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This article is not written by me. It is called “Trigger Warning”, and is the writings of my son Tony. I want to post it here with his permission. I think there is a lot of truth in what he has written so I will give him an A for knowledge and effort, so here is the article.                                                                                        

What the hell are we coming to today, social media corrupting minds, making everything socially acceptable. Brainwashing the youth, “what’s ok for me it’s okay for me” as long as “what’s ok for you is ok for you” Right?… If it feels good just do it regardless of right or wrong, morality takes a backseat, that’s all there is to it

Violence in the streets, shootings in the classroom, corrupt politicians, dirty cops and the smoke screens created and designed to take your eye off of the ball… Justifying and catering to the different sects…. Gay, lesbian, transgender, transsexuals and homosexuals freely open and setting examples that SHOULD NOT be set in front of our children. Internet, social media, even the TV shows that our children watch are planting seeds of poison in their minds, presenting everything as socially and morally acceptable!! God has been taken out of the classroom and replaced with “God of our own Universe” mentality.

Christians are mocked, laughed at , ridiculed, persecuted and driven into obscurity… The teaching of evolution is killing minds and destroying a child’s faith when they step into the classroom for the first time… Teachings and curriculums that are clearly presented to take God out of the equation, Big Bang Theory being taught as fact with no scientific empirical evidence to prove the occasion… New World Order setting the stage already in power, the world is getting more dangerous by the hour, destroying our freedoms and taking our right to bear arms, making it easier to take over and dictate to the masses… Abortion, racism, segregation, gay rights, black rights, Muslim rights, social justice where does it end. Godlessness present in so many.

Extremists, terrorists, Towers burning and falling to the ground. Roadside bombings, snipers killing children, beheadings in the street but they’re nowhere to be found… Arrogant ,conceited unthoughtful, selfish not giving a damn for family or friend, we now live in a world where most people would screw over their own mother just to get ahead in the end… Pollution is growing thicker in the air, not speaking of greenhouse gases but about the Minds of Human beings without so much as a care… Pedophiles, sycophants, rapists and murderers, the days of leaving your door unlocked are sure as hell over. Kids and teens with nothing but sex and drugs on their minds, little girls giving away their innocence for another hit or another line. The Youth of the Nation has lost its way… No respect for authority, contempt for any and all who says the word NO!!!. And for God’s sake let’s not hurt or offend anyone’s feelings or their way of life regardless of the instructions from our creator and the law that he carved in stone 2000 years ago..                                                                              

Disrespectful, egotistical, contemptuous, insolent, blasphemous and disregard for the clear and present line of right and wrong. A broken nation with no morals, values or standards. Time to stand for something instead of being pacified by empty promises that yield nothing.. Immigrants , illegal aliens , refugees terrorists, extremists and the trash of the world being dumped across our borders. Politicians ranting and raving making false promises, only out for their own interests all the while their lining their own pockets. OUR country needs a wake-up call someone to lead the way, someone to get us back on track, Someone to shine a light on a new day… ITS TIME TO MAKE OUR NATION GREAT AGAIN so I will stand with GOD and Trump….Tell me who will you stand with in the end.



This is a dangerous day that we live in. Society has gone crazy. Political Correctness and Human Rights rule supremely. Immorality can now be legislated into law, and no one has the right to disagree with it. Morality, the law, the Constitution and any moral principle must be done away with. Anything pertaining to morals, values, ethics, God, the Bible and Christianity, must be classified as a hate crime.

In the 1960’s God was permanently expelled from the public school system. Now society wants to permanently expel God out of our country, and world, even though he created it for us. This has been the down fall or every civilization that ever existed. I will close with 2 scriptures that helps sum this up. Judges 2:10 “And also all that generation were gathered unto their fathers: and there arose another generation after them, which knew not the LORD, nor yet the works which he had done.”  Judges 21:25 “In those days there was no king in Israel: every man did that which was right in his own eyes.” These have always been the Trigger Warnings and they persist, just as God told us they would in the last days. America and the world are sinking fast and the Lord is coming soon.                                                                                                  

Your thoughts, opinions and comments are welcome so leave them below. TONY AND RAY

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  1. TC

    Amen! Our sermon yesterday “Godlessness in the Last Days” II Timothy 3:9. This article goes right along with this scripture. We are definitely in the last days.

    1. Ray

      Thank you Miss T.C. I keep looking up and waiting for the shout. I really do expect the Lord to return any day. I have a 4 part series here on my website about the RAPTURE and I think it is different from others articles about it. I start with the early church fathers and come all the way up to our present day. I think you would enjoy them and learn a lot. Please come back any time and GOD BLESS YOU. Ray

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