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This article is called The Disposable Society. Let’s first look at what disposable is. Dictionary .com says, adjective: designed for or capable of being thrown away after being used or used up: disposable plastic spoons; a disposable cigarette for use; available: Every disposable vehicle was sent. noun something disposable after a single use, as a paper cup, plate, or napkin.”

Merriam-Webster Dictionary says this: “The power or authority to make use of as one chooses: the power or authority to dispose of something The car was at my disposal.2the act or process of disposing of: such as aorderly placement or distribution he disposal of troops along the ridge. b: Regulation Administration.

cthe act or action of presenting or bestowing something disposal of favors the disposal of property

dsystematic destruction especiallydestruction or transformation of garbage trash disposal the disposal of nuclear waste.3[garbage disposal unit]a device used to reduce waste matter (as by grinding)putting food scraps down the disposal.”

I have 75 articles here on my website that I have written. The article that I always get the most comments about is called, “Have you ever been thrown away like Garbage?” (You may want to read that article as well) Using the above terms, nouns and adjectives, “DOES IT IDENTIFY AND SHOW HOW YOU FEEL ABOUT BEING DISPOSED OF?”


Psalm 104:89 “Forever, O Lord, thy WORD is settled in heaven. 94 I am thine, save me: for I have sought thy precepts. 95 The wicked have waited for me to destroy me: but I will consider thy testimonies.” I am truly amazed at the number of “SO-CALLED DIFFERENT BIBLES,” Using progressive definitions and meanings. Many of these bibles take out what they deem hate speech and racism by God. Major doctrines of the bible are taken out, including salvation and crucial doctrines, or they are replaced and redefined.

Do you realize there are now more new dictionaries published and in use than ever before? Why is that? The newer dictionaries have NEW PROGRESSIVE DEFINITIONS AND NEW MEANINGS. You must keep up with the new Progressive Society. Old words and definitions must be “DISPOSED OF” to make room for the new definitions and meanings. In other words, “Your thinking and thought process (your belief system) must be updated, to conform to the new norm or standard.

Now let’s get a little history about the famous PC, What exactly is political correctness. (PC)? Political correctness (PC), the term used to refer to language that seems intended to give the least amount of offense, especially when describing groups identified by external markers such as race, gender, culture, or sexual orientation. political correctness (PC) | Definition by, Now here is the real problem, it was invented as “PROPAGANDA BY CULTURAL MARXIST AND COMMUNIST IN GERMANY. I plainly state that I am NOT Politically Correct and never will be.

The next thing you must consider is “ALL THE PHOBIA” they call you today. In my research I have discovered there are over 100 Phobia’s today, and I am not going to list them. Simply put if you “HAVE A DISLIKE of what someone does or dislike what a group does then they have all the phobia names to throw at you. One example would be “homophobia.” In other words, if you disagree with homosexuality and their lifestyle then they want to call you Homophobic. In today’s society, you are not allowed to have any opinion contrary to the liberals or immoral Politically Correct believers.                                                               

Now here is my problem with all of this. All of these are used to try and change and control society, into what a new Progressive Society can dispose of all moral, legal, political, and ethical behavior in our society. They are also trying to include the Bill of Rights and the Constitution of the United States as being radical and hate speech. These people also propagate that the Bible, God, and Christians use nothing but hate speech. Their real goal is to try and justify their IMMORAL LIFESTYLE and demand it as a “HUMAN RIGHT. Only “THEIR HUMAN RIGHTS MATTER,” NO ONE ELSE. Here is my humble opinion. “IF GOD SAYS SOMETHING IS RIGHT, THEN IT IS RIGHT. IF GOD SAYS SOMETHING IS WRONG, THEN IT IS WRONG–END OF STORY.” I care not what anyone else calls me or classifies me.


