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This article is called, “WHAT IS EMINENT DOMAIN.” Unfortunately, many people have never studied it but may have heard of it. Better yet, are the ones who have lived it and been affected by it. And I am one of those who has lived it and suffered the effects of it. I want to post part of this article and use “WIKIPEDIA” because it states the matter better than I can. There is a new movement happening today. I and thousands of others get phone calls, mail, and all kinds of solicitations from people and companies, who want to buy your home and property.

We get these offers from even out of state, from those who have never seen the property. They tell you it does not matter what shape your property is in, even if it is falling down, they want to buy it. I see homemade signs nailed to telephone poles with phone numbers to contact people. They want to buy your home and property. It is now big business and it going to produce a lot of money for those who own a lot of property. Real estate markets are going to boom and blow up.  The big reason is called “GLOBALISM AND EMINENT DOMAIN.”


Eminent domain (United States, Philippines), land acquisition (India, Malaysia, Singapore), compulsory purchase (Ireland, United Kingdom), resumption (Hong Kong, Uganda), resumption/compulsory acquisition (Australia, Barbados, New Zealand, Ireland), or expropriation (Canada, South Africa) is the power of a state, provincial, or national government to take private property for public use. It does not include the power to take and transfer ownership of private property from one property owner to another private property owner without a valid public purpose.[3] This power can be legislatively delegated by the state to municipalities, government subdivisions, or even to private persons or corporations, when they are authorized by the legislature to exercise the functions of public character.

The most common uses of property taken by eminent domain have been for roads, government buildings and public utilities. Many railroads were given the right of eminent domain to obtain land or easements in order to build and connect rail networks. In the mid-20th century, a new application of eminent domain was pioneered, in which the government could take the property and transfer it to a private third party for redevelopment. This was initially done only to a property that has been deemed “blighted” or a “development impediment”, on the principle that such properties had a negative impact upon surrounding property owners but was later expanded to allow the taking of any private property when the new third-party owner could develop the property in such a way as to bring in increased tax revenues to the government.

Some jurisdictions require that the taker make an offer to purchase the subject property, “”before resorting to the use of eminent domain.“” However, once the property is taken and the judgment is final, the condemnor owns it in fee simple, and may put it to uses other than those specified in the eminent domain action.””

Takings may be of the subject property in its entirety (total take) or in part (part take), either quantitatively or qualitatively (either partially in fee simple or, commonly, an easement, or any other interest less than the full fee simple title).

The property of subjects is under the eminent domain of the state, so that the state or those who act for it may use and even alienate and destroy such property, not only in the case of extreme necessity, in which even private persons have a right over the property of others, but for ends of public utility, to which ends those who founded civil society must be supposed to have intended that private ends should give way. But, when this is done, the state is bound to make good the loss to those who lose their property.

The exercise of eminent domain is not limited to real property. Condemnors may also take personal property,[6][where?] even intangible property such as contract rights, patents, trade secrets, and copyrights.[7] Even the taking of a professional sports team’s franchise has been held by the California Supreme Court to be within the purview of the “public use” constitutional limitation, although eventually, that taking (of the Oakland Raiders’ NFL franchise) was not permitted because it was deemed to violate the interstate commerce clause of the U.S. Constitution.[8]

A taking of property must be accompanied by payment of “just compensation” to the [former] owner. In theory, this is supposed to put the owner in the same position pecuniarily that he would have been in had his property not been taken. But in practice courts[where?] have limited compensation to the property’s fair market value, considering its highest and best use. But though rarely granted, this is not the exclusive measure of compensation; see Kimball Laundry Co. v. United States (business losses in temporary takings) and United States v. Pewee Coal Co. (operating losses caused by government operations of a mine seized during World War II). In most takings owners are not compensated for a variety of incidental losses caused by the taking of their property that, though incurred and readily demonstrable in other cases, are deemed by the courts[where?] to be Non compensable in eminent domain. The same is true of attorneys’ and appraisers fees. But as a matter of legislative grace rather than constitutional requirement some of these losses (e.g., business goodwill) have been made compensable by state legislative enactments, and in the U.S. may be partially covered by provisions of the federal Uniform Relocation Assistance Act.


