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This article is called medical Marshall law. First, let’s see what the term Marshall Law is. states, “According to the Supreme Court, the term MARTIAL LAW means the use of military force with the purpose of control over some populated area which is considered as problematic because of civil war or any other kind of chaos.  Martial law by itself is very rare and a not so popular decision from above, but it is the only one in the hard periods of state instability. Sometimes, this system of ruling is misused by the government to enforce its own position through the suspension of civil rights, constitutional law and habeas corpus.  Usually, this mechanism is chosen when state authorities fail to lead the society or they are using it to contain the civilian unrest.” SO YOU DO NOT THINK THIS CAN HAPPEN JUST CLICK ON THIS LINK FROM 2121.

“In the age of constant threats from new emerging infectious diseases and possible outbreaks all over, martial law is getting that new rising status –a medical one. That means that the uncertain epidemiological future of our world will challenge us with the options of imposing Medical Martial Law to save lives or simply refusing to enact martial law during the outbreak periods and protect freedom and rights, but lose human life.”

“It seems so simple to declare Medical Martial Law under the explanation that there is no other policy for protecting citizens other than to protect them from themselves.  This is the key in opening the door of understanding interests of government in announcing the Medical Martial Law. From one point of view, that is a good helpful strategy to limit the fire into one hot zone. On the other side, that is also a tactic for a government to put the umbrella over all civilian rights and to tell us that we should forget about the freedom for a while. During the outbreaks, you do not need freedom, you need safety. But, where is the fine line between bio-safety and freedom?  Would you want to have bio-security paid for by the suspension of your liberty? Those are question to ask to allow us to identify when there is a real need for Medical Martial Law, especially during the last outbreak chaos caused by Ebola spreading.”

“This, of course, doesn’t come only from the current administration or the previous one. It is common to the World Health Organization (WHO) pandemic preparedness planning which states, “overrule of existing legislation or (individual) human rights in order to quell a viral outbreak, and were originally drafted around the potential of an influenza crisis.”  I TRULY HOPE A LIGHT JUST WENT ON IN YOUR BRAIN. This is what we are facing in the United States and other nations of the world. The United Nations, Globalist, The W.H.O. (World Health Organization), and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation are demanding “Medical Marshall Law due to the so called Coronavirus Pandemic.”


It is totally amazing how the W.H.O. Globalists and the United Nations put the United States and the entire world into a coma and put the entire world on life support. They use the fear and terror of this so-called Pandemic, to do it. Never before in the history of mankind has 90% of the entire world been quarantined, all at once. Lockdown mandates instantly affected every country, economy, and business. Millions of businesses, no longer exist and have gone out of business. Instantly those in authority determined what was an “ESSENTIAL AND NON-ESSENTIAL BUSINESS.”

It is ironic that all the politicians, Congress, public health official, and all media outlets and personnel, lectured their country to obey all of the mandates placed on workers and citizens, but they themselves were “ESSENTIAL” workers, and their jobs were “SECURE.” Their jobs, incomes, and business were never in danger. Governors and Congress rush to pass their agendas and laws (especially immoral laws) while the country was on lockdown. This way citizens could not protest or stand against them, under lockdown.

Did you ever think you would see Black Lives Matters, Antifa and the Muslims unite to destroy and burn down America? Did you ever think you would see so-called protesters, looting, rioting, burning down cities? Calling for and killing police and law enforcement officers. Democrats, governors, and mayors trying to defund police and law enforcement in their states. How can a nation justify and allow this? Maybe you do not realize this is a large part of the Globalist agenda to take down and destroy countries. The cry today is for 1 World Government and this is all funded by Globalist for that purpose. 44 million Americans are still out of work and ALL the supply chains are in chaos, especially the food supply.


I grew up watching the television show called, The Lone Ranger. He had a sidekick named Tonto. There is a new Lone Ranger today, a new conquering hero, and his name is Bill Gates. He also has a sidekick and his name is Anthony Fauci. He is the director of the National Institute of Infectious Diseases.  Fauci’s wife sits on the board of directors of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. (ISN’T THAT SPECIAL). Now if you throw in Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the habitual liar, and President of the World Health Organization then you will have the 3 stooges.

Now here is the real problem. International law does not supersede United States Federal Law. Neither does International law supersede the United States Constitution. “AGREEMENTS” and Treaties made with the United Nations by countries (like the United States) does NOT give the United Nations authority over American law. Unfortunately, the United Nations thinks agreements with them by any country SUPERSEDES all countries’ laws. Many countries around the world recognize International Law over their own country laws. Now maybe you will understand the real problem with America and the United Nations. Do not forget how the United Nations declared with their Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 that it will be MANDATORY FOR ALL NATIONS IN THE WORLD, AND IT WILL BE ENFORCED. Barack Obama signed every agreement the United Nations came up with and tried to sell America into Globalism.

