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This article is called “GLOBALIST TURDS.” I am sure you are saying this is a weird name for an article. The reason is that the Globalists  of today are “FULL OF CRAP.” Globalism itself is not a bad word. It is what Globalism now represents by the globalists. Mainly the United Nations, and the World Health Organization, who “INTEND” on pushing their so-called sustainable goals on the entire world with Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030. This includes their 1 world government, 1 world money system, and 1 world religion. And of course, the entire world will be run by “THEM THE ELITES.”


This is a totally different world since the very inception of the United Nations. Prior to becoming the United Nations, there was the League of Nations. The League of Nations was an international organization founded after the Paris Peace Conference, 1919, after World War One. The League’s goals included disarmament, preventing war through collective security, settling disputes between countries through negotiation diplomacy, and improving global welfare. Its headquarters were in Geneva and Switzerland and the United States was not part of the League of Nations.

In the midst of World War II, The United Nations was formed in 1945. There were 5 original nations, and they were charter nations of China, France, the Soviet Union, the United Kingdom, the United States. The League of Nations had failed in its goals and lost support from its member states and was merged into the United Nations.

Here are the original goals of the main Charter of the United Nations. “The UN Charter sets out four main purposes: Maintaining worldwide peace and security. Developing relations among nations. Fostering cooperation between nations in order to solve economic, social, cultural, or humanitarian international problems.” I think you can clearly see this is not their goal in the world today. Their goal of today is Total control and domination of every nation and country on earth.

The World Health Organization (the W.H.O) was established by the United Nations in 1948. Their goal is to be responsible for international public health. The WHO relies on assessed and voluntary contributions from member states and private donors for funding. As of 2018, it has a budget of over $4.2 billion, most of which comes from voluntary contributions from its member states.


Here are the numbers and budget of the United Nations and W.H.O. This does not include the “BILLONS” given the private investors and private corporations. As you can see the United States is the biggest contributor nation. What is that old saying? “TOTAL POWER CORRUPTS TOTALLY.” This is exactly what has happened with the Globalist United Nations. The United Nations has failed miserably and should be disbanded and kicked out of America. They are advocates for chaos in the intent to bring about a One World Government, totally run and controlled by themselves, “THE ELITE GLOBALISTS TURDS.”

Their sustainable goal is to kill off billions of people on earth with their depopulation agenda. They claim the earth has too many people and the world cannot grow enough food to feed everyone in the future. While they get rich they have no problem watching people from poor 3rd world countries, “STARVE TO DEATH” by famines. The United Nations sits back and watches as their own Globalists dictators of countries, rob the countries wealth, live in mansions (like Robert Mugabe and others) while people starve and sleep in the dirt on cardboard boxes. They sit back and watch, and do nothing, when their Globalist Dictators like Hugo Chávez and now Nicolás Maduro rob the country blind, starve their own people in Venezuela. Where the people have eaten their own pets and zoo animals just to survive.  They do intend on depopulating earth’s people with poisonous VACCINES under the guise of health care.                                                                                                                                    

They create the “CRISIS AND PANDEMICS” so they can step in and control it. Everywhere their United Nations troops go they rape, murder, and control those they are supposed to protect. And of course, they are never punished. The United Nations and the W.H.O. itself is anti-Semitic in hating every Jew on earth and denies Israel’s right to exist.  What else do you expect when the United Nations appoints Jew-hating nations on the United Nations Human Rights Council? Pushing their false religion as a peaceful religion. NO, it is the religion of barbarians who claim they will rule the world.


These so-called refugee invaders are the “SWORD” of the United Nations. They know exactly how they will destroy any country they enter. It is part of the Globalists Agenda for their own Global take over and Domination. The United Nations does not recognize the legitimate authority of any country or its Constitution. The United Nations DEMANDS open borders for anyone, anywhere. They demand all nations take in so-called refugees (really invaders) immigrants and anyone they flood countries with. Yet these countries are supposed to completely support them and give them free everything. Globalists must destroy the economy of every country on earth and control its education system.

The United Nations’ goal is to Bankrupt every country and economy and brings that country under their control. They are content watching as Christians are killed and persecuted all over the world. Christians are now the most persecuted people on earth and have a “BULLSEYE” on their backs. The education systems are being controlled by the Globalists and the United Nations. ANYTHING IMMORAL is the new norm and dictated. Abortion world wide is demanded as one form of depopulation. Everything is now a “HUMAN RIGHT” that supersedes any countries laws or Constitutions. The LBGTQ rights, Special rights for Pedophiles, and Transgender Rights have and are being legislated right now. And if you disagree with any of it then you need to be charged with a “HATE CRIME” or sent to a re-education facility until they change your opinion. And of course, their alternative is a prison.          

Pastors and churches worldwide are being shut down (for the 1 world religion) and told what they can preach or teach. Globalist has determined that the Bible is “HATE SPEECH” and need to be done away with. You are still allowed to say the name “god” (because there are many) but you should never offend anyone and use the name of “JESUS. “And now you have a false prophet, Pope Francis, pushing Globalism and 1 world religion, he works with the United Nations closely. Francis pushes the doctrine that no one is a citizen of any country, but that we are “ALL GLOBAL CITIZENS.”

