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Are you Hungry For Love? I have a question for you. If you had to choose between food or love which one would you choose? If you could only have one, not both. I think you would say, ” I have to have food to live, so I have to choose Food. I cannot live long without food, but I could live without love.”                      first-romantic-dinner-wallpapers-1024x768

The human heart has a deep longing and hunger for love. The heart hungers for security, and significance. As I write this article, my desire is to show something we over look. I want to say, right now. “Love, hunger and food are all linked and tied together.” I think this will be fun and there will be humor included.

Do You Get Hungry For Food

Hunger is not just a matter of physical desire and cravings. Hunger is more than satisfying the stomach. We have area’s of the brain that control emotions, pleasures and rewards. It is also the appetite control center. Think of it this way. Each of us has a reward center. When you eat it also stimulate hormones in the brain.

The hypothalamus not only controls appetite, but it helps secrete hormones to various parts of the body. It controls the pituitary gland. This regulates hormones by controlling the adrenal glands, ovaries, testes and the thyroid gland. It regulates sleep, growth, emotions and sex drive.

What I am saying is, “Love and hunger process at the same place in the brain. They are human desires within us. Hunger and love are regulated in our brain at the same pleasure and reward centers. With Love and hunger, hormones and chemical processes go crazy until they are satisfied.”

Have you ever noticed that we use many of the same terms for Love and Food? Apply these to both, love and food. Healthy Unhealthy. Good and bad. HUNGER, desire, craving, control, habits, happiness, joy, pain and many more. We have five physical senses. Sight, touch, taste, smell and hearing. Do these relate to love and food? YES!

Our society has gone crazy with food and diets. You must eat the right food. Eat healthy food. Low fat, sugar is a No No. Watch out for the foods with extra ingredients and addictive substances. Growth hormones now injected into our meat is bad. Junk foods make you fat and other foods  make you skinny. Many eat too much, while many do not eat enough. Society says,”We all need diet pills or this weight loss program”. I have never seen anyone get Obese on love.

Love and food can have many of the same side effect on any person. Being sick, depressed, loss of appetite, overeating. Rejection, low self esteem, boredom, destructive behavior and withdraw. Both affect the physical and emotional. How many times have you heard someone say, “I love to eat.” So many people have a relationship with food, when they have no one else.

There Has To Be Food With Love

Food and love are connected. Just like a friend told me, “My last two relationships started with a Food Date. We met, ate together, talked and got to know each other.” We all have to eat, we have that hunger more than once a day. Why not do it together? We all share this. Why do so many gatherings include food or drink?

All relationships I have seen include food. Food is a connection and meets our human needs. We love to share it. We are all addicted to food. You may get rid of the one you loved, but you are in a permanent relationship with food. You and food, are life time partners. Food, leads to intimacy, fellowship, sharing and showing love.                                                                                                                                                                thCA6IX7E3 (Large)

The Romantic Dinner

I think romance and food go together. Of course we know romance is a big part of love. Why is there always the romantic dinners? You never hear about the romantic breakfast or romantic lunch? Just kidding. This event needs to be something SPECIAL. It needs to be memorable. It needs to show your love for the other person.

Romantic dinners can involve music, candlelight, great food. They can be held anywhere, indoor, outdoor, at home or just a special place. A lot depends on the couple and their relationship. If they are single or married. When a man plans a romantic dinner, then he needs to impress his woman. Here are a few suggestions for men that will help them have a successful romantic dinner.

1. Do not plan a romantic dinner at Mc Donalds or a fast food restaurant. You will have a real privacy issue. I am not sure if they would allow you light a candle or use a boom box. 2. Do not take her to a buffet for a romantic dinner. A buffet is for those who want to stuff themselves and eat like a pig. 3. If it says, “All you can eat”, Do not try and eat more than you did last time or try and break your old record.

4. Do not ask her to pay or leave the tip. Paying only for half of the meal is not romantic. 5. If you have stuffed yourself, do not ask for a Doggie bag. 6. Pay more attention to her than you do the food. 7. After finishing your meal do not use the words, FOOD COMA. This indicates you want to sleep. Not be with her.

Here are some additional tips, for my redneck male friends. 8. Do not show the lady how you can hunt, kill, dress and prepare what she is going to eat. You do not have to show your manhood. You need to impress her with your sensitive side. This is not romantic. 9. Do not run out of Ketsup. 10. Do not take her for a romantic walk to the swamp with a flashlight.                                                                                       frog3

Sometimes a person is too hungry to be romantic. This happens with older married couples. At that point, a romantic dinner can be prepared in the microwave in two minutes. The love of food, will prevail over romance. I hope these tips will be beneficial. I hope you are laughing right now. I wanted to make you laugh.

Real romantic dinners will involve showing the other person how special they are. It’s loving communication and sharing together. The most important thing you can give to anyone is, your own personal attention.. Men if your woman spends hours in the kitchen cooking for you, she did it because of love. Do not come home and say, “I am not hungry.”

Make preparation for a romantic dinner or outing. Sometimes a surprise works well. Plan your location, the menu, appetizers, drinks and main course. Dessert is optional. Choose your lighting and any music. It often helps to have a surprise gift. Most importantly, give yourself. Romance is a large part of love. Be successful with romance.


Are you hungry for love? This is part of our physical and emotional structure. Within our brain there is a pleasure and reward center. It is the same for love and food. Hunger for love is as natural as hunger for food. And they are connected together. I hope this article helps us to appreciate the simplicity of our hungers and desires. I hope the humor gave you a good laugh.

Your thoughts, opinions and comments are welcome. Just leave them here. If I can help you then let me know.

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  1. Claire

    Hi Ray, you make some very interesting points here. So many relationships centre around food and eating – meeting a friend for cake and coffee – Sunday lunch at your parents’ – business dinners – etc., etc. Food is a powerful connection between us all.
    I like your tips for a romantic dinner too – made ma laugh, can’t believe someone might think a walk down to a swamp would be romantic! 😉

  2. Ray

    Thank you Claire for the comment. Love and food are connected, but most people do not realize it. I am glad you got a good laugh also. Come back anytime.

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