Now Riddle Me This?  HOW IMPORTANT IS AMERICA’S 2020 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION? PLEASE   WATCH THE 2 SHORT VIDEO’S AT THE BOTTOM. 1 is Obama addressing the United Nations and the other is Trump addressing the United Nations. This will open your eyes to why the United Nations hates President Trump and wants him gone.

Back to little Bill Gates now. He is the United Nations poster child and mouthpiece for the W.H.O. He is also the private donor who gives the most money to the United Nations each year. He is in their “BIG BOY CLUB” and carries a lot of influence with them. These are worldwide big business and money corporations. You really need to click the link and see who they are.  Bill Gates sees himself as the spokesman for them and considers himself the vaccine King and Czar of the world. Gates owns 7 different pharmaceutical companies. Bill Gates does a lot of business in China, he donated the money to build the facility in Wuhan China where the Covid-19 virus was released. Gates owns many patents including the patent on one Corona Virus itself.                                                                                                                                     

There are 7.5 BILLION people on earth. Gates says they are going to vaccinate and chip ALL of them. Here is “GLOBALISM”, 1 world government moving in with the intent of taking over. I was not aware that Bill Gates had become “EMPEROR OF THE WORLD” and had this much power and authority. I am sure God is impressed with him. Bill Gates (speaking for the Globalist) says they will need the “MILITARY’S HELP” in doing this quickly. I have to ask, “WHAT MILITARY?” Is here referring to the “BLUE HATS” (United Nations Troops, or American Military?) The last time I checked, President Donald Trump was still the Commander in Chief of the Military. I guess Gates and the W.H.O. now run and rule America and every other nation.

Just today Bill Gates is on the news saying, “1 dose of his coronavirus vaccine will not be enough and could take multiple doses.” Let me translate this for you. If 1 does is not enough to alter your genetic DNA or kill you, then we will keep mandating multiple doses until it does.

They are fast-tracking an antidote for the Covid-19 virus. Gates says they will have one ready to be given by December this year 2020. Bill Gates says, “There is new technology with vaccines that have never been used.” He is referring to “RNA” technology. RNA is injected into the body which genetically alters and modifies, your own DNA. It literally changes you, so what kind of creature will you become? No joke, I am not making this up. DR. FRANKENSTEIN said, “I THINK IT WOULD BE WORTH THE RISK.”  I say OK. Let’s first try it out on Bill Gates kids first. I have it documented in another article here on my website where Bill Gates doctor ” allegedly” stated that Bill Gates children have NEVER been vaccinated for ANY disease, not even to enter school like all other kids. NOW WHY IS THAT?

Bill Gates is a self-centered billionaire who is power-hungry and thinks his money can buy him anything he wants. He wants the power, position, and control over the world. He believes he is some kind of great world leader. He also believes this gives him the right to dictate countries’ laws. He is not the Great  HUMANITARIAN to the world, giving millions to all different projects. Let’s look at the real Bill Gates, his history, and what he has already done in the world. Let’s see all of the damage he has done and how he profits from all of these vaccines. By the way, Fauci was a friend to Bill Gates’s father.


Bill Gates inspiration was his father and his mother. His father was the head of Planned Parenthood and his mother started Microsoft. For a history of Bill Gates Family click on this link.(you need to know this). I will post additional information by Deborah Coleman. “Deborah Coleman Reposted!! 🛑 In 2002, Gates forcibly v a c c i n a t e d thousands of children against meningitis in Sub-Saharan Africa. Up to 500 children became paralyzed.
🛑 In 2010, Gates funded a trial of a GSK’s experimental malaria v a c c i n e, killing 151 African infants and causing serious adverse effects including paralysis, seizures, and febrile convulsions to 1,048 of the 5,049 children.
🛑 In 2010, Gates committed $10 billion to the WHO promising to reduce population, in part, through new
v a c c i n e s. A month later Gates told a Ted Talk that new v a c c i n e s “could reduce population”.
🛑 In 2014, Gates funded tests of experimental HPV vaccines (developed by GSK and Merck) on 23,000 young girls in remote Indian provinces. 1,200 girls suffered severe side effects, including autoimmune and fertility disorders. 7 of them died.
🛑 In 2014, Kenya’s Catholic Doctors Association accused the WHO of chemically sterilizing millions of unwilling Kenyan women with a phony tetanus v a c c i n e campaign. Independent labs found the sterility formula in every single v a c c i n e tested. AFTER DENYING THE CHARGES, THE WHO FINALLY ADMITTED IT HAD BEEN DEVELOPING THE STERILITY VA C C I N E S FOR OVER A DECADE. Similar accusations came from Tanzania, Nicaragua, Mexico and the Philippines.
🛑 Bill Gates is also responsible for a devastating vaccine strain polio epidemic that paralyzed 496,000 children between 2000 and 2017, after he promised to eradicate Polio, took control of India‘s National Advisory Board (NAB), and mandated 50 polio vaccines (up from 5) to every child before age 5.
🛑 The Morgenson et al 2017 study showed that WHO’s popular DTP v a c c i n e is killing more Africans than the diseases it targets. VA C C I N A T E D GIRLS SUFFERED 10 TIMES THE DEATH RATE of u n v a c c i n a t e d children because the DTP v a c c i n e compromised their immune systems.
Still willing to get yourself and your innocent children jabbed with the C O V I D  v a c c i n e ? Gates is not a medical doctor but is a college drop out, who has no regard for human life, and wants to depopulate. He is not a philanthropist, he just wants you to think he is, but far from it.”

