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Boy, Oh, Boy, Have I stepped in it now? I am actually writing about “Relationship Advice.” I do write about my theme which is love, so maybe I am not too unqualified. From what I see on the internet, I may be a genius. I have to laugh and have a little fun and I hope you will also.

Have you ever actually taken the time to look and see all the stuff that is being offered in the name of relationship advice? When I see what is being offered I have to ask, “How desperate are people?” And I also have to ask, “Where do these people come up with their advice?”

The Magical Relationship Cure

Here are some examples and categories.
1. Psychic relationship advice. I wonder if they use crystal balls? I have a feeling it is not free.

2. Surprising Relationship Advice From Divorce Lawyers. “Duhhhhhhh.” You know that one is not free.

3. Love spells and potions that really work. You control the relationship with Magic. You make someone love you even if they do not want to. Spells to make your ex come back and love you.
My opinion is, If it did not work the first time will magic make it work the second time?

Do it yourself spells or have the witch do it for you. Love spells and magic potions. White magic and black magic spells you cast.                                                                                                                               love-576602_640
My opinion is, don’t cast the spell or spill the potion too close to the dog or cat. That might “SPELL” trouble.

4. Control the relationship of your choice with advice and magic from witches, warlocks, paranormal’s, or voodoo.

5. Relationship Advice from the Movie Stars. (They have been divorced 5 times). That would really work.

6. Advice from “love doctors” (Not real doctors). How to pick up men and women using guaranteed pick up lines.

7. Relationship advice from love quotes, love poems, music and guru’s.

8. Advice on how to make a man, woman or both love you. What he wants, what she wants, what they both want.

9. Advice on how to find the man or woman of your dreams and hook them.

10. And of course you have the relationship advice columns of newspapers. You have the magazines and the tabloids.
Do not forget the television talk shows like, “Jerry Springer, or Maury Povich.” Guest appears, then share their relationship problems. Now they can fist fight  about it on television. Advice is given from the audience. In all fairness, this is simply entertainment.

These are funny, but true. I am not making them up. You can go find them yourself on the internet or book stores.

I have to add this one. I found this quote and it is too funny not to list. I only know the girl’s name is listed as, nishah1917. She said, ” Why do single women take advice from other single women? That’s like Stevie Wonder giving Ray Charles driving directions.”

Development Of Relationships In Todays Society

Alright, did I list enough? Are you laughing yet? The sad part is people are really looking for advice that will help them. Relationships are in trouble in America, I presume there are relationship problems in every country.

There are so many different types of relationships. Friends, co-workers, family, dating, single, married and divorced. Since we live in modern society I want to give the definition of relationship from a modern dictionary. says, “Relationship, Noun, 1. A connection, association, or involvement. 2. Connection between persons by blood or marriage. 3. An emotional or other connection between people: The relationship between teachers and students. 4. A sexual involvement; affair.”                                                                digital-art-398342_640

I am not going to talk about every kind of relationship or every problem within those relationships. I do want to talk about the relationship everyone is looking for. It is the relationship concerning love. When we are born, we are given life and the capacity to love. It is part of our human nature to be connected, associated and involved, just as the definition says.

We are social creatures and start to socialize from the day we are born. Socialization and relationships go together. You have to meet someone before you can have a relationship with them.

Socializing and developing relationships are at a new level today. Look at the internet. Social networks, dating sites, chat, relationship books and many other forms and mediums of contact.

My Relationship Advice

Developing a relationship is not easy. I think most people want a good and successful relationship. Here is my advice.. This will apply to both men and women equally. I do want to say, all of these will NOT apply for those in a Platonic Relationship (a relationship without romance and sex) such as friendship. I believe the ultimate goal of most people, is a serious relationship with a mate or partner.

If you keep these as your goals and priorities in your relationship, you will have a successful relationship. All other problems will fall into place and can be managed together. Here is my list.

1. Communication. This is not just talking it involve listening. It is effectively sharing thoughts and feelings. It is two way communication.

2. Commitment. This is, dedication to each other. Both parties agree to do whatever it takes to make the relationship work. Both are focused on solving any problems that would hinder the relationship.

3. Acceptance. This is accepting and loving each other for who they are. It gives the sense of belonging. It is not blindly overlooking faults and failures.                                                                                                  love-544408_640

4. Trust. This is confidence in the other person. Confidence without fear and confidence in the relationship.

5. Respect. This is honoring each other for their value and abilities. Respect is both given and received, it is not just tolerance of the other.

6. Responsibility. This is, being responsible and accountable to each other. This involves carrying out your obligations to each other.

7. Security. This is, being safe and protected. Safe from threat or harm. It is freedom from fear, danger or anxiety in the relationship.

8. Deep Emotional Intimacy. This includes affection. It is the closeness and sharing of thoughts, feelings and emotions with both partners. It will involve sex, but it is more than just sex.

9. Compromise. This is agreement from both partners, to settle differences or disagreements in love. This is done for the benefit of each other and the relationship.

10. Sharing. This is the willingness to share unselfishly with each other. Not just material thing, but also thoughts and feelings.

Too many people enter a relationship for what they can get out of it. A real relationship involves the attitude of giving, not taking. You cannot truly love without giving. It is also true you get what you give. The Bible calls it reaping and sowing.


I started this article by looking at and discussing what I call, some ridiculous relationship advice (in my humble opinion). We live in a society with so many frauds. If their relationship advice and remedies really produced love, they would be very rich and famous. Everyone would flock to them.

We are all humans and relate to each other. We tend to trust our family and friends. I think people are influenced by others personal experience and opinions. They impart their personal knowledge and wisdom, whether it be good or bad, right or wrong.

There are many true and honest websites with professionals who try very hard to give good relationship advice. Many dedicate their lives to the study and work of relationship. This work is desperately wanted and needed. I have given my relationship advice in this article. I hope it will be beneficial as well.

Thoughts, opinions and comments are welcome. Please leave them here. If I can help you, then let me know.

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