Politicians even here in America are bought and paid for by big pharma and the Globalist to destroy this country from within, in passing legislation the United Nations wants. The Globalists Satanic agenda is on the march. Globalists like billionaire George Soros brags how he considers himself “a god.” He states his greatest goal is to completely destroy America and sell it into Globalism. Soros brags about all the groups he organizes and pays, to bring about chaos and violence to bring down countries. Soros prides himself on going into other countries and buys up their banking systems.

Globalists are doing a fine job with their agenda. There is no longer such thing as “TERRORISM.” Even Pope Francis pushes that. Disagree with them and it is a hate crime. Only feelings matter, not facts. Globalist push Political Correctness, There are many lists of New Politically Correct Terms, but many terms have just been given a new meaning. Change the words and language, change what is acceptable or unacceptable then you just destroyed society. And the family unit has now been destroyed and redefined. The family has always been the very fabric of society. Destroy the family and you destroy society. Parental authority no longer exists, and our very Constitution is being replaced piece by piece with “SOCIALISM.”

Other Globalists, like Bill Gates, takes a different approach. Gates uses his billions and his foundation to push and force “LETHAL VACCINES” upon the entire world. The King of Vaccines thinks he has the right to mandate his own vaccines on every person on the planet. My previous article called Pandemic-Globalism-and Vaccines, documents all of this. I hope you will read that one also. It is “DOCUMENTED PROOF” how Gates uses the citizens of poor 3rd world countries as his test patients and “guinea pigs.” It also shows all the damage and deaths he created with his “MAGICAL VACCINES.”            


The United Nations and W.H.O. started out as a great worldwide organization. Over time they degenerated into a power-hungry Global Dictatorship. History has shown us how this happened in many civilizations and Kingdoms, even in the Bible. These are very dangerous days that we are living in. As of right now, we are in the middle of a Global Pandemic. There is mass panic all over the world as people die. And as expected, the W.H.O. jumped in from day 1 to take control. (They already knew about it and possibly created the crisis as usual). Many in foreign countries started crying and begging for a 1 World Government to take over and handle the crisis.

Just today, President Trump cut funding again to the W.H.O. because it is known that the W.H.O. has lied and covered up the truth of the “CORONA VIRUS” that was created in Wuhan China. Had they reported it 2 months earlier then the Corona Virus could have been contained and possibly not spread to the whole world. The truth is the Globalist United Nations and W.H.O. wanted it to spread so they could try and take control over the world.

The globalists hate Trump because he does not accept Globalism and pushes “AMERICA FIRST.” He is against everything the Globalists are for. They do not mind wrecking a world economy so they can take over and control the whole world. As I have stated before, they have already said in their Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030, they will “FORCE IT” on the entire world. Globalists have already changed countries in every aspect of our lives. They see themselves as our masters and the elites of the world. They have made themselves into “mini-gods.”

I titled this article “GLOBALISTS TURDS.” Now I need to explain why. What is a turd? It is a lump of excrement. A person regarded as obnoxious or contemptible. It has been rotted down by bacteria. It rots and smells worse the longer it is left alone. It draws files and insects and causes diseases. Like in some 3rd world countries, it can and will kill you. “I CAN NOT THINK OF ANY OTHER DESCRIPTION OF THE GLOBALISTS-THEY ARE TURDS.” What the Globalist offers the world is like putting “Whip Cream on a Turd” and feeding “CRAP”  to the world. If this description offends you then I apologize for it, but it is the truth.

I know they will get what they want, and it will not be very long. God told us in the Bible what to look for and all about the Tribulation period coming on the whole world. This includes the 1 World Government, 1 World Money System, and 1 World Religion. As God said, this will be “FORCED” on the entire world and led by the anti-christ. I firmly believe this is already upon us and Christians will be leaving in the Rapture soon, before the Tribulation starts. If your heart is not right with God then I would be repenting and receiving Jesus Christ as my own personal Savior. God is going to plague this world with His Judgements and you surely do not want to be here.

Your thoughts and opinions are welcome, so leave them in the comments below. And watch the video below. RAY


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  1. KISS myASS

    Well they may “get what they want” but we will get some of them too”. They will pay a great price, so great that they will not live in the world they envision.

  2. Ray

    Thank you for your comment and I agree with you completely. There is a judgement day coming and no one will escape it. Their success of a world under total Globalism will be short lived. The sad part is how they intend their de-population agenda to sustain what they consider needs to be the population on earth. According to the Globalist and United Nations Agenda, there are 7.5 BILLION humans on this earth. They state the earth can only sustain 500 MILLION. That means 7 BILLION people on this earth must die. I am sure the Globalist being the elite and cream of the crop will do the deciding which of us die and which of us stay. THERE IS THE SOON UP-COMING GLOBALISM, Thank you for your comment and come back anytime. RAY

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