I sat in the pew seeing myself as guilty. That night I saw that I literally put Christ on the cross dying for my sins. That night I was saved, redeemed, and born again, I was washed clean in the blood of Jesus and I have never been the same since. “THIS WAS THE GREATEST MIRACLE THAT EVER HAPPENED IN MY LIFE.”

I was later baptized by this pastor, joined this church and he became my pastor. I learned to love this man so much and knew, he had never ever done anything to me or my family. He was truly God’s Man. I found a better job and move to another city 25 miles away and I found a great church there.


Now I am a Christian, in church and trying to serve Christ. I was very happy, but I saw the foolishness of the many years I wasted serving Satan. I see and understand where Christ brought me from. I had a real hunger for the Word of God. God blessed me and enabled me to attend Bible College for 5 years. I graduated in 1984. My sole purpose in going to Bible College was to learn more about God so I could help others, it was not about receiving all the degrees. I was very active in my church and loved it.

God performed a miracle and allowed my son to be born normal. The doctors wanted to abort him at 4 months. They said he would never live and if by some miracle he did live he would be nothing but a vegetable. The doctors had to admit that God did it.  GOD SHOWED THEM WRONG, You can read all about this on my article here called, “WHEN GOD SPEAKS, LISTEN.  It is worth reading. God called me to preach in 1985 and blessed me.

The second event occurred at my church. My pastor Johnny had a regular weekly broadcast 5 days a week. He had a radio ministry and was on the air for an hours 5 days a week. I would go to the church and help with the broadcast sometimes. Often others would come to say Hi or visit during the radio broadcast.

Pastor Johnny, and I walked in the church to get ready for the radio broadcast. There was a man there waiting to see and talk to Johnny. I did not know the man and had never met him. We walked in and he was there all the way at the other end of the fellowship hall. He was about 100 feet away. As we approached him he hit the floor. He was on his butt and scooting backwards with his feet, He was yelling NO, NO and kept pushing backwards with his legs until he finally backed up to the wall.

At first we though he had fallen or had a heart attack or was ill. He was sweating and breathing hard, he could barely speak. He said, “Let me get my breath, Please.” He literally looked shocked and scared to death. He finally calmed down and asked Pastor Johnny, “Who is this man?” Johnny said, “This is brother Ray and a minister in this church.” We helped the man up off the floor and Johnny introduced me to him.

Johnny asked him if he were sick or had a medical problem. He told Johnny, “I saw both of your come through the door and you started walking towards me. Directly behind Ray was a large angel with his wings wrapped around him as you all walked towards me It literally terrified me, he said.” Johnny and I never saw anything or felt anything. But this man swears he saw it and it did happen. He took my hand and said, “I do not know you, but I do know that you are anointed by God and you are His servant.” He said, I saw the angel of God with his wings around you, and you are protected by him.”

I can only verify what happened and Pastor Johnny can verify this event. We saw nothing of an angel, but the man swears he did. I can only say, it is very possible with God. I have seen times in my life when doctors could not help or heal up my feet. Times when they talked about amputating my right leg. Then God stepped in and healed the foot and leg, when the doctors had given up. I have seen God do things that only He could do.

The bible has a lot to say about Angels and their work. The Bible says, Hebrews 13:2 (KJV)
2. “Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.” Do we have guardian angels that watch over us? I think we do but we do not always realize it or see them.

We do know Angels observe God’s people: Luke 12:8-9. I Corinthians 4:9.  I Timothy 5:2. Angels take an interest in the affairs of men:  (Daniel 10:14, KJV).  Angels help and minister to humans:  Hebrews 1:14 (KJV). Daniel,  Zechariah, Mary, Joseph,  Philip, Jesus and others.


Randy is saved and dedicated Christian. We have been friends for 51 years of our life. We are still close. As far as we know, there may have been a few others of our old gang that found the Lord. We both thank God for keeping watch over us and saving our lives, even when we were dumb teenagers and lost without God.                                  

Surviving Polio and the handicaps that came with it was a miracle in itself. God enabled me to work for 50 years and get a good education. I have truly been blessed more than I deserve. In the picture, I am on the left and Randy is on the right.

I have been a Christian now for 42 years. I have been blessed to see God work in my life and other peoples lives over the years. I think every Christian can testify to the miraculous things God has done in their lives.  I think sometimes we fail to realize all the work God does each day and even the work angels perform. We do not visually see it. The bible says, II Corinthians 5:7 (KJV), “For we walk by faith, not by sight.”

Occasionally, God opens our eyes or opens the windows of heaven, and gives us a small glimpse of heavenly and spiritual things. I realize God is not limited and can work anyway He chooses too. I can promise you there is nothing special about me, I am NOT super spiritual, I have faults and failures just like anyone else. I have never considered myself to be anointed, but only called to be God’s servant, to teach and preach the gospel. I am simply a sinner saved by the grace of God. If there is anything GOOD in me, then it is Lord, it is not me. Jesus said, “There is none good, no not one, but GOD.”

I have talked about Untold Miracles and what I have seen through my life. I think each Christian could tell of the things we call miracles in their own lives.  I also know the very moment God saved my soul, a miracle took place in me and God changed me.  No one has to believe that God sent his angels to save 2 young and lost, teenage boys like Randy and me. No one has to believe that God let me see those angels that saved my life before I was a Christian, BUT I SAW IT HAPPEN AND I KNOW IT WAS REAL. I CAN ONLY SAY, GOD HAD A PLAN FOR MY LIFE THAT I WAS NOT AWARE OF.

I am not Pentecostal or Charismatic. I do not go out seeking miracles, angels or demons. I worked in the medical profession for many years. I watch many Christians die. More than once I saw them before death say, “Can you see them, they are so beautiful and they were reaching for the angels.” We did not see them, but they did. This I do not doubt.

How many times have you heard of a car wreck and the car is on fire. Someone is trapped inside. No one can get to them to help. But someone appears and pulls them out of the burning car and then disappears. I BELIEVE IT HAPPENS, and no one can explain it.

I know one day another miracle will take place when God calls me home to heaven for eternity. I will be changed forever. I know I will have the chance to meet those angels, and be able to thank them for saving me from death in that car wreck. And I know I will be able to thank the Lord for sending those angels to protect me and Randy. But most of all I will have to bow and thank the Lord for saving my soul, thank Him for His eternal sacrifice and making me His child. Now my story of untold miracles, has been told.

You thoughts, opinions and comments are welcome, so leave them below.     RAY




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