I researched the allegations that Bill Gates was being sued by the nations of India and Africa for vaccine damage done to their children, but I have not been able to find any proof of such lawsuits. I am not saying the damage was not done, I am only saying there appears to be no lawsuits.

What she stated is “ALLEGED and not everything can be substantiated. This may be a true picture of Bill Gates and his depopulation agenda. Under his agenda, you have to weed out the weak.                                                               

Please understand this. Vaccines and drugs are not cheap, they cost money. All of these drug companies are rushing to patent a vaccine on a Covid-19 drug. When you own a patent then you can sell the drug and make billions and billions of dollars. In addition, you will receive “ROYALTIES” off the drug or vaccine forever.

Bill Gates is famous for going to 3rd world countries and using them as his human Guinea pigs (test patients). His vaccines have “ALLEDGLY” killed thousands and there are numerous Imagine crippling thousands of children. Then they find out the injections they are receiving has Gates secret “STERALIZATION DRUG” they were never told about.

Now you have Mr. Authority all over the internet doing interviews and saying, “WE ARE NOT GOING TO OPEN THE COUNTRY BACK UP. EVERYONE NEEDS TO BE ON LOCKDOWN AND QUARANTINE UNTIL WE HAVE A NEW VACCINE FOR COVID-19. THINGS WILL NEVER GO BACK TO NORMAL AND THIS IS THE NEW NORMAL.” Who is the “WE” he is talking about? And where did the “WE” get the authority to mandate and dictate to every American? I am presuming he is referring to himself, drug companies, the United Nations, the W.H.O, those in the big boy club, and all the democrats they bribe and control. Never forget, “THE GLOBALIST CREATE THE CRISIS AND CHAOS SO THEY CAN STEP IN AND CONTROL IT.”


In October 2019 the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation sponsored a Mock Pandemic simulation at Johns’ Hopkins Hospital. Only the global elites were invited to participate. (Those from the World Economic Forum). I find it ironic that the Pandemic just happened to be a Coronavirus simulation. But this is just another “COINCIDENCE” you know. You can find the entire event on video on youtube. It is a total of 5 hours long and yes I watched it all.

Many things bother me about this Pandemic Simulation. It showed how a “VACCINE” was developed to treat the world and stop the Pandemic. It also showed how the Globalists would choose what nations and countries would receive the Vaccine. In the simulation, 3rd world poor countries were excluded from receiving the vaccine, because their country could not afford it for their citizens. (IN OTHER WORDS, WE HAVE TO LET THEM DIE).

There is a lot of TRUTH in the old statement: FOLLOW THE MONEY.” In reading this article have you been able to connect the dots? You really need to click on the blue links I provided to get the facts and truth. This is not a simulation but is real. This is the goal of the Globalists and the world’s ELITES to bring in their 1 world government by any means. With the so-called Corona Virus Vaccine comes a “TRACKING CHIP” inserted into your body. The Globalist and Bill Gates have given it a nice name. It is called your personal Identity and medical record chip. (I.D. 2020). THIS CHIP IS ALSO  MANDATORY WITH THE VACCINE.

Here is the first argument they will use to try and force this on the world (especially in the United States). We have laws stating that all children MUST be vaccinated or they cannot go to school, which is required. This mandated Corona Virus is no different than what we are already doing. We have the right to mandate and require this for the good of the whole world. Just like they are mandating the United Nations agenda 21 and agenda 2030.

Many are scared across this world and many are terrified that this is the Biblical “MARK OF THE BEAST” spoken of in the book of Revelation in the Bible. (COMPUTER CHIPPING). Let me ASSURE YOU, this is NOT the Mark of the Beast from the Bible. The actual mark of the beast takes place during the 7 year Tribulation on earth and is demanded and mandated by the Antichrist who will rule the entire world. We are NOT in the 7 year TRIBULATION PERIOD and the ANTICHRIST is not ruling the world yet. And most important is this, THE RAPTURE OF THE CHURCH TAKES PLACE FIRST, BEFORE THE TRIBULATION. Christians are leaving this world and going home.

