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I have entitled this article, Millions Disappeared-What Happened on Earth? In this article, I am only “highlighting events” that are happening right now and events that will come soon. If I went into depth and detail it would be a 5 part series. What I am going to write about has not happened yet (as of today) but can happen at any moment, and will definitely happen. If you are.. Read More


This article is called “GLOBALIST TURDS.” I am sure you are saying this is a weird name for an article. The reason is that the Globalists¬† of today are “FULL OF CRAP.” Globalism itself is not a bad word. It is what Globalism now represents by the globalists. Mainly the United Nations, and the World Health Organization, who “INTEND” on pushing their so-called sustainable goals on the entire world with.. Read More


The word “PANDEMIC” comes from 2 words which are Panic and Epidemic. The entire world is freaking out from the Corona Virus Pandemic. There is no nation on earth that has not been affected and infected from the Corona Virus epidemic, this is called a worldwide crisis. People are literally scared to death and living in constant fear. They are afraid they will catch this virus and DIE. The real.. Read More