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This article is called the snake and the saw. I guess it is a weird title for an article, but I believe it fits. I ran across this picture, and it had a paragraph about it. I will post the paragraph now so here is what it says: “There was a snake that crawled over a sharp saw and was cut. In anger the snake wrapped the saw with its thick body and proceeded to squeeze the life out of the saw.

With each angry squeeze it felt more pain but continued because it wasn’t going to let the saw get away with the pain it caused it. The snake, refusing to let go of the saw, eventually died; not knowing the whole time, he needed to let go of the initial pain and focus on its future and where it was going. Instead, the snake unfortunately lost its life and didn’t even see it coming.
Control your anger, forgive those that hurt you, and don’t give people or things power over you. It can eventually kill you.
— with Pat Umstead.  Posted by,
Teresa Kay Lawrence on Facebook. I find a lot of truth in this picture and paragraph. 


I recently wrote another article about “SELF DESTRUCTION OF ALL DIFFERENT CULTURES AND SOCIETIES OF THE PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE.” I believe this picture is a great example of it. Just look at our present “EVIL WORLD” that we live in. Have you ever heard the old saying, “Does history repeat itself?” The answer to that question is “ABSOLUTELY.” Why is that? “Because every human that has ever lived and been born, has had a sinful human nature. This is true in every culture or society that has ever existed.” In our modern Era, it is just more advanced and more high-tech, than pervious societies. In addition, there is more freedom to be as immoral as you want to. 

Proverbs 14:12 “There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, But the end thereof are the ways of death.” We live in a “world culture” that has adopted “WOKENESS AND POLITICAL CORRECTNESS,” as their new standard, and way of life. So-called Human Rights supersedes any law, in any nation. Just look or ask the World Economic Forum, Globalist, United Nations, the World Health Organization, and they will gladly verify this. Countries Laws, standards, Constitutions and way of life are no longer VALID in any country and must be replaced. In their eyes, the only right that you possess, is the right to submit to them and obey them. 


Churches are starving Spiritually, while Overdosing on Entertainment and Experiences. This is their new Addiction. I believe it is possible for people to become so obsessed that it can turn into and addiction, that affects your behavior. There are other addictions besides chemical addictions. I believe there are “RELIGIOUS ADDICTIONS” but they are based on a persons own “WORKS AND EMOTIONS.” Ever hear some say, “That person is a Religious Fanatic?” Many times compulsive behavior will follow. Got to do it, got to have it, I need a new HIGH. I have heard over and over many religious people say this. “Let me tell you what I have experienced? Their religious experience becomes the central element in their life, and they believe it is all about “SPIRITUALITY.” They will tell you, “I could not deny it, even if I wanted too.”

Dear Reader, Satan himself will give you many religious experiences to keep you away from the Gospel Truth of the Lord Jesus Christ. There are denominations that major on religious experiences. They seek the powerful experiences that puts themselves out of control. You just have to let go, and let it take you over. They seek the Miraculous and Supernatural gifts that the early Church had, but no longer exist. I would love to see many peoples worship of God based upon God’s Word, rather then some religious experience that has become their obsession or addiction. And they will tell you, “IF THE APOSTLES DID, IT THEN WE CAN DO IT ALSO.”


Is there such a thing in believing you are doing God’s Will? I want to give you a link to look at that will describes examples of compulsion and toxic faith. Let me explain something to you and please feel free to check this out for yourself. There are 27 books in the New Testament. The Apostle Paul wrote HALF of the New Testament himself. In 26 of those 27 books, all 26 of them warns us about False teachers, False doctrines, and False Gospels which are not a Gospel of Jesus Christ. THIS IS NOT THERE IN THESE 26 BOOKS BY ACCIDENT.


Anyone who know the Bible knows that Satan has appeared as a Snake and is always ready to kill you if he can, with False doctrine and a False religion. I am sure someone reading this will think that I am very hard on people, churches or denominations. That is not true, in reality it is the opposite. Turn on your television or go on the internet. You will find so many false teachers, with false doctrines pushing false gospels. Pushing everything but the true Gospel of Jesus Christ, that will give you Salvation and a home in Heaven forever. Too many churches have evolved into a Circus and entertainment only. So called Pastors preaching on how to become rich like them. How to become super Spiritual, like them. How all Religions are true and equal (NOPE). False doctrine and FAKE GOSPELS.

People SWALLOW the POISON these SNAKES put out for them. These SNAKES and their POISON will KILL YOU SPIRITUALLY and send you to HELL, NOT HEAVEN. Read what Jesus said to the Religious leaders of His day. Matthew 12:34-37 King James Version, “OH generation of vipers, how can ye, being evil, speak good things? for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh. 35 A good man out of the good treasure of the heart bringeth forth good things: and an evil man out of the evil treasure bringeth forth evil things.” These were the leaders and religious rulers of His day. 

False Religions, No Church, No Denomination and No Organization can Save Your Soul and Spirit and give you a home in Heaven. Only the Gospel of Jesus Christ can do that. You cannot even spell Christian without CHRIST. Here is what will give you TRUE SALVATION

Isaiah 59:2 “ But your iniquities have separated between you and your God, and your sins have hid his face from you, that he will not hear.” Sin separated us from God all the way back in the garden of Eden with our Original Parents. We lost our relationship with God. Scroll back up and look at who God is and you will understand why He will never accept Sin. Jesus came to earth to pay the price for our sin, and pay for our forgiveness with the Father. You really do have a choice, it yours. WHO DO YOU CHOSE AS YOUR FATHER AND WHO WILL YOU FOLLOW?

If you are not a Christian and have not received God’s forgiveness and Salvation, I would not wait one more minute to become God’s child and have my relationship and fellowship restored with Him. I would be so glad to have my sins forgiven and cleansed. Are you willing to put your faith and trust in Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior?

Realize that Jesus took your place as your substitute and paid for ALL OF YOUR SINS. Bow your HEART and ask God for forgiveness and salvation, and God will instantly SAVE YOU AND CHANGE YOU INSIDE. Romans 10:13 “13 For whosoever shall call (ASK) upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.” It is all yours for the asking. It is Gods free GIFT to you, but it cost Jesus everything for you.

If you just prayed and received Jesus Christ as you own personal Savior, then let me know in the comment section, so I can rejoice with you. Your thoughts, opinions and comments are welcome so leave them below. RAY


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