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This article is called Bill Gates and his Globalist Connections. This article is inspired by, the questions of my new- found friend, Nicholas. Nick has taken an interest in my website and some of my articles, I have written. He has asked some very important questions and inspired me to do more research. This article is dedicated to Nick and I hope it will answer his questions, so here is what Nicholas wrote and commented. “Hi There, I am not doubting the information you share here about Mr. Gates. I truly believe his intentions are heinous. I do receive pushback from those in my circle of influence regarding negative information pertaining to him I share on social media. My question to you regarding the claims that are bullet-pointed in red is do you have any evidence (not just articles but lawsuits etc) from him (his foundation etc….) being sued in Africa, India, etc….. That would be truly appreciated. Thank you.”

In this article, I am going to explain how I know Bill Gates is a Globalist. I am going to be posting valuable links (in blue) that are very important and valuable. Please, click on the links just to see what it is about. I also intend to add additional information that cleared up any suspicions that I had, about Bill Gates and his affiliation with Globalist and Globalism. I CAN answer 1 large aspect of Nick’s question regarding INDIA. I can confirm that India has real problems with Bill Gates concerning a power grab by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in India. Here is INDIA’S PROBLEM WITH GATES.

Here is a quote from the article in India and how they feel about the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The whole article shows what happened in India, QUOTE: “The work of Gates Foundation is all about being in the driving seat of global health. International corporate-led foundations are not answerable to people nor are they open to scrutiny of any kind. They wield too much power without accountability.”


This is the name of the article that I have here on my website. It was written on May 13, 2020. A lot of my assertions came from the links in this article I posted. Here is what always bothered me about Bill Gates. It is not his wealth or that he is a billionaire. It is not all of his investments all over the world. What bothers me the most is that he is a smug, overbearing, self-appointed spokesman for the Globalist. Here is a guy who has never been elected to any official office. He is on television, news, and social media spewing out his doctrine of what they are going to do. He is smiling and constantly saying WE have the world shut down, it will remain shut down until WE get a covid-19 vaccine. We are going to vaccinate every person on the planet and WE are going to insert and medical monitoring chip in every human.

So I ask myself “who is this little rich self-appointed dictator of the world. I assume he must have the globalist backing him who are pushing for the New World Order and 1 World Government. Why is he so confident and self-assured that HE (Bill Gates) has the authority to do this to every person in the world? I really got sick of hearing the WE, WE, WE, WE. Please bear with me because I have to go in another direction right now and connect the dots for you.

Back to my article Pandemic Globalism and Vaccines, I used these links regarding the information on the damage Bill Gates vaccines had caused in 3rd world countries. Natural SocietyUS Politics and NewsRobert F. Kennedy Jr

I believed these to be credible sources of information. Especially, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. For the younger generation who do not know who he is let me explain. President John F Kennedy was assassinated, His brother Robert F. Kennedy Sr.was John’s attorney general. Robert later ran for President and was assassinated also. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is the son of Robert Sr. He has been smart enough to stay away from political office. Robert Jr. is a Democrat. Many were amazed when President Donald Trump appointed him to “chair a high-level commission on vaccine safety and integrity,” Robert is an anti-vaxxer. Robert documents all about Bill Gates’s affairs in Africa and India. You can click the link above to see. I found this a very credible source.

I have also written about the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and how they are part owners in 9 nine big pharmaceutical companies. It should surprise no one that Bill Gates is an owner of the patent of a coronavirus. Neither should it surprise anyone how Gates used 3rd world countries as his test subjects using “non-consensual research.” (Especially Africa). It was like another Tuskegee Experiment. Check for yourself.


So far I have not been able to answer Nicks’s question, Regarding AFRICA. I truly believe that Africa and India both really want to sue Bill Gates. The damage to their citizens has been done and that is documented. They were used as guinea pigs for vaccine research. As of right now, I cannot find any official documentation of the so-called lawsuits. May I please connect some more dots which I think may answer Nicks’s question about the lawsuits against Bill Gates? It finally answered the question for me, “WHO ARE THE WE WE WE GATES KEEPS REFERRING TOO. Is it the Pharmaceutical Industry? They are involved but there is more. Is it the Big Boys Club that Gates belongs too” They have a large part? (I will write more about the big boys club shortly).