PROVERBS 14:12 KJV “There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof [are] the ways of death.”I do not like it when the Politically Correct, Phobia crowd curses God, calls Him vulgar names, and hates Him. But I am smart enough to know and understand that they will stand before Him on Judgement day. God is very able to defend Himself and He will. Then we will see how they curse Him and what they call Him. You see, the Bible, God, and Christianity must be disposed of or re-defined (according to their terms) to make individuals and society feel good about themselves. “OFFENSIVE WORDS” in the Bible and believed by Christians, must be banned. The PC/Phobia crowd makes themselves God’s judge and the judge of all Christians. They set about to judge God and Christians by their own man-made immoral standards. (HATE SPEECH AND RACIST ARE THEIR 2 FAVORITE WORDS). God and Christian norms, standards, values, and ethics must be disposed of. This PC/Phobia crowd does not recognize God’s authority over His creation nor any governmental authority. The PC/Phobia crowd is a new authority.

Here is the Philosophy of Progressive Christianity. They bend the Word of God to fit the will of sinners. The Bible is NOT Politically Correct, but they want the Bible to conform to their doctrine. So what do they really think? “Maybe God had a really bad day, or He had a headache. He did not feel good, God was frustrated for some reason. (It happens to all of us you know). God became angry and vented out his frustration with mankind, by throwing out a bunch of threats of judgments, that He really did not mean.” That sounds about normal for a Progressive.

Go back up and read the definition and meaning of the word “DISPOSAL.” This PC/Phobia crowd has their own religion of immorality. Other religions are acceptable to them because they say there are many “gods.” Now here is a funny one. You can say the word, god, today and it is accepted, but if you say the word “JESUS” then all hell breaks loose, and the PC/Phobia crowd goes totally crazy and foams at the mouth. WHY? BECAUSE YOU JUST IDENTIFIED THE CREATOR AND GOD OF THE BIBLE. AND YOU JUST IDENTIFIED THE ONE WHO WILL JUDGE THEM.


Judges 21:25 “In those days there was no king in Israel: every man did that which was right in his own eyes.” Another translation says “Everyone did that which he saw fit to do.” I have to start by asking a few questions. How many millionaires are there in Congress? The answer is 50%. So how did they become millionaires on a yearly salary of $174,000 a year? Have you ever heard that 1% of Americans are millionaires? So, which one is true. ANSWER: BOTH ARE TRUE. The 1% are regular American citizens and 50% are those members of Congress. Now 2/3 of that 50% are Democrats and career politicians. So how did they become millionaires on their salary? (IRS DATA RECORDS). Can you say they are bought and paid for by “BIG PHARMA AND BY BILLIONAIRES” to push the agenda and pass laws that profit billionaires like George Soros and Bill Gates. These career politicians who love the prestige and power lie, cheat, and steal to stay in office. If you think they care about you, then you have deceived yourself.

Do you realize that ALL those in Congress get FREE total healthcare for themselves and their families? Do you realize that family members of those in congress get FREE COLLEGE paid for by us? Do you realize any person who is elected to Congress for “1 term” can retire with full retirement benefits? It must be nice to be elected for a 2 or 4-year term then retire for life with full retirement benefits. Why would anyone run for President of the United States, raise and spend millions and millions of dollars for a job that pays $400,000 a year? THANK GOD WE HAVE A DECENT PRESIDENT WHO DOES NOT TAKE HIS SALARY AND CANNOT BE BOUGHT.

The Democrats hold the majority in Congress right now and they have passed EVERY IMMORAL LAW THEY CAN-THAT IS A FACT. They are liars, thieves, and crooks with one scandal after another. ALL    MAINSTREAM MEDIA (6 major corporations) are owned by Globalist. The media is owned by billionaires and push their own agenda of lies and Globalism. MONEY, CONTROL, AND POWER are all they care about. There are a few in Congress who do care about America and the American people. And those few happen to be Republicans. The general attitude in Congress is that they are only responsible to themselves. They will openly state that they run the country. THEY ARE ONLY ACCOUNTABLE TO THOSE WHO PAY THEM THE MOST.