If you know anything ab0ut globalism and the globalist agenda, they freely tell you they will take over and rule the world. They do not hide it; they intend to own the entire and say you will own nothing and LIKE IT. You have to wonder how they can do this, I just described and told you how it is going to be done. It is called EMINENT DOMAIN. They are using Nations own laws against the citizens and taking legally what they want, and this is a fact. And all STATES in my country also has eminent domain laws

Maybe you are not familiar with the Great Reset and the Globalist Agenda (This also includes the United Nations and World Health Organization, Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030). Maybe you have never heard of the Globalist 15-minute cities the globalist are already building all over the world. One is being built in my city right now just 10 miles away from me. There are thousands more to come. Mr. Bill Gates (Globalist) has spent the last 2 years buying up property here in the United States. He is now the largest landowner in America. Do I need to explain what he is going to do with all of this property. 

Let me explain something in simple terms. Eminent Domain means the Federal Government, State Government, and Local City Governments can “TAKE” your property, land, business, or Home. First, they will give you an offer to buy it based on what they believe is the value. If you refuse their offer they can literally “CONDEMN” your property and “TAKE IT” WITHOUT PAYING YOU ANYTHING AND FORCEABLE MOVE, YOU OUT. You can own a mansion having nothing wrong with the property and they can still “CONDEMN IT AND TAKE IT.” There is your freedom in America. I do hope you saw this word above “Condemnors” and understand what it truly means. I just described it in this paragraph. Feel free to look up the word. 


Have you ever watched the television series called “YELLOWSTONE?” It is a very popular series and stars Kevin Costner. It is about the start of the Dutton Family and the empire ranch they built starting back in the 1800’s up to today and modern times. The truth is the series now is all about “EMINENT DOMAIN” and the fight of John Dutton to keep his land, home and property. I know how this series will eventually end. Eminent domain will win, and the Dutton’s will lose. That also holds true for you and me in real life. 

Here is the best news in this article. I have an eternal home in heaven that no one will ever take away from me. It is glorious and I already have a great description of it. It is far greater than anything or any place here on this sin cursed world. The book of II Peter 3:10: “But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night, in which the heavens will pass away with a great noise, and the elements will melt with fervent heat; both the earth and the works that are in it will be burned up.”

Then Revelation 21:1 ” And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea.” This is our heavenly final home and our permanent eminent domain that will be eternal. It was purchased with the precious blood of Jesus Christ along with our forgiveness and Salvation from God Himself. 

Those who do not know Jesus Christ as their own personal Lord and Savior, will have an eternal home and eminent domain in a fiery place called hell. Sin separated us from God. Sin must be punished and will never be accepted by God, but He will forgive us and save us from the consequences of our sins.

Will you turn from yourself and turn to God for forgiveness and Salvation? Will you put your faith and trust in Jesus for Eternal Salvation? Will you bow your heart, and call upon God. I Corinthians 10:13 says, “For who so ever shall call (ASK) upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.” I promise you on the authority of God’s word, that he will save you, forgive you and make you, His child. HE IS THE SUPREME AUTHORITY WHO POSSESSES ALL POWER AND HAS ALREADY SHOWN HIS ETERNAL LOVE TO YOU AND THE WHOLE WORLD. Let God’s Righteous, eternal love, change your life, and save your soul eternally.

If you have prayed and received God’s forgiveness for sin, please let me know in the comment section at the bottom so I can rejoice with you. Also, your thoughts, opinions and comments are welcome so leave them also in the comment section at the bottom. This concludes “What is eminent domain.”  Now please enjoy this beautiful song. RAY

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