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This article is called “Convenient Christianity.” I am very sure that many Christians who start to read this article will be offended and never finish it. The reason is that it is not convenient for them. Let’s start with the definition of convenient. “Fitting in well with a person’s needs, activities, and plans: involving little trouble or effort: situated so as to allow easy access to. Occurring in a place or at a time that is useful.” Merrian-Webster Dictionary puts it this way. “Suited to personal comfort or to easy performance. suited to a particular situation. Affording accommodation or advantage.”

Years ago I worked at an insurance company. They asked me if I went to church? I said yes I go to a very nice church. They wanted to know how many members went to this church. I said 100 members.

Here is what they told me. “NO, NOT GOOD ENOUGH.  You leave that church and join the biggest church around and join it. The bigger the church the more insurance policies you can sell.” Make your Christianity “CONVENIENT” so that you can sell more insurance policies and get more money. God did not save me for the sole purpose of selling more insurance policies or use my Christianity to prosper myself. We have enough rich scammers who are doing that to become rich, fly jets and sell prosperity books. THAT IS NOT THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST, THAT IS SELF GREED.

Let’s face a few facts. Many things are not always convenient in our lives. Especially when you have plans to go somewhere or do something, then someone needs your help. What do you do that you know you should do, but it will get done when it is convenient for you? I am speaking to everyone but especially Christians. There are consequences for every action we do whether it be good or bad. Can I prove this? YES.  II Corinthians 5:10 “For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ; that everyone may receive the things done in his body, according to that he hath done, whether it be good or bad.” THINK ABOUT THIS. This is the “BEAMA SEAT OF CHRIST WHERE CHRISTIANS ONLY, WILL BE REWARDED FOR WHAT WE HAVE DONE FOR CHRIST.


Yes, we Christians will stand before God and be judged for what we did for Christ. The sin question has already been settled for us Christians, at the time of our Salvation and forgiveness of Sin. What we have done for Christ will be rewarded. What we have not done but should have done will cause loss of rewards for us, yet we will still be saved for all time and eternity. NEVER THINK OUR SALVATION IS BASED ON ANY WORKS SYSTEM. Ephesians 2:8&9 “For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast.”

I really do have to ask a few questions. Do Christians serve God and witness for Him when it is convenient for them? To many Christians really do think, it is the preacher’s job to witness to others about Salvation, and win people to Christ. I have actually heard people say, “That is not my job, I am not a preacher.” I have seen so many times over the years, how Christians put “WITNESSING FOR CHRIST ON THE BACK BURNER, FOR ANOTHER TIME.” It is not convenient.


Now here is where Convenient Christians get offended. I ask this question? When are you ever going to witness for Christ to your family and friends or anyone? That is the question of the day. Let’s be honest here. People watch their movies or television. Most are on social media and internet access. You can name favorite movies and programs. You can name the favorite movies that you like and even different lines in the movies. Example: (I’LL BE BACK). Each person has knowledge of their own work experience and various subjects that interest them, yet not enough knowledge to “WITNESS FOR CHRIST ABOUT ETERNAL SALVATION.” All this human knowledge that you have but cannot memorize 2 or 3 verses of scripture, to lead someone to Christ.

I have heard people say, “Well I am shy and don’t know what to say, I really do not want to offend anyone or lose my friends. WILL THAT BE YOUR UNACCEPTED EXCUSE when you stand before the Lord? Here is a fact! Convenient Christian? IF YOU KNOW HOW YOU GOT SAVED, THEN YOU ALREADY KNOW ENOUGH TO TELL SOMEONE ELSE HOW TO BE SAVED AND HAVE THEIR SINS FORGIVEN–IT IS THAT SIMPLE. I will not apologize for what I just said.

Here is another way if you really are concerned about peoples lost condition in their lives. I am not a scholar and do not pretend to be. At the end of every article that I publish here, I give Gods plan of salvation. Can you not read this too friends, family, and lost souls? That opens the door to witness to them. Ask what do you think about what he has said? Discuss it with them.

Tell how you got saved. Tell the difference in salvation by the work and blood of Jesus. Let them know Religion will kill them and send everyone to hell. Let them know that no denomination or Religious Organization, can save them or give them eternal life in heaven, with God! If you can do nothing else, learn the true meaning of John 3:16-18. THAT IS A WITENSSING TOOL. Use it.

I have to include this in my article. My pastor is God’s man. He has pastored the same church he started for 50 years. Years ago, the church went through a very bad time. The pastor had a sick bed ridden son at home, and he had to help take care of him and doctors visits. He never missed a service of preaching and teaching. He would not take his salary to make sure the bills of the church were paid.

He started selling cookware on the side to pay his own bills. He still continued visiting the hospitals and never missed one service at the nursing home either. HE WAS RUN TO DEATH AND LITERALLY DID NOT HAVE TIME FOR HIS OWN FAMILY. He stood in the pulpit one Sunday morning and said I need your help and have a request. “I have been given a long list of your lost relatives, and everyone wants me to go witness to them, and try and win them to the Lord. I will do that as soon as I can, but here is my request.