Did you know that Congress has a multi-million dollar “SLUSH FUND” (American tax dollars) just for the purpose of paying off members of Congress sexual affairs they are having? IT IS CALLED HUSH MONEY” to keep their sexual affairs quiet and private from the public and media. This is a fact and I have previously written about it. If you doubt what I am saying, look it up for yourself. Now you have the PC/Phobia crowd and members of Congress (Democrats) paying for and endorsing them. You have members of Congress walking in BLM (Black lives Matter) and Antifa protest while they loot, riot, burn down homes, business, whole cities, and killing police officers, and innocent men, women, and children.

DEMOCRATS ARE PUSHING THE PC/PHOBIA AGENDA AND SUPPORT’S IT. Right now, Democrats are pushing legislation to give Pedophiles rights to have sex with children who are 6 years old., (MORE LGBTQ GARBAGE). They are supporting the Muslim agenda to take over America. THEY PASS EVERY IMMORAL AND ILLEGAL LEGISLATION THEY CAN, AND DEMAND MORE. Right now Democrats are DEMANDING THEY CONTROL THE COUNTRY AND TO DISSOLVE THE CONSTITUTION OF AMERICA. They like the Globalist, demand a NEW RESTART AND RESET OF THIS COUNTRY. The Democrats, Globalist, and PC/Phobia groups intend on and demand “THE DISPOSAL OF AMERICA and our Society. It is also sad to see liberal communist Governors and Mayors of cities pushing the same agenda.


I have written many articles here on my website detailing what Globalism is and their goals. Their goal is to take over the entire world and establish a 1 world government, 1 world money system, and a 1 world religion. But of course, the entire world will be run and controlled by them. So who are these Globalists and what are they like? I think Brandon Smith of Alt-Market gives a true description of these Globalist individuals. You will enjoy reading this.

Covid-19 is a real virus and can be spread. The worldwide Pandemic was and is “FAKE.” One week prior to the announcement of a Covid-19 Pandemic, they held “EVENT 201 at Johns Hopkins Hospital sponsored by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. In their simulation guess what virus they used? You got it Coronavirus. I have copies of the patent on coronavirus and Bill Gates’s name is on it. The W.H.O. (United Nations World Health Organization) instantly jumped in to take worldwide control of their fake “PLAN-DEMIC.

The Globalist liars, thieves, and crooks would not release the true origin of the Covid-19 virus and the timing. Simply put the W.H.O. covered China’s butt. Now you really need to understand this. China is a communist country, they have a dictator for life. Any Churches in China glorifies the State. Christians and pastors in China are arrested and sent off to hard labor camps. The only FREEDOMS citizens have in China are the freedoms the State allows you. Forced labor camps are commonplace in China. China runs off a credit score system for every citizen. Your credit score determines what you get to do in China.

China has millions of cameras everywhere, citizens are always spied on. China is the leader in human rights abuses in the world. Yet China was just elected this week to sit on the United Nations Human Rights Council. If you are wondering why? You have to realize that China is their “GLOBALISTS MODEL” for world domination. This is why the United Nations and Globalist overlook ANYTHING China does, Then add to this the millions of dollars China donates to the United Nations every year. The Pandemic scare caused many countries to immediately call for a 1 world government to handle this deadly coronavirus. (This is what the United Nations, W.H.O., and Globalists wanted). For the first time in history, 90% of the entire world was quarantined and locked down. If you think I am making all of this up then you really need to click on this link and see China’s tightrope over coronavirus.

