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This article is called, “WHAT IS THE MEANING OF YOUR LIFE? I have to start by saying this is a very deep topic and I do not know if I can fully explain it. But I will try and truly hope that I can shed some meaning of the article. I want to start with some kind of definition of the word meaning. Websters Dictionary says, “conveying , intended to convey meaningSIGNIFICANTMEANINGFUL

2.Something meant or intended. 3. significant quality. 4.The internet says, “Expressing the relationship between a scale or measure and a value: 5. Indicating an association between two entities, typically one of belonging: Since this article is called what is the meaning of your life, I believe it needs to say, what is the meaning of your “EXISTENCE?” I want to look at different sources to get better understanding so I will give the source and quote them. 


BY DEVON FRYE: “Age, routines, and a sense of purpose may help foster the belief that life means something. A sense that life has meaning doesn’t just offer philosophical benefit; it’s also tied to improved physical and mental health. What factors, apart from close relationships and personal accomplishments, foster a belief in a meaningful life? Three recent studies highlight some potential mechanisms of meaning.

What really matters? Researchers who study meaning in life have broken the concept into three facets: coherence (the feeling that life makes sense), purpose (having and working toward goals), and mattering (the sense that one’s life has value and makes a difference). University of Sussex psychologist Vlad Costin argues the last factor, mattering, may be the most crucial. Though it wasn’t known why participants felt their lives mattered, Costin thinks that it could have resulted from their “believing in God, contributing to others, or leaving some form of legacy.”


BY AKASH GUPTA: “Life is essential for a flourishing ecosystem. Wherever there is life, there has to be a healthy ecosystem, conducive of growth. In the essays below we will go through different aspects of life, looking at it from different perspectives. 1) Human life is significant and precious. 2) One should spend his life in good deeds. 3) Human life is full of opportunities. 4) Every life has a specific purpose on this Earth. 5) Life becomes beautiful when you help others. 6) Life is a precious and beautiful gift given by God. 7) Every human has a different life. 8) Life is also a good teacher that teaches us real values. 9) Making life meaningful relies on our hands. 10) Life is full of happiness, sorrow, laughter, pain, success, failure, etc.

Why is Life Important? Each and every life is important and interlinked with each other. Every species, be it humans, animals, or birds, serve their purpose in this world and impact each other, either directly or indirectly. Even if one tiny species is extinguished from this planet, it affects others as well. If deer is gone so would the tiger, initiating a chain process that would make the planet lifeless one day. Conclusion: It is therefore in the best interest of all of us to value all life forms and consider each one an important asset of the planet and long to protect it.


Here is a quote from wikipedia: “

The meaning of life pertains to the significance of living or existence in general. Many other related questions include: “Why are we here?”, “What is life all about?”, or “What is the purpose of existence?” There have been many proposed answers to these questions from many different cultural and ideological backgrounds. The search for life’s meaning has produced much philosophical, scientific, theological, and metaphysical speculation throughout history. Different people and cultures believe different things for the answer to this question.

The meaning of life can be derived from philosophical and religious contemplation of, and scientific inquiries about, existence, social ties, consciousness, and happiness. Many other issues are also involved, such as symbolic meaning, ontology, value, purpose, ethics, good and evil, free will, the soul, and the afterlife. Scientific contributions focus primarily on describing related empirical facts about the universe, exploring the context and parameters concerning the “how” of life. Science also studies and can provide recommendations for the pursuit of well-being and a related conception of morality. An alternative, humanistic approach poses the question, “What is the meaning of my life?” 

Here is the link to the Wikipedia article. They are pretty through in their site. But they do present “WHAT IS THE MEANING OF YOUR LIFE” From various perspectives. What I have written above shows the view of Psychology and the view of “EARTHERS” from Essay-Banyan. These are totally opposite, and I do hope you noticed they both left out “GOD.” I do hope in what I posted about Wikipedia here: “The existence of one or multiple gods, conceptions of God.”


