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This article is called “ONLY ONE LIFE.” It will center around one statement which has great meaning to me, and I hope it will influence you with its biblical truth, so here it is: ” ONLY ONE LIFE WILL SOON BE PAST, ONLY WHATS DONE FOR CHRIST, WILL LAST.” Let this sink into your heart mind and soul because it is a truth for life, and a biblical truth.  This fact holds true for the past, present and future. There is the old saying, “Eat, Drink and be Merry because tomorrow we die.” You may do this, and you may die physically, but this does not end your life or existence.


Genesis 1:1 KJV “IN THE BEGINNING GOD.” This was the start and existence of all humanity. Genesis 2:7 tells us about our creation. “And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.” Dear Reader, everything about God is “ETERNAL.” The breath of life that God breathed into mankind is eternal. All of mankind was created to live forever, eternally. Since the fall of mankind God gave up on the “FLESH” in the garden of Eden, but our soul and spirit are still eternal and will live on forever. The real question for you is this: “WHERE IS YOUR ETERNAL SOUL AND SPIRIT GOING TO LIVE THROUGH OUT ALL ETERNITY?”

In spite of sin that broke mankind relationship and fellowship with God, He still made a way for redemption and called out a people that he called His children. This is what the Old Testament is all about, the story of restoration of all humans. God gave His laws and commandments, and how sinful humans could approach Him and have fellowship restored. 



The present that we live in is a very wicked and Evil time. Just look around. My country, The United States has fallen so far away from being a Christian nation. But it is worldwide. It’s all planned and taking place right now. God has told us in His word, exactly what is going to happen, and we are living it. Globalism is marching forward at a very fast pace. The world economic forum along with the United Nations, and the World Health Organization, and the billionaires are all set to take over this world and control every area of your life. (I CALL THEM THE BIG BOYS CLUB). And you are not part of it. 

They meet every year at their facility in Switzerland to further plan their domination of the world. So, former Senator and Moron, John Kerry speaks at the WEF, and states, “I am so honored to be here, and I am so excited to know that “WE” are going to rule the world. It is not hid anywhere. God told us and told us exactly what to look for at end times. 1 world government, 1 world money system and 1 world religion. Just look at their Agenda and Agenda 2030 already implemented. Laws world wide changing and being demanded.

Changing good into bad and bad into good. Everything wrong is now acceptable. All immorality and sin are legalized and totally acceptable. People say they are now WOKE and Political Correctness is taking over the world. World International Law is taking over. The sad part is how CHURCHES have let this right in the doors of their church. Leaders of denominations and churches have signed treaties with the globalist, giving their control over their churches. And when they finally get total control of the world, it will all be handed over to the antichrist, Satan in flesh. 

I have 140 articles here on my website. One of those articles is called, “IT IS TIME TO DELETE GOD.THIS IS WHERE WE ARE IN THIS WORLD TODAY. If you are interested in that article, click the blue link. They want their own “FAKE JESUS” and they will have him. Their fake Savior is called the antichrist, Satan in human flesh. He will be the worlds “SUPERMAN.” And he will be so good that he will DECIEVE the whole world, rule it and control it. II Corinthians 4:4 “whose unbelieving minds the god of this world hath blinded, lest the light of the glorious Gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them.” 



Oh, Wow, we are such a progressive generation. We have high technology, we have A.I. we have satellite’s in space, we are reaching for the stars and heaven. We are changing everything on earth and we are making ourselves “INTO gods.” We are now such a progressive earth, we have done this. And they are setting up Satans Kingdom that he will rule over all the earth. And the WEF World Economic Forum says, “WE WILL HAVE TO KILL 7 1/2 BILLION OF YOU ALL BECAUSE THE EARTH IS OVER-POPULATED. NO JOKE. This is your great future.

As the Bible says, The rapture of the church takes place and Christians know this is going to be very soon. Then the man of sin comes on the scene (the antichrist and takes over). The 7 year tribulation of the world takes place and will be the worst time in human history on earth. Your choice at that time will be forced, and you will choose Satan or God. It will cost you your life to choose God. The book of Revelation chapters 6-19 Do not think that you will have any human rights at the time. Every religion on earth will be outlawed and done away with, because the antichrist will demand the worship of himself.


ONLY ONE LIFE WILL SOON BE PAST, ONLY WHATS DONE FOR CHRIST WILL LAST. This article was requested by my friend Debbie. She loved this saying and took it into her heart. She wants to make it real in her life. She asked, “ARE WE DOING ENOUGH FOR CHRIST?” And that humbles me. Understand, this statement contains eternal truth. I truly hope anyone who reads this article will also memorize it and learn the true meaning for their life. I believe this should be a great focus in everyone’s life.

If Christians are not “ETERNALLY FORGIVEN” then no one will ever be in heaven. Never think you can WORK your way there. You can’t even spell Christian without Christ. Christians are not perfect people; they just have a perfect Savior. Christians are not perfect people they are just forgiven.

People talk about the next life, or life after death, and I understand what they are saying. But I am showing you there is only one life. The Flesh will die but you will continue on in soul and spirit, you will still be the same person that God created. If you choose to believe that you will come back to this planet as a Chimpanzee, then go for it. Let me tell you what God says. I Corinthians 15:50 “ Now this I say, brethren, that flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God; neither doth corruption inherit incorruption.

AND Revelation 21:27 “And there shall in no wise enter into it anything that defileth, neither whatsoever worketh abomination, or maketh a lie: but they which are written in the Lamb’s book of life.”WHY? Because our flesh is polluted by sin. No sin will ever enter heaven. GOD HAS NEVER ACCEPTED SIN BUT MADE A WAY THAT HE COULD FORGIVE IT.  

Heaven is real and hell is real. Only your soul and spirit are eternal. Christians will get a new glorified body in heaven that will last for eternity and one that cannot sin. Unsaved people will suffer in hell and be tormented eternally-NO SECOND CHANCES. All SIN is against God and will never be accepted, but Christ has paid for our sins, He had no sin. II Corinthians 5:21 “For he hath made him to be sin for us, who knew no sin; that we might be made the righteousness of God in him.”

I humbly ask you to perform a simple test on yourself. Go look in a mirror. Come back here and tell me, the person you see in the mirror is perfect. Tell me that person has never said anything wrong, thought anything wrong or done anything wrong? We all know better. Those things are what God calls SIN. That is what has separated us from God, that is what will send any of us to hell.

I said that GOD hates sin, but he will forgive it. He will forgive us and make us clean in Christ. Jesus Christ came to earth and paid for our sins, the payment was His death on a Roman cross, the shedding of his blood and his death. II Corinthians 5:21 “For he (God) hath made him (Jesus) to be sin for us, who knew no sin; that we might be made the righteousness of God in him.” That my friend is SALVATION if you will ask and accept it from God. It is free for the asking and it cost Jesus Christ His life and blood. Here is how: Romans 10:13 KJV ““For whosoever shall (ASK) call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.”

Christians are not perfect people; they just have a perfect Savior. Christians are not perfect people they are just forgiven. Simply put, we are sinners, Jesus is the Savior, He came to save sinners. If you have asked God for forgiveness and salvation, please let me know in the comment section below and listen to the beautiful song in the video below. This concludes this article, ONLY ONE LIFE.

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