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This article is called, “Is America Drunk with Power and Sin?” Think about this question for a moment. My answer has to be a very big “Yes.” In our society, I know there are too many who will say, “No” I believe their response of no, is because they are the ones who do not care about sin and enjoy it. This is the new culture of society and this country. I grew up in an America where words like, respect, duty and honor meant something. Those words now only exist to the older generation who lived them.

Are people so wrapped up in themselves, they cannot, see? People in this country and around the world have just closed their eyes and accepted a world of total immorality. The attitude is this, “WELL, I DON’T LIKE IT, BUT THERE IS NOTHING I CAN DO ABOUT IT.” I just have to accept it and move on. It’s better if I just don’t say anything.


Let’s take a look at the past and see what the game was to bring America and put us under global control. Just search your memory, then look at this.

Globalist paid enough money to try and put Clinton, in office, but they never thought “MAGA” was real, and their 16-year plan fizzled out on them.

Never underestimate the Power that money brings when you have “BILLIONAIRES” backing you. Just look at the globalist and the world economic forum. They intend on running the world and they brag about it. Their plan is no longer a secret. Who do you think is setting up the great “RESET” as I type this and the 1 world government under their control 1 world money system and the 1 world Religion? It is them. Obama was bought and paid for by George Soros, And other billionaires. He was their puppet, and they pulled the strings.

Just look at the United Nations and World Health Organization. They are part of the Globalist’s Agenda with their Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030. Their goal is Global domination of the entire world. They are pushing right now for control of every country on earth by them alone declaring any and all pandemics and locking down the entire world anytime they choose too. Their big push is getting 80% of the worlds countries to sign their “PLAN-DEMIC TREATY SO THEY CAN START.”


Let’s first get a definition of “DRUNK.” ” Those affected by alcohol to the extent of losing control of one’s faculties or behavior. A person who is drunk or who habitually drinks to excess: the British says it another way, click the blue link. They have 122 different words for drunk with pictures.” I believe most people do understand the meaning of the word drunk. This world of Globalists, are ALL, drunk with Power and Control, and “S I N.” Globalism is playing their part and doing everything to push their agenda of world control by themselves. 

This movement is not just in America; it is worldwide. But it is also Biblical Prophecy. Just ask Pope Francis he will be glad to tell you how he pushes Globalism 100%. He definitely pushes the Globalist Agenda and the one world “RELIGION.” Understand this one thing. ALL false religions are welcome, but Christianity and the God of the Holy Bible are NOT welcome. And it is ironic how he claims to represent Christianity. Please understand one thing. When you take the God of the Bible and Jesus Christ out of the picture, then you have nothing but a RELIGION. Francis denies God as the Creator of the world, and holds to the big bang theory of all creation, so what do you expect from him. (That is the official Roman Catholic Dogma).

Then consider how Francis took upon himself the Power and Authority to change God’s 10 Commandments and has replaced God with “MOTHER EARTH” and adopted “CLIMATE AGENDA” as his new “god.” Only the Global Warming hoax rules supreme in this world. This earth had no mother and never will, it is God’s creation, He is the owner and it the end he will burn it up with fire.


I truly find it so funny to see so called scholars and news agency claim, CNN .com “It’s time to stop calling slavery America’s ‘original sin'” And Jim Wallis book sold on Amazon .com “America’s Original Sin: Racism, White Privilege. And, By The future of America, as an idea, is dependent not just on recognizing this country’s greatest sins, but also on repaying its greatest debts. And there are few past due balances larger than the one owed to the Black American descendants of enslaved Africans. The only way forward is reparations.”

Let me give you some answers by titles. “The Seven Deadly Sins Of The American Dream. Americans are being torn apart by the 7 Deadly sins. America’s Most Tolerated Sin-Gluttony. Do You Know The 7 Deadly Sins Of America?” There are many many, more opinions but I will not list them all. Opinions are like noses, everybody has one. I believe someone is thinking, “O.K. which one is right, they all cannot be correct.”

I will give you the correct answer and it comes from the highest authority. Psalm 9:17-20 ” The wicked shall be turned into hell, And all the nations that forget God. For the needy shall not alway be forgotten: The expectation of the poor shall not perish for ever. Arise, O LORD; let not man prevail: Let the heathen be judged in thy sight. Put them in fear, O LORD: That the nations may know themselves to be but men. Selah. Here my friend is the real and true answer.

