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This article is called, More Versions Of The Fake Jesus’. Consider this article a continuation of my previous article called, “Does Jesus Still Go To Church?” I feel “Chrstianity Today” is right on target with one of their post so here is part of what they had to say. “ARE YOU WORSHIPING A FAKE JESUS? You know the old saying: God created humans in his own image, and we have spent ages returning the favor. (Creating God in our own image).  How ironic that Jesus, who came to transform us, has so many followers intent on remaking him into a more congenial idol. At first we dressed him in a royal robe and placed a crown upon his head—before nailing him to a cross. Today we continue to downgrade the original Jesus into someone less threatening and demanding. You must take away the standard and authority of the real Jesus. Just re-claim total authority over your own life.

In The Original Jesus: Trading the Myths We Create for the Savior Who Is (Baker), Daniel Darling takes aim at a score of popular but fake saviors: “Guru Jesus,” “Red-Letter Jesus,” “Braveheart Jesus,” “Dr. Phil Jesus,” “Prosperity Jesus,” and more.  John Calvin. The Genevan Reformer said that idolatry is our root sin and that the human imagination is an idol factory. Millions say, “Hey, I really like worshiping that Jesus. That is it, I really like that Jesus so He is one I will pick.


Anyone setting out to correct the false, self-serving concept, of Jesus Christ, has got his work cut out.  It’s easy enough to knock down Joel Osteen’s Prosperity Jesusor the goofy, hairy-chested Braveheart Jesus. Jesus myths continue and thrive, like American Jesus or Post-Church Jesus. But, the original Jesus is set aside and replacedA favorite habit of liberal Christianity is to turn the living, LORD, the resurrected Jesus into some one who serves them.

 It’s painfully true, that people have attempted to cut Jesus down to size, making him into a self-help guru or using Him in our political causes. When politicians run for office does Jesus bring in votes for you? It is funny how Politicians get religious around election time. 

Jesus is not only the major subject of the Bible, He is also the agent of revelation. People who met the original Jesus were forced to ask, “Who is this?” From day one, ordinary people were plunged into complex thinking, because of what Jesus said and did. They weren’t simply presented with ready-made doctrinal truth. They already knew the law, but not the fulfiller of the law. 

 Is there really someone out there preaching that “Jesus is my buddy”? Is there the left wing Jesus or the right wing Jesus? (The democratic Jesus or the republican Jesus). There is a plague of fake Jesus’ stalking the world, and they need to be confronted head-on, with Gods’ Word. But who truly started the fake God movement all the way back in the Garden of Eden? Who set out to make God a liar?  But understand,  “Anyone claiming to possess the real, scriptural, certified Jesus, leaves himself open to fellow believers who are quick to counter, with their own version. Like,well, MY JESUS“…………

We live in a sinful, evil, wicked world today that wants to “HUMANIZE JESUS” and take away His “DIVINITY.” Jesus was God, is God, and always will be God. You cannot re-create Jesus into who you want Him to be. Maybe you should see my other article also called, “ITS TIME TO DELETE GOD.” In that article you will really see the total rebellion of the world against Jesus and God. It may also be time for me to write a new article called, “THE SATANIST JESUS,” (MESSIAH AND SAVIOR). I am sure this would please the world, and all other false religions.

Dear Reader, There are many people named Bob, Adam, John, Tom and thousands of other names. Each one is an individual person. Do not assume the name Jesus is the Jesus of the Bible or God. As this article shows, there are many Fake Jesus’ and His name is used for their own purpose, not God’s purpose. 

I am also very familiar with what is called: “THE NEW APOSTOLIC REFORMATION” who claim, “IF JESUS DID IT, THEN WE CAN DO IT.” well, Jesus was beaten, battered, bruised, and crucified on a Roman cross for everyone’s sins. I do not see any of these people doing this? No, they would be paying the consequences and penalty for their own sins. They are more false prophets, and fakes, who wants to manifest fake gifts they do not have. 


We all live in a world of sin, fakes and counterfeits, in every area of our life.  In this wicked evil world it is hard to tell the difference because it touches every area of our life and culture. The greatest “FAKE” of all time is already here on earth and will make his grand entrance at the start of the 7 year tribulation, after the rapture of the church. He will be Satan in flesh and called the antichrist. He will become the fake Messiah and fake Savior of the world. Revelation 13:3 tells us how he will “FAKE A DEADLY WOUND THEN COME BACK TO LIFE. Counterfeit Resurrection. The world will accept him and he will be the “god” of this world, and rule the world.

The most important thing you can ever know in this life is that you have a real personal relationship with the real Jesus Christ and he is the real Messiah and Savior of the world. Your eternal destination depends on this. The real God of the Bible and the sacrifice of Jesus for sin, and your forgiveness, gives you Eternal Salvation. Fake religions really do not deal with the “SIN ISSUE.” Understand that sin separated us from a Holy God and sin must be paid for. 

It is funny to see how the worlds fake new Jesus fits the bill of what the Globalists wants to take place. So called Ministers preach that Jesus came to deliver us from depression and poverty. They promote the doctrine that Jesus came to give us our best life and best world now. Jesus inspires us to change all of our social institutions. Reform churches, without hatred, greed or intolerance. And push forward human rights and make it supreme in your life.

The real gospel of Jesus Christ is not a set of instructions or a to-do-list.  Morality in so many churches has been thrown out, and immorality is totally acceptable and legislated by governments. Their church sign should read, “all are welcome, come on in and sin.”

The Apostle Paul said reject someone who preaches another Jesus. II Corinthians 11:4 “For if he that cometh preacheth another Jesus, whom we have not preached, or if ye receive another spirit, which ye have not received, or another gospel, which ye have not accepted, ye might well bear with him.” We are there right now, because the church world, has adopted a new “GAY JESUS, AND OTHER FAKE JESUS’.”

Dear Reader, here is the bottom line and truth in simple terms. You know every one of us has messed up, made mistakes and done thing we should not have. God tells us that is called sin.  1. Sin is a killer and separates us from God. 2. The wage (CONSEQUENCES) of sin is death Romans 3:23 (that is why we die). 3. Jesus took the punishment of our sins and paid the price for it. 4. Jesus is the Savior. 5. We are the sinners. 6.Jesus came to save sinners. 7. Romans 10:13 For who so ever shall (ASK) call on the name of the Lord, shall be saved. The resurrection of Jesus from the dead, was Gods stamp of approval that sin had been paid for.  If Jesus Christ is not your personal Lord and Savior, bow your heart right now, turn you heart to God, and ask for forgiveness and a new life, and you will have it. Only God’s version from the Bible will save you from hell and get you to heaven.

The real Jesus, the God of the Bible said, John 8:24 “I said therefore unto you, that ye shall die in your sins: for if ye believe not that I am he, (THE MESSIAH AND SAVIOR), ye shall die in your sins.” If you have called on God for Forgiveness and Salvation, please let me know in the comment section below, so that I can rejoice with you. Your thoughts, opinions and comments are welcome so leave them below in the left bottom REPLY comment section. This concludes this article “MORE VERSIONS OF THE FAKE JESUS.” Please enjoy the song below.


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