Please understand why I have written this article this way. What does mankind believe and worship? You have the humanist god, the god of science, the god of Philosophy, the god of Psychology, the god of Religions, the mythical gods and many, many more. And there is the belief system that says, “ALL GODS ARE TRUE AND EQUAL, AND ALL BELIEF SYSTEMS OF ALL SO-CALLED “gods” ARE TRUE AND EQUAL. That was the problem of the original sinner, Lucifer. His pride and ego told him that he was equal with God, so he would take over heaven. He wanted his own power and glory to rule. God said, Isaiah 42:8 “I am the LORD: that is my name: and my glory will I not give to another, neither my praise to graven images.”

Dear Reader. those are ALL false Religions, that will lead you into hell for all eternity. There is only one true God, and He is the creator of everything and heaven and earth. He is also the author of the truth and the true word, THE BIBLE. Biblical Prophecy alone proves the God of the Bible and Creator.

None of the other false Religions deal with the “SIN ISSUE.” None of the gods of the false Religions gave his only begotten son, JESUS CHRIST, to deal with the sin issue and pay the debt of sin for all mankind, so our relationship and fellowship could be restored with God the Father-AMEN.

If you want to know the real meaning of your life, you will only find it from Gods Word, and the one who created you. In our wicked evil world that we live in, there are new humanistic Bibles being written. I truly expect to see where the next starts with the first chapter called “the beginning” and the first verse will say, “In the beginning Man created god in his own image.” (HUMANISM AND THE DOCTRINE PUSHED TODAY BY THE GLOBALIST IS HUMAN RIGHTS). 

NEVER ASSUME SOMEONE IS A CHRISTIAN JUST BECAUSE THEY SAY SO. ASK, “WHAT MADE YOU A CHRISTIAN? There are denominations that claim they are Christians when they are not. I have waited this who article to write this: “what is the meaning of your whole life?” “To know God personally through Jesus Christ, and the meaning of life according to the Bible is to know God, who is the author of life, and to have a relationship with Him through Jesus Christ, who promises salvation and eternal life. Life is not based on worldly things, but on God’s purpose, plan, and gifts for His creation. Life is also about experiencing God’s beauty, miracles, and anointing, and serving Him and others. This link will help you understand about the real meaning of life.


Can you just imagine the rewards and benefits that we will receive in heaven and throughout all eternity? WOW. With everything that is happening here on earth it is not an easy life. But it is all worth it, THIS IS OUR ETERNAL LIFE AND HOPE. If you are not a Christian and have never been saved by the grace of God then you need to be. We are truly living in the last days just as the Bible says. Christians are going home soon in the Rapture of the church-we are there. Those left behind will face the Devil and his rule here on earth during the 7-year tribulation. 

God did not make Salvation hard; it is offered to everyone freely. But it cost the very life and blood of Jesus Christ to pay for sin and forgiveness.

Here is the real problem with humans and God, so please understand this. Isaiah 59:2 “But your iniquities have separated between you and your God, and your sins have hid his face from you, that he will not hear.” I promise you people begging for forgiveness in hell, understand this. Luke 16:19-31 tells us how those in hell do look into heaven and see everything they missed and that also will be eternal.

What is there in this life is so important that it keeps you away from God and eternal bliss and Salvation? Please think of that. Since our creation, from Genesis chapter 3, the problem has always been about the SIN issue. God Himself took care of the SIN issue Himself by providing the payment and sacrifice of his only begotten son JESUS to die and pay for “OUR SINS.” God accepted that payment for all sin for everyone who would accept Jesus payment. Jesus restored our relationship with God through His own death and sacrifice of His own blood. Your choice is simple: “ACCEPT OR REJECT GODS’ FORGIVENESS OF OUR SINS.” John 3:16

Romans 10:13 “For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.” That means call on God for forgiveness (ASK). Do you realize how much you truly need a Savior? God will save you from sin, self, Satan and hell. He will give you an eternal home in heaven. I ask you to turn to God. Jesus said in John 6:37 “THAT ANYONE WHO COMES TO HIM WILL NEVER BE REJECTED.” ARE YOU WILLING? THIS IS YOUR CHOICE AND DECISION. I WOULD DO IT NOW. 

If you truly come to God and Christ for forgiveness, I would be glad if you would share it here so I can rejoice with you. Your thoughts, opinions and comments are welcome so leave them below in the comment section. RAY


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