In my article called “GLOBALIST TURDS,” I give a history of the United Nations. They were founded in the middle of World War II in 1945 with 5 original nations. As of right now, there are 193 member states (countries) in the United Nations. In the “ORIGINAL CHARTER” They gave themselves “IMMUNITY FROM PROSECUTION). THEY CANNOT BE SUED. Every country that has joined the United Nations also signs and agrees that they cannot and will not try and sue the United Nations.

In 1948 The United Nations created a new organization called “THE WORLD HEALTH (W.H.O.)(ORGANIZATION.”Their goal is to be responsible for international public health. The WHO relies on assessed and voluntary contributions from member states and private donors for funding. The World Health Organization does NOT have immunity from prosecution and CAN BE SUED  Here is a funny part. Not all member countries, that are part of the United Nations are part of the World Health Organization. And countries can be part of the W.H.O. and not be members of the United Nations.

The United States has always been the number 1 and largest contributor funding both. On June 1, 2020 President Trump announced that he was no longer funding the World Health Organization and was pulling the United States out of the organization. WHY? Because of their corrupt handling of the Coronavirus Pandemic. Now China is the main contributor to the W.H.O.There are right now many individuals and organizations suing the W.H.O. over the mishandling of the so-called Pandemic. They covered China’s butt, they knew about the coronavirus in early November but never announced it until late January. Then praised China for its response. Bill Gates is one of those who funded the laboratory in Wuhan China where the coronavirus was released, I have documented this in other articles. ARE YOU CONNECTING THE DOTS YET?                   

Please check out this link PARTNERS AND NETWORKS.  This is the link showing the partners and networks organization of the World Health organization sponsors and supporters. Here is Bill Gates’s connection to the World Health Organization, and he does fund them with millions of dollars each year. He works with them in going into other countries to supply (and test) vaccines. NOW YOU KNOW WHO THE: “WE ARE.” Gates works in conjunction with and is supported by the W.H.O. India is part of the W.H.O.


I think I just connected the dots and showed who the WE are. I think I just show Bill Gates’s reason for using third world countries for his vaccine experiments with the help and SUPPORT of the World Health Organization (Gates being a partner and big-time money contributor to the W.H.O.). The World Health Organization can be sued, so will these countries that are members of the United Nations and most members of the W.H.O turn around and sue them???? Bill Gates is the poster child for vaccines and the W.H.O. If they sue Bill Gates do they have also have to sue the W.H.O.? It is the W.H.O. that gets Bill Gates into these countries. Here is what I wonder. Does the United Nations provide an umbrella of protection to the W.H.O.? And is the W/H.O. providing an umbrella of protection for Bill Gates? This is why I said earlier, “I THINK THEY REALLY WANT TO SUE BILL GATES FOR ALL THE DAMAGE HE HAS DONE, BUT WILL THEY?” And what would it cost them? So NICK, this is the best answer and explanation I can give to answer your question. I hope I connected the dots for everyone, show this to your skeptic friends. But I am not done yet.


If you are not a Christian then this should “SCARE THE HELL OUT OF YOU.”  You MUST look at this link and take it seriously. ID2020 ALLIANCE. Here is the rest of the WE AND BIG BOYS CLUB FOR BILL GATES. Why does Mr. Vaccine King, Bill Gates, stand up and say, “WE ARE GOING TO CHIP EVERYONE ON THE PLANET WHEN WE VACCINATE THEM? Because it is already in the works and underway. Gates not only owns Microsoft, but he also owns GAVI. These are not just Pharmaceutical  companies, they are power brokers, millionaires, and billionaires, who look to make “TRILLIONS.” If you click on Gavi Wikipedia you will discover how Bill Gates working with the W.H.O does anything they want in 3rd world countries.