What is going on right now is this. “THE BEAST SYSTEM” is being set up right before your eyes. That system includes the 1 world government, the 1 world money system, and a 1 world Religion. THIS ENTIRE SYSTEM WILL BE HANDED OVER TO THE ANTICHRIST WHEN HE COMES ON THE SCENE, DURING THE TRIBULATION PERIOD. This alone should show you how close we are to the Rapture and Tribulation period coming on all the earth. I have written about this in other articles on this website, feel free to check them out.

The desire and goal of the Globalist, United Nations, the W.H.O. is to take over full control of the entire world under THEIR 1 world government control. YOU HAVE TO BE BLIND NOT TO SEE IT. THEY DO NOT HIDE IT. We live in a dangerous world during dangerous times. If you do not know Jesus Christ as your own personal Savior then you do need to be terrified by what you are seeing and what is going to be forced and mandated on every person of the world. I would be kneeling down right now on 1 knee right now, repenting of my sins and asking Jesus to come into my heart and life and save me. DEAR FRIEND, THIS IS REAL. If you think these Globalist and Satanist are not real then click on this link and see for yourself what they intend on doing to you, it is only 2 minutes in length.

Here is a thought and it is only a thought with a question. Bill Gates is openly out front for the Globalist, their mouthpiece, proclaiming their message. Even Jesus had a forerunner name John The Baptist proclaiming the gospel message. Is Bill Gates the FORERUNNER for the ANTICHRIST?

Bill Gates has stated, “IT MAKES 0 SENSE TO BELIEVE IN GOD.” He further stated that his wife Melinda is a Catholic. I really doubt that, why is she walking around wearing an upside-down cross around her neck? The upside-down cross is the symbol of SATANISM. I would not be surprised to find out they are both Satanists. You choose who you will follow. Their goal is money, power, and control. Are you willing to have aborted baby cells injected into your body? 

Your thoughts, opinions, and comments are welcome so leave them below. Watch the 2 short videos below. Ray

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  1. Nicholas

    Hi There,
    I am not doubting the information you share here about Mr Gates. I truly believe his intentions are heinous. I do receive pushback from those in my circle of influence regarding negative information pertaining to him I share on social media. My question to you regarding the claims that are bullet pointed in red is do you have any evidence (not just articles but law suits etc) from him (his foundation etc….) being sued in Africa, India etc….. That would be truly appreciated. Thank you.

    1. Ray

      Dear Nicholas, Thank you for the message and I am sorry it took a few days to reply to your comment. I have gone back and corrected a few things in my article. I do want to send you a link from Reuters News. I am still researching for true evidence of what really happened. When I am done I will contact you again. I have no doubt about the vaccine damage in different countries and there are videos showing the victims. But I CANNOT find any verification that countries have lawsuits against Bill Gates and his foundation. What I do want to research would be this. If Bill Gates was being sued for vaccine damage in foreign countries, would they not also have to SUE the World Health Organization along with the Gates Foundation? Bill Gates is part of and partnered with the W.H.O in all of these vaccinations, so it seems logical that both of them would be sued. Or is his connection with the W.H.O. the reason he is not being sued? I will let you know what I find out and thanks again for your questions.

  2. Nicholas

    I appreciate your reply Ray and look forward to any updates regarding evidence you come across that supports the claims. I have no doubt that Fake Fact Checkers are paid to discredit actual facts and label them as conspiracy theories in an attempt to shame people for even questioning the MSM narrative. Thank you, Nicholas

    1. Ray

      Hey Nicholas, I have not forgotten you and I have not ignored your message. I have been researching and I believe I have the answer for you that you and I both have wondered about. I am working on a new article that I believe with give us the details and the truth we are looking for. I will respond again soon with the information. GOD BLESS YOU—RAY

  3. Nicholas

    Thanks Ray. The weather here in sunny Perth is amazing…beautiful Spring days. Glad to hear I have spurred you into doing some additional research. I have also…. I came across an amazing researcher based out of Canada who goes by the handle of Amazing Polly. Her youtube channel was just banned so you know she is onto a lot of truths and is able to connect a great number of dots – Fortunately, she has loaded most of videos onto bit chute as well which you can find here
    Keep up the great work, Nicholas

    1. Ray

      Thank you, Nick. I do appreciate your response. I am going to check out the link you sent. I may write an article soon about “ICANN” I have studied them for a long time. ICANN runs and controls the INTERNET. The United States controlled the internet out of California. Before Obama left office he transferred and gave the internet over to Icann. They have the sole power and control to shut down any individual or the entire internet. Websites like mine that they may not like can be shut down any day. Have a good day and thanks a lot. Come back at any time. Ray

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