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I really do hope you have read parts 1 and 2 of this series. This is part 3 “there is no covid-19 vaccine Depopulation.”  No, I am not mentally ill. I have a great functioning brain. Neither am I a “Conspiracy Theorists. If you have read part 1 and part 2, you will understand why I say there is no Covid-19 vaccine. What the world is being Jabbed with, is not a vaccine, it is an “EXPERIMENTAL GENE THERAPY.” The medical profession and Globalist know this. It DID NOT meet the formal, standard definition of a Vaccine, so the CDC, (Center for Disease Control) changed the definition of what is a vaccine. That way Covid-19 could be included as a vaccine. And Covid-19 now comes under the protection of Federal Law, which say that no vaccine or drug company, can be SUED or held liable for any and all injuries, or deaths. The so called vaccine,  now has Immunity From Prosecution.  HOW CONVENIENT.

There is a 3rd component to this article and it is called “DEPOPULATION” of the earth. Someone reading this is going to say, “Oh come on man, W.H.O. is going to kills us off. That is stupid.  REALLY? Are you ready to kill your self just to save the earth. In short terms you are breathing too much oxygen. This movement started in 1991. Click on this link and see for yourself. Voluntary Human Extinction Movement. Crazy but real.


If you recall, when the PLAN-DEMIC was finally revealed, Bill Gates, the atheist, was all over television doing interviews, and proclaiming “WE” are going to fix this with a new Vaccine. Then HE decided to let the world about the most wonderful thing on planet earth. (Mrna) New advanced technology and a Synthetic. I have written a lot about little Bill Gates here on my website. But I kept wondering who are the “WE” he keeps talking about? I knew he was a billionaire, but who gave him the authority to demand every person on the planet WILL be vaccinated with the new and improved Covid-19 injection. You see, Bill Gates is a partner with the World Health Organization. Anyone can pay a fee and join the World Health Organization. I guess they allowed Gates to be a spokes-person for the W.H.O. I am sure the millions of dollars he gives to the W.H.O. has nothing to do with it. So why would Gates make himself the spokes person for so called covid-19 vaccines?    

The Gates Foundation purchased shares in nine big pharmaceutical companies valued at nearly $205 million. Here is a list of 4 major manufacturing drug companies (For covid-19 vaccines) that Gates invested in. I think you can see he was only caring about Humanity–DUHHHHHHHHHHH. Well, here is a quote from Bill Gates regarding the so called Covid-19 vaccine and its distribution :  “The billionaire philanthropist stressed that low- and lower-middle-income countries are home to nearly half of the world’s population but would only be able to pay for 14% of their population to receive a COVID-19 vaccine.”

Former Pfizer Vice President says it is entirely possible vaccine campaigns will be used for a massive scale, for DEPOPULATION. He says, “PLEASE warn every person not to go near top up vaccines. There is absolutely no need to them…If someone wished to harm or kill a significant proportion of the world’s population over the next few years, the systems being put in place right now will enable it.” GO READ IT.

Do not forget Bill Gates used the citizens of Africa as his test subjects, offering a free vaccine. And do not forget how he jumped on a plan and left when these children were paralyzed and crippled, with immediate allergic reactions. And the story in India was about the same. Gates runs to poor 3rd world countries to EXPERIMENT ON THEM. One week before the Plan-Demic was announced Bill Gates with the help of Johns’ Hopkins Hospital, did a MOCK PANDEMIC  round table discussion with so called Scientist.  It was called ” EVENT 201.”What caught my attention, (I WATCHED ALL 6 HOURS OF IT) was this. During the mock Pandemic, they discussed who and what nations should get a life saving Vaccine. They decided that 3rd world countries would NOT be getting a life saving Vaccine “BECAUSE THEIR COUNTRIES COULD NOT AFFORD THE VACCINE.” In other words “JUST LET THEM DIE.” They were good enough to be experimented on but not good enough to save, in a Pandemic.

I want to add here an interview with Dr. Vladimir Zelenko , Michael Yeadon, former Vice President of Pfizer., and professor Luc Montagnier. FRIENDS THIS IS  THE TOTAL TRUTH, AND IT IS A MUST READ, PLEASE CLICK THIS LINK. I AM GLAD THESE MEN HAS THE GUTS TO TELL US THE TRUTH ABOUT THE COVID-19 VACCINE.


