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This article is called “Satan-Deception and Sin.” do you like a deal or a real deal? A good deal with a good price is always good, correct. We call that a bargain. Or many love to shop on the reduced rack. When someone finds a really, really great deal, other will say, “That was a steal.” I cannot believe you got that for just $$$$$$. Then there are the really HOT DEALS on black Friday, where you shop for Christmas and Holiday deals. Now, the internet fights for business, buyers and suppliers. Buying and selling is a primary function in billions of people’s lives. It is all very high-tech. 

Let’s all face it, people love to save money and find a great deal on something. Or they just have to have this or that. Especially if everyone else has one. Why is it that if you do not have the best or the most recent gadget then you feel inferior? If you do not have the latest or most expensive then you have fallen behind socially, and EGOTISTICALLY. This also applies to the latest clothing, Cell phones, automobiles, houses and so many other material things in this life.

Then you have the fast food. Who does not love to eat? YUM, YUM. Hamburgers, hot dogs, steak biscuits. buy one get one free. Then there are senior discounts. You receive coupon’s through the mail for discounts. Then there are the new car dealerships. New must be better and looks better. Of course, it is more dependable. Dealerships love to see WOMEN coming because they think women are not mechanically inclined and are gullible and stupid about cars.

They always have a special for women. Let’s tack on lots of extra’s that they really do not need. Like a donut tire for a spare and no car jack in case they have a flat. Their own special financing system will be twice as much as you own personal banking or credit union. Limited warranty, but they will sell you an extended warranty. With used car dealers there are no warranties. “AS IS.” I once borrowed money to get a great deal on a used car, according to the used car lot. Paid the money picked up the car and left. I got 7 miles down the road and the motor blew up. Called them back and told them what happened, and they said, “Sorry it is your baby, you bought it “AS IS.” No joke. 


When it seems too good to be true it generally is. Here is a fact. When it comes to buying and selling there is so much “DECEPTION” in this world. I think every human could honestly say, sometime in their buying transactions, they have been cheated and deceived. There are many terms for that. Someone will say, “Well, that is just how business works.” Some win some lose. No for the majority it is personal for them, it’s not just business, it affects their life. It is a personal loss. I have just laid the foundation for this article, and wanted to show every person the concept they can personally understand, by their own experiences. I want to talk about the FIRST “ORIGINAL SALESMAN.” He was a professional. 

His name is Satan. According to the Bible he was the most powerful, super intelligent angel God ever created. The Bible calls him the father of all lies, and a murderer from the beginning. (John 8:44). And the Bibles says over 35 times that he is the great deceiver. His best tool has always been “DECEPTION.” If you do not know what happened in the actual event after Gods creation of everything then please go read Genesis Chapter 3. Let me say here Genesis Chapter 3 is Truth and Fact. I will never try and change any meaning of God’s Word and there is a warning in Revelation about adding too or taking away from Gods Word

Have you ever ordered something by mail or on the internet? It looks good in the pictures and comes with a discount or special price. You are excited and you finally get it. You open it to find out it is not what you really wanted or is a fake? You were lied to and deceived, and now you are stuck with it and there is no warranty, and you cannot send it back. Boy did they lie to you and cheat you. That is Satan and how he operates. He deals in fake and false promises. He wants to make everything look so good. Bye the way, he is also the “ORIGINAL SINNER.” His eternal goal is to keep you a sinner and keep you away from God.


God let us know what we needed to know in His Word. Satan will always change words so that you will never have to change your ways. Satan will also change the name of sin and its meaning. Just look at political correctness today in this world. As I stated above, Satan’s best tool has always been “DECEPTION” and is still used today. What did Satan offer our original parents Adam and Eve? Lies and Deception. He wanted to discredit God; he lied on God.

