Whats True Love

Is Your Love True or False


How long is eternity and how long is forever? This is one great question. Opinions vary on this subject. Many say, “You cannot know. You cannot determine or measure eternity.” I am going to surprise you. I can tell you the answer, and I am not super smart or super intelligent.                            Lets go futuristic. Let’s say we have a starship with warp speed. How long will it take us to.. Read More

The Absence and Silence of God

Many in  society today think God is an absentee landlord over the earth. They see God as some kind of divine caretaker. Too many really think God exist to serve them and grant all their request. He is suppose to fill their wish list. When people cannot get what they want, they adopt the philosophy of the absence and silence of God.                                                    Belief In God I did a little research, I.. Read More

Professor Crushes “Political Correctness”

  Professor’s EPIC Class Intro Has Gone VIRAL; Here’s Why. This article is not my writing. I will never post an article that was written by someone else and claim it as mine. I love this article and the content is right on target for our “Politically Correct” Society. This Professor crushes Political Correctness. I respect and admire the stance this professor has taken, His name is Professor Mike Adams,.. Read More