Folks if they have their way, (and they are determined to do it) then get ready to be chipped. AND THE UNITED NATIONS AND W.H.O. ARE WORKING WITH THEM. I know someone is going to say, this is crazy. Our leaders will not make everyone take a mandatory vaccine or chip, Trump will not allow this?? I want to tell you how I think, they plan to do it. I have the link to the articles and videos here on my computer. If you request it I will send it to you. Here is the reason I am not posting it here. It IDENTIFIES WHAT STATE I AM IN.

This is even on a local news interview where he says, “I AM THE CHIEF HEALTH OFFICIAL IN THIS STATE. I HAVE THE POWER AND AUTHORITY TO MANDATE ALL CITIZENS OF THIS STATE BE VACCINATED FOR THE GOOD OF THIS STATE. IT WILL BE DONE EVEN IF I HAVE TO CALL IN THE MILITARY TO DO IT.” I believe it will be tried on a state by state basis going around the federal government–STATES RIGHTS.

When the so-called Pandemic hit America, did not the federal government turn over the management to each individual state? The quarantine was instituted by state officials. Who ordered the lockdowns? Who ordered the social distancing? Who ordered the mask mandates? Who decided what were an essential business that could stay open? Who shut down private businesses’ and churches? THE STATES DID THAT. GOVERNORS OF STATES TOOK OVER CONTROL.


I am sorry for the length of this article but it was needful. I hope you have seen and connected the dots for yourself. I have tried to document what I have said here. If you now doubt that Bill Gates is a Globalist then you missed it. I hope you understand who the “WE” are now, and where he is getting his so-called authority from. The United Nations, the W.H.O. The Big Boys Club, Big Pharma, and the rest of the Globalist pushing for the New World Order and 1 World Government. But that will be run by the “ELITES”. Gates believes his money and position make him one of the ELITES. I hear Gates on video talking to the BBC and says, “I AND OTHER HEALTH EXPERTS BELIEVE.” What is his education and when did he become a health expert?” I have to be fair here. Does joining the W.H.O., buying Pharmaceutical companies, and sponsoring vaccines, make you a health expert? You decide. The real question is this. “HOW MUCH POWER, AUTHORITY, AND INFLUENCE HAS BILL GATES MONEY BOUGHT HIM?”

ID2020 Summit: Harnessing Digital Identity for the Global Community.

Gates has also pushed an RNA approach to Covid-19. That means RNA is injected into your body and will splice into your DNA and change YOUR GENETIC CODE. If that happens would you still be human–SERIOUSLY. Then he said, “I think it would be worth the risk.” Hey Bill, let’s try it out on you and your children first. Can an RFID tracking chip be so small it can be injected into you with a vaccine? The answer is YES. And that is the plan. In addition, he is now saying, “One dose of the Coronavirus vaccine may not be enough, you may need a second dose. OH BOY DOUBLE THE MONEY.

You ever hear someone say, “How do millionaires get away without paying any taxes?” The answer is simple. Donations and charitable donations are “TAX-DEDUCTIBLE.” Globalists love it, they give the money to support their agenda and get to take it off their taxes. Are you aware that the United Nations and W.H.O. are classified as charities? Check it out.

I said earlier, “If you are not a Christian then this will scare the hell out of you.” We know from God’s Word what He says about Globalism, I world government, 1 world money system, and 1 world religion. God told us in many places it would come and what to look for. This chipping system is not the mark of the beast, but it will lead to it. You see the mark of beast takes place IN THE 7 YEAR TRIBULATION PERIOD. We are not in the Tribulation now Christians will be taken out in the Rapture, and taken home to heaven before the Tribulation period starts, I do believe that is very close. If your heart is not right with God, then you need to make it right, and do it quickly.

I am personally not afraid of Covid-19, Pandemic, Chipping, or Globalism. The reason is, “YOU CANNOT SCARE ME WITH HEAVEN,” I will leave you the SOLUTION  to all of this right here. John 3:16 “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

I leave you with a trivia question? What is Bill Gates’s connection to China and why did China bestow on Gates China’s highest honor for a non-citizen?

PLEASE WATCH THE SHORT VIDEO BELOW OF “BILL GATES AND HIS GLOBALIST CONNECTIONS. Your thoughts, opinions, and comments are welcome so leave them below.

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