I have never met 95% of these people and do not know them. You know them and have more influence over them than I do. I am asking you to witness to them before I do. If you cannot win them then I will go witness to them.” So, guess what happened? THEY ALL GOT ANGRY AT THE PASTOR-HOW DARE HIM ASK THEM TO WITNESS TO THEIR OWN FAMILY MEMBERS! I would consider that “CONVENIENT CHRISTIANITY.” (Never do for yourself, what you can throw off on someone else) I know that was a bad statement! In all honesty, I do realize there are weak Christians in the faith. Not everyone is an Apostle Paul.


This is the horrible judgement of God on every lost sinner who has rejected Gods Salvation for sin. AND IT IS ETERNAL ANGUISH. Click this UNDERLINED link for details.

Christian and unsaved person, may I please share some knowledge with you about this event, the great white throne judgement. What I describe here will be backed up by scripture. It bothers me that most ministers skip it. Revelation 20 details the great white throne judgement. This judgement will be for every lost person that has ever lived and rejected God’s free gift of Salvation and God’s forgiveness of SIN. Even hell and those who have been in hell will be thrown into the lake of fire forever. That is mankind’s eternal payment for sin, because they rejected Jesus Christ payment for everyone’s sin.

Every born again, saved, redeemed blood washed forgiven Christian will be there and witness this. But we Christians will be standing BEHIND God and watch as those who were never saved are rejected and thrown into the lake of fire. There will be pain and tears from Christians also. As we watch unknown people, family and friends, enter eternal judgement, we shall know so many that will be crying and yelling at us, “WHY DID YOU NOT TELL ME ABOUT JESUS? WHY? I DO NOT, want to ever be a “CONVENIENT CHRISTIAN. DO YOU?

Here from scripture is the part many do not talk about, and it is straight from the Bible. Revelation 14:10 The same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation; and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels, and in the presence of the Lamb:” Satan and all those in the lake of fire will be tormented in the very presence of God and the holy angels forever. Yes, all those who are in the lake of fire are watching everything happening in heaven from the lake of fire. I really wonder if from the lake of fire if those we knew are screaming, “WHY DID YOU NOT TELL ME ABOUT JESUS? Will they be screaming your name or my name for all eternity? I do not know.

Read Luke 16:19-31. This is a description of hell given by Jesus when walked upon this earth. It is not a parable but a true event. Now here is a fact. Jesus taught more about hell then he did heaven. I only know what Jesus showed us and how rich the man in hell knew the Begger Lazarus, and knew Father Abraham, who lived hundreds of years before he did.

(Dear Reader, Are you thinking “Well, I will think about Jesus and salvation at some more convenient time?” Satan will make sure that convenient time never comes. There is no more convenient time then right now.)


I guess someone who has been reading this is going to say, “Boy, you really picked on Christians didn’t you?” I also do believe that those I call “Convenient Christians” have a real Flaw. The flaw is called “HUMAN FEAR.” Many Christians have a problem witnessing and are scared of messing up, or not knowing how. I think it is also a lack of self-confidence. When you lead someone to Christ, you need to understand that you were used to change their eternal destiny-AMEN. And God will reward you for that. The most simple message to witness is this” We are the sinners, Jesus is the Savior, Jesus came to save sinners.” AMEN.

Can you just imagine the rewards and benefits that we will receive in heaven and throughout all eternity? WOW. With everything that is happening here on earth it is not an easy life. But it is all worth it, THIS IS OUR ETERNAL LIFE AND HOPE. If you are not a Christian and have never been saved by the grace of God then you need to be. We are truly living in the last days just as the Bible says. Christians are going home soon in the Rapture of the church-we are there. Those left behind will face the Devil and his rule here on earth during the 7-year tribulation.

God did not make Salvation hard; it is offered to everyone freely. But it cost the very life and blood of Jesus Christ to pay for sin and forgiveness. Here is the real problem with humans and God, so please understand this. Isaiah 59:2 “But your iniquities have separated between you and your God, and your sins have hid his face from you, that he will not hear.”

What is there in this life is so important that it keeps you away from God and eternal bliss and Salvation? Please think of that. Since our creation, from Genesis chapter 3, the problem has always been about the SIN issue. God Himself took care of the SIN issue Himself by providing the payment and sacrifice of his only begotten son JESUS to die and pay for “OUR SINS.” God accepted that payment for all sin for everyone who would accept Jesus payment. Jesus restored our relationship with God through His own death and sacrifice of His own blood. Your choice is simple: “ACCEPT OR REJECT GODS’ FORGIVENESS OF OUR SINS.” John 3:16

TO WHOM DOES YOUR SOUL BELONG??                                                 

Romans 10:13 “For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.” That means call on God for forgiveness (ASK). Do you realize how much you truly need a Savior? God will save you from sin, self, Satan and hell. He will give you an eternal home in heaven. I ask you to turn to God. Jesus said in John 6:37 “THAT ANYONE WHO COMES TO HIM WILL NEVER BE REJECTED.” ARE YOU WILLING? THIS IS YOUR CHOICE AND DECISION. I WOULD DO IT NOW.

If you truly come to God and Christ for forgiveness, I would be glad if you would share it here so I can rejoice with you. Your thoughts, opinions and comments are welcome so leave them below in the comment section. RAY

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