Whats True Love

Is Your Love True or False


I hope you have read and learned a few thing from the other 5 parts of this series.This is part 6 called “NOT IF, BUT WHEN.” We are now looking at the 2nd most horrible event in human history. It will be glorious for some and pure terror for others. ONLY THE FINAL JUDGEMENT OF GOD, WILL SURPASS THIS. That event will have “ETERNAL CONSEQUENCES” and determine your final destination.. Read More

What Is America’s Prophetic Destiny?

This article is a repost from Prophecy News Watch, which was Originally published at Christ In Prophecy, reposted with permission. This is not one of my articles written by me. When I post someone else’s work, I always give them the credit that is due to them. I just finished my own 6 part series then ran across this one called, “What Is America’s Prophetic Destiny?” It is a great.. Read More