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Why Did God Create Humanity?

I really like this article and it brings out some simple truths we often miss. This article is written by Greg Brezina of “Christian Families Today.”  I have heard many ask over the years, “Who am I? Why am I here? And where am I going?” I hope “Why Did God Create Humanity”, will answer those questions. Who Loved First “When the question “Why did God create humanity?” is asked,.. Read More

52 Fascinating Facts About Love

I found a very interesting article and I want to share this with my readers. We all need a good laugh and I found this funny. I hope you will enjoy this article as much as I have. It is 52 fascinating facts about love. This is not my writing and it does come from another source which I will credit. http://facts.randomhistory.com/2009/08/04_love.html Facts About Love 1.Historically, sweat has been an.. Read More

I Love You Dad

June 11, 1984, you died. I was the only person in the hospital room with you. I held your hand while you took your last breath. I watched you slip out into eternity and end your suffering. I still have so many thoughts, feelings, and emotions to this day. What did I see and what did I learn? This was so hard, but there is no other place I wanted.. Read More