Globalists experts instantly came on the scene to help terrorize the earth’s population. Travel was banned and they established what was and what was not “essential services” Social distancing was implemented and mandatory mask-wearing was also. And as expected, Churches were shut down, even church services in homes. Then the world was told, “THIS IS THE NEW NORMAL. AND THE WORLD WAS NEVER GOING BACK TO THE OLD NORMAL.” What was and is their main goal? “TOTAL CONTROL AND WORLD DOMINATION. This pandemic scare crashed the economies of many nations worldwide. Millions of small businesses went out of business due to being shut down for months. The Globalists want every countries economy to crash so they can easily take over.                                                                                   

If you know anything about Globalism and the Globalists, then you should know what is their goal of domination under their Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030. They use the PC term called “SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT.” I have watched the United Nations video’s where they plainly say these will be instituted worldwide and how it is mandatory. They further state that ALL nations will comply, even if they have to send in United Nations Troops to enforce it. YES, THE UNITED NATIONS AND GLOBALIST GOAL IS TO DISPOSE OF EVERY COUNTRY ON THE PLANET, DIVIDE UP THE WHOLE WORLD INTO 10 SECTIONS, THEN RESTART OR RESET THEIR NEW SYSTEM OF A NEW WORLD ORDER.


Would it surprise you to know that God told us all about this? Would it surprise you to learn that God told us exactly what to look for and recognize? WELL, HE DID. Matthew chapter 24, Revelation chapter 6-19. II Timothy chapter 3, Romans chapter 1, and many other chapters in the Bible. Yes, God told us and it will happen just as He said. But God never said we had to like it. You need to understand “THE BEAST SYSTEM” is being set up right now as we speak. This entire system will be handed over to the antichrist during the 7 year Tribulation period coming on the earth very soon.

Many scholars wonder why the United States is not mentioned or identified during the 7 year tribulation period. It is possible that the United States has been “DISPOSED OF” or ABSORBED into the 1 world government/New World Order.

The United States has been the most blessed country on earth. It is known as the beacon of freedom to the entire world. America has the greatest economy on earth. Its military might is unequaled. The United States protects many other countries on earth. Here is a theory I wonder about. Why does the United Nations and Globalist choose to dispose of America first? “IF YOU DISPOSE OF THE BIG DOG THEN THE LITTLE DOGS ARE UNPROTECTED, AND CAN EASILY BE DISPOSED OF ALSO.”

The United States was founded upon Biblical Principles and so is our justice system. Christianity is the enemy of the satanic 1 world government and New World Order. There have actually been proposals in Congress to outlaw and ban Christianity by the PC/Phobia crowd, who classify the Bible and God’s Word as Racist, bigoted, and hate speech. God blesses His children (Christians) but God is removing his hand of protection from our country. If you study history and every major empire and civilization, you will find out how each one fell when they discarded God. Galatians 6:7 “Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.”

They all had 1 thing in common that led to their fall–“TOTAL IMMORALITY.” Search your Bible and see what brought God’s judgment and captivity to even His chosen people the Jews. America has become a so-called progressive society.  No one is ashamed of their sin or immorality, to the contrary, they are proud of it and flaunt it. Then they wave “THEIR FLAG” to prove it and celebrate it. I really think they forget what happened to SODOM AND GOMORRAH. But all the while they burn the Flag that gives them the freedom to do so.

I love my country and I hate to see its downfall, but God told us to look for it and it is here. We are very close to the 7-year tribulation and the beast system is progressing fast. Christianity is right now the most hated and persecuted religion in the world. (Check my other articles about this). The good news is that we Christians are going home soon in the Rapture of the church, we know the Rapture takes place before the Tribulation. My question is, “WILL YOU BE IN THE RAPTURE OR WILL YOU BE LEFT BEHIND HERE ON EARTH? If you are not ready to meet the Lord in the Rapture then get ready for the worst time in human history, hell on earth, and get ready to take the mark of the beast or die. Feel free to read the definitions again of the term Disposable Society. Consider this as Part 1 of a 2-part series. The second part and continuation is called “SHOW ME THE MONEY.”

PLEASE WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW. Your thoughts, opinions, and comments are welcome so leave them below.   RAY

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