Check your history and understand this one fact. Every Kingdom, Nation, Country and Civilization that has ever existed, who turned their back on God and rejected the goodness and salvation was destroyed by God. AMERICA WILL BE NO EXCEPTION-AMEN. God’s hand of wrath and destruction will come very soon upon America and this world when he takes his children (Christians) out of this world. The whole world will sink like a ship. Nations of the world have rejected God and turned to SIN, AND IMMORALITY. Click the blue link and check out my article called “ITS TIME TO DELETE GOD.” This is where America and the world is at right now.

Dear Reader in 2016 (7 years ago), Barack Obama was President of America. He is a Globalist and he is owned by the Globalists. He stood before the United Nations and gave a speech before he left office. He basically said that “AMERICANS ARE TOO SMALL MINDED TO GOVERN THEMSELVES AND MORE.” He states that American should give up their rights to an all-powerful Sovereign Power. Here is a clip where he says it. Its 23 seconds long, and you need to hear this for yourselves. In simple terms, He is saying, “YOU ARE TOO STUPID TO RUN YOUR OWN LIFE-THEY WILL.”


Obama was a fake American and still is. Have you ever heard of the TPP, “Trans-Pacific Partnership?” Obama signed this partnership with Mexico and Canada to become one country out of 3 and it would be called, “THE NORTH AMERICAN UNION.” No more United States of America. Our country would be under the Globalist Control and their laws and rules. When Donald Trump became President, he cancelled that agreement and pulled America out of it. Now, Joe Biden signed America right back in the TPP. The plan is total domination and control of the entire world by the Globalist. To the right is a picture of the new North American union “FLAG.” THIS IS REAL. If you do not understand Globalism and how the Globalist are going to take over and rule the world then you have been blinded.


Dear friend, please take what I am writing here most seriously. God is real, Satan is real, and Sin is real. God has told us in His word through Prophecy, exactly what is going to happen. Why is America NOT mentioned in all of end times prophecy, when other nations are? There are only 2 answers to this question. First, America is sold into the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the United States no longer has that name. OR? Second, America no longer EXIST, and we have been wiped off the earth

Everything has already changed. Morality is bad and Immorality is good and accepted. Anything associated with God is not acceptable. Man has become his own “god.” Wokeism and Political Correctness rule supreme. Words and new meanings must have new definitions for a new modern progressive world under Globalism. You have the right to be any gender that you choose. If you want to self-identify as a dog or a cat that is your right. If you hold to or believe in traditional Values, then you are a Hater in society and need to be shut up or arrested for having an opinion different than their new norm. Just look around and see how it is legislated all across the world.

They push forward every day to RESET the world and bring in the 1 world government, 1 world Religion and the 1 world money system. This is exactly what God and His Word has told us to look for and is happening right now. Can you not see how wicked an evil this world is right now? Globalist will have their way and get what they want, the Bible tells us all about it. He will be the worlds “SUPERMAN” who will take over and rule the world. He is called the Anti-Christ. Also known as “THE MAN OF SIN.” Satan in Flesh

Christians are not surprised because it is exactly what God told us to look for in His Word. Christians are going home to heaven very soon according to God’s Word, in the Rapture of the Church. I have to ask if you are a Christian and will be going? Or will you still be here on earth to face the worst time in mankind’s history when the Anti-Christ takes over the entire world. It is called the 7-year Tribulation and over 50% of everyone on earth will DIE. It will be hell on earth.

If you choose to stay here on earth, then get ready to suffer as you never dreamed you will. But you do not have to it will be by your own choice. God himself, provided a way for you to be saved from this and escape all that will come upon the earth. God provided the ultimate sacrifice for SIN. We have all sinned and have done, thought, or said wrong things. (Romans 3:23, Romans 6:23). Sin must be punished, and God sent his only begotten son Jesus, to pay for everyone’s sins, so He would not have to condemn us for sin.  Jesus took our place as our substitute and died on a horrible cross to pay for OUR SINS.                                                                                                                                                 

Jesus Christ did that for you and me and every human. He bought Salvation for everyone who will recognize and accept this fact. Your choice is heaven with Christ or hell with Satan. There is no other choice. America and the world are drunk with power and sin. You do not have to be. Romans 10:13 “FOR WHO SO EVER SHALL CALL (ASK) UPON THE NAME OF THE LORD SHALL BE SAVED.” It is that simple. Will you lift your head and heart to heaven and ask God to forgive you and accept Jesus’ payment for all sin? Believe and Receive Christ as your own personal Savior. John 3:16. If you have asked and received Christ forgiveness, please let me know so I can rejoice with you. 

Your thoughts, opinions and comments are welcome so leave them below in the comment section below. RAY


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