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WOW what a title for a post. This article is called “The Addictive Electronic Narcotic.”But it is true, and it is what our country and ever country has become around the world. I am older and this never existed when I was young and growing up. I just love inviting people over to my house so they can sit and look down the whole time, while constantly texting and ignoring everyone. No one talks and has a normal conversation anymore.

It is a shame when you cannot even sit down to eat and have a meal, without everyone having their cell phone beside their plate. Too many are already married to their cell phone. Dear Reader, “THERE IS A NEW PANDEMIC OF ADDICTION, JUST LIKE A NARCOTIC. IT IS CALLED THE ADDICTIVE ELECTRONIC ADDICTION.” NO JOKE. Statics show that 97% of all people have a cell phone. Think about that. Stats shows that 95% of teens have cell phones.  Make sure your ticking time bomb is always next to your ear and brain.

But a friend once told me that “I WAS MARRIED TO MY COMPUTER.” That is not true, because the computer rejected my marriage proposal Ha Ha. In this new world of technology, I would never ask my computer to marry me. I would be afraid Artificial Intelligence would say YES. Another reason is because I told them I wanted to marry my tree in the back yard.

Are electronic devices addictive? They are as addictive as any Narcotic.  Jennifer Katzenstein, Ph.D. Johns Hopkins Medical says, “There is also some data to suggest that use of devices reinforces dopamine pathways, a neurotransmitter that is a “feel good” chemical involved in our reward-seeking behaviors. When this pathway isn’t reinforced, we actually experience chemical withdrawal in our brains. We have become increasingly dependent on our devices, and now, more than ever, we are using our devices to communicate, get information and remain in contact 24/7. This lends itself to feeling anxious or stressed when we don’t have that source close by at all times.

For most of us, we like to have our cell phone or other device close to us, but if we forget it or leave it behind, it isn’t too big of a deal, other than some mild anxiety. There is debate about whether or not you can have an addiction to a cell phone. But it seems that there can be an addiction, as many compare devices to mini gambling devices.

What causes an individual to be addicted to social media and/or their phone (is it a compulsion, a fear of missing out, etc.)? There are many things. Behaviorally, this can include the reinforcement of staying connected at all times and being engaged on social media. Also, the reinforcement of “likes” and activity on one’s account. This reinforcement is variable, which is the most reinforcing kind. You never know when you may or may not have your “needs” met by the phone. We get instant gratification. Data suggests that children and adolescents who spend more time on electronics do have increased rates of anxiety and depression; however, they can be protected against this with more time outside and activities that don’t involve screens.


Cell phones, with or without addiction, can sabotage relationships! When we are talking to someone and look to our watch or our phone, we are telling them that something has come to our attention that is more important than they are, and you are essentially rejecting them. If we let our cell phones distract us during meals and quality time together, we aren’t able to truly engage and be present in the quality time, which then conveys to those involved that there is something happening that is more important than them.

It is incredibly important to stay present and if you do have to check your phone/device, make sure you are letting the other person know why, and creating and agreeing about expectations about checking the phone, if that is needed.” Daer Reader own of my life long best friends told me this. He said, Ray. 5 years ago, I bought my wife a cell phone for Christmas. Other people had them and I wanted her to have a nice gift. I regret that decision more than anything. She replaced me and our fellowship and relationship in our marriage. It is truly amazing how I was replaced by her cell phone, and she keeps yelling “DIVORCE.” No joke.


Family Addiction Specialists says there are 6 common types of technology addictions. “1. Gaming Addiction. 2. Social Media Addiction. 3. Online Gambling Addiction. 4. Pornography Addiction (online sexual addiction). 5. Online Shopping Addiction. 6.Work-Related Digital Addiction (Internet work from home).

Some mental health professionals consider digital addictions to be a symptom of another disorder such as anxiety or depression instead of a separate disorder.  Some also view it as an impulse control disorder (not otherwise specified).  Nevertheless, many professionals in the field of mental health and addiction do view digital addictions as its own mental health disorder, and there are considerations for including it in future revisions of the Diagnostic and Statistical manual of Mental Disorders. 

The American Society of Addiction Medicine has acknowledged that addictions are not limited to drugs and alcohol but can also be behavioral in nature.  The cornerstone of all addictions is loss of control, changes in mood, tolerance, withdrawal, and continuation of use despite adverse consequences, all of which are criteria that a digital dependence can meet.” “Digital Electronic Addiction is a very real thing.” The sad part is how society does not see it or understand it. It has become their way of life. It is the equivalent to a digital and mental Narcotic


I have a cell phone and rarely use it. I do not want any internet connection. It is one of the free jobs sent to me by the government. I have to turn it on and make 1 phone call or text each month. I do not text anything ever. When I go out, I take it with me in case of emergency. So, I will say it is nice to have. I have kids who come to my house and here is what I see. Small kids, teenagers, and adults all “LOOKING DOWN” at their cellphones constantly. You would think they have enough sense to realize the damage they are doing to their eyes. 

When did cell phones and other electronics become your best friend? I truly believe their real addiction is the fact that they are in charge of everything. That is also a behavior addiction that gives them power and control. How many cell phone programs looks at them and tells them you are fat, skinny, too tall or too small, ugly, uneducated, or a loser? The program becomes their own security and acceptance. After all you can have any alias or be who you want to be in the program. Then add the video feature where you can talk in person all over the world. And of course you must be on all the social networks.  

I remember well when the television became the baby-sitter. Now it is all the cell phones and electronic devices. Even now your cell phone and televisions have the ability to “SPY ON YOU,” without you even knowing it. If you really think you have privacy than you have fooled yourself. When it comes to the Federal Government you have no privacy.

The world has demanded the use of cell phones in every aspect of your daily life. There are more cell phones in the world today then there are computers. Go to order anything online and it wants you cell phone number and your information, then verification of your information by your cell phone. SO HOW MUCH INFORMATION ARE YOU WILLING TO GIVE UP INCLUDING YOUR PRIVACY? PEOPLE DO NOT REALLY REALIZE HOW MUCH RADIATION THEY ARE PUTTING IN THEIR BRAIN WITH A CELL PHONE ALWAYS IN THEIR EAR

Here is the most important question and statement in the whole article. “HAVE YOU REPLACED GOD WITH DIGITAL MEDIA AND NARCOTIC?” When is the last time you have ever opened your Bible? GOD WOULD BE PLEASED IF YOU KEPT HIM AS CLOSE TO YOU, AS YOU DO YOUR CELL PHONE. GOD WOULD BE PLEASED IF YOU GAVE HIM HALF THE TIME YOU GIVE YOUR CELL PHONE. It is all about “COMMUNICATION.” How often do you really communicate with God? Or as is usually the norm, how much time to you give HIM? The real problem is this: Cell phones and the addictive electronic narcotic, have created more “ISOLATION” than anything else. 

What you feed, leads. Input, output. So, what are you feeding yourself? If it is garbage in it will be garbage out. And what garbage do you get from social media? Is that what you call communication? I will close this article with one simple verse of scripture. I Corinthians 10:31 “Therefore, whether you eat or drink or whatsoever you do, do all to the glory of God.” Are you doing this or just entertaining yourself, with the world? 

Your thoughts, opinions and comments are welcome so leave them below, at the bottom of this page in the reply section. Also enjoy the 2 short videos below. RAY

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