If you just read the article above, I believe you now have a complete understanding of what the so called Covid-19 Vaccine does. These are highly qualified doctors and professionals. The Globalist, The United Nations, The World Health Organization, and Big Pharma, HAS THEIR OWN AGENDA FOR THE WORLD, and we are the test subjects. We are the Experiment. People forget that these so called Vaccines were only allowed under “EMERGENCY USES.” And Fauci and Bill Gates are both LIARS. The Global Agenda, Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 puts every citizen on planet earth under their control, through a New World Order-One World Government.

And there is the Globalist and their  “DEPOPULATION AGENDA.” The United Nations keeps saying this world is over populated. There are 7.7 billon people on this earth. They claim there is not enough food to feed everyone on planet earth. They claim this world can only FEED, and have 500 million people here on earth. That means 95% of earths population must leave planet earth. I personally do not see any flights to Mars or another planet, at all. In reality it really means 95% of the worlds population “MUST DIE,” by year 2030.

Now how are they going to do this? They would have to take drastic actions, and soon. Either a world war, global EPIDEMIC, some nuke, or some kind of widespread starvation, caused by massive crop failures would be the only likely ways of achieving this. And those who wake up to this evil reality, will be imprisoned in FEMA Camps before their death. Is this what they are built for? It is a sad day for the world when the environment is more important than human life. I posted the link to the Voluntary human Extinction  Movement. I will tell you now, I will not kill myself to save any bug or tree on this planet.


There is nothing United by the Nations. The United Nations was never created to become a Dictator of the world. They bought in to Globalism and put themselves in charge, with total control. You hear about the Great Reset that is in progress. I think the Covid-19 Plan-Demic is a large part of it. I remember growing up and seeing  how the news was reported. In the world today, the news is manufactured to dominate a certain narrative. The world is a very dangerous place today. Do you really think the United Nations and Globalist really care about the poor people, dying from FAMINES in Africa or Sudan? No they do not because starvation fits the Globalist narrative and plan. The poor people living in 3rd world countries are only good enough to be experimented on with VACCINES. Now the experiment is being pushed and mandated all across the world.

I am not a Conspiracy Theorist. But I am a Christian. I believe what God says, and I believe Gods Word. The Bible is more accurate than tomorrows News, or next weeks news. God told us what to look for and we are seeing it more everyday. The goals of the United Nations (Globalist) W.H.O. Their Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 is EXACTLY what God told us would happen. 1 World Government, 1 World money system, and 1 World Religion. The sad part is, even the Pope, and the Vatican agrees and pushes this. The United Nations says, We are all Global citizens, not citizens of 1 country.

It is a very sad day when you see children stand up in school and salute and pledge allegiance to the Global flag. It happens in New York (and the American flag has been taken down). The American flag has been replaced with the black lives matter flag, the Rainbow LGBTQ flag, and Global flag. Just as God told us things are going to get  WICKED, not better. I will not be here writing about it I will be watching it happen in Heaven,

Dear Reader, the so called Pandemic has been and is part of the Globalist plan for “DEPOPULATION” Even the experts know this. If you want to control the people then you first have to scare them. If you want to control the people then you must control the money and food. That is happening now.       

Dear Reader Friends.  We live in one screwed up world. We are all humans who make mistakes and do wrong things, We know that. God calls that SIN.  Our sins have separated us from God. God is Holy and cannot accept sin. God ,made a way for us to be accepted when He sent Jesus to come to earth and pay for everyone’s sins, by giving his body and blood on the cross in our place. Jesus resurrection from the dead meant that God accepted his sacrifice for ALL sin forever. God offers Salvation to EVERYONE who will believe and accept this fact. If you are not a Christian then simply bow you head and ask God to save you and forgive your sins because Jesus paid for them. I promise you that God will save you forever, and give you a home in heaven. Please do not put this off, The Lord is coming soon for His children. John 3:16

UPDATE 10-13-2021 So you still do not believe in a depopulations agenda? Elites depopulation agenda is fact. 


Your thoughts, opinions and comments are welcome here so leave them below in comment section. RAY

                                                                HERE IS THE TRUTH WITH FACTS



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