You do wonder did he tell them that he knew God for years and dealth with Him before? We do know what Satan offered them. SATAN WAS SAYING, “I WILL OFFER YOU SOMETHING THAT GOD WILL NOT OFFER YOU. ” Satan was saying, God wants to limit and control you? I will not do that. What I offer you will be better. You will be like “gods.” In modern day language Satan was selling them a lemon. Satan had a counterfeit offer. He lied and hid the fact that his offer was the destruction of mankind, with sin and death.

You wonder if Adam and Eve had never seen a snake before? The Bible says Adam personally named every creature; I think we can assume he had also named the snake. But this snake talked, and God cursed the snake for lending its body to Satan. Never forget, Satan was the “original sinner.” Sin entered into this world from Satan. I want you to understand that Satan will give you a fake deal’s, he always has. False accusations, False hope, “FALSE EVERYTHING.” He is not just a liar and a thief, but he is world’s biggest SCAMMER. 

God says in I John 2:16, “ For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world.” This is all that Satan has to offer and hell with it. All that glitters is not gold. Satan manipulates your free will and says, “DEAL OR NO DEAL? Why do humans never consider the “CONSEQUENCES” to their decisions? (THE FLESH).

I am going to keep stating this fact until the day I die. God has a standard that is based on His own perfection, He will never accept anything less. The real problem Between God and mankind is “THE SIN ISSUE, THAT STARTED ALL THE WAY BACK WITH ADAM AND EVE. Our original parents fell into Satan’s “DECEPTION.” This broke our relationship and fellowship with God the Father. God says, Isaiah 59:2 “But your iniquities have separated between you and your God, and your sins have hid his face from you, that he will not hear, (Y O U)” This is where we stand in this wicked evil world with God, BUT THERE IS SOME GOOD NEWS.

God said in Hebrews 8:12 “For I will be merciful to their unrighteousness, and their sins and their iniquities will I remember no more.” Dear Reder, that is total forgiveness from God for the asking and you would be foolish to reject that deal. Total forgiveness and eternal life with God-WOW.


I chose to write this article this way for a specific purpose, so here is the reason. I want people to be able to relate their own life experiences with the Bible, the Word of God. I spoke about buying and selling, food, automobile dealerships, Business and Salesmen, especially the crooked ones. You understand these concepts and you can definitely relate to them, Now, apply all of these concepts to the Bible. Understand, all of those concepts are already there, and always has been. I hope you can understand and relate them better from the Bible, Especially SATAN-SIN AND DECEPTION. Satan’s game plan is the same and has never changed, it has just got my high-tech in our world. 

Even today as it was in the Garden of Eden, Satan is still the original corrupt Sinner and Salesman. What he peddles and sales, will kill you and place you in hell with him. His goal is to “CON” the world, become the “god” of this world, to rule it and control it and you. All of the bargains and hot deals he will give you will be temporary and short lived. Again “DECEPTION” is his major tool to conquest.

Dear Reader, I ask one small favor of you. The next time you go to get dressed or brush your teeth. Take 30 seconds of your time and look in the mirror. Come back here and tell me, the person you see in the mirror, has never made a mistake, never messed up, never failed, never done anything wrong in the life. WE ALL KNOW BETTER THAN THAT. God calls that sin. Romans 3:23 “23 For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God;” Please understand 3 things. 1.We are the sinners. 2.Jesus is the Savior. 3. Jesus came to Save Sinners from” SIN.” That payment for sin by Jesus, was perfect and Satisfied a Holy God for us. It cost Jesus his very life, his blood and the destruction of his own body, on a wicked Roman cross, to pay for ALL sin for US. 

Romans 10:13 say, “For who so ever shall call on the name of the Lord, shall be saved.” Bow your heart and look up to heaven and (ASK) call upon God for His forgiveness. God will her that prayer and answer, He will forgive you for Jesus’ sake and make you a new person. Place your faith and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ for forgiveness.  If you truly prayed and received Gods eternal forgiveness, let me know so I may rejoice with you. 

Your thoughts, comments and opinions are welcome so leave them below in the comment section below. This concludes this article called Satan-Deception-and Sin. RAY

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