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This article is called THE VACCINE DEATH REPORT. AND IT TRULY IS. This is honest and truthful FACTS by HONEST Scientist, who are reporting the facts and NOT spouting the Globalist lies and Agenda. This is absolutely a MUST READ to know and understand TRUTH and the DECEPTION spread all around the world. This is the MOST COMPLETE AND ACCURATE REPORT YOU WILL EVER READ.

This article comes from “STOP WORLD CONTROL . COM” WEBSITE. I am a member and have the permission and authority to download and share this report with THEIR PERMISSION. Feel free to go to the website and not only join and share the site and all of the great information or add it to your favorites.

This report is going to show you the total truth about the deaths, destruction, damage, harm and ALLERGIC ADVERSE REACTIONS happening  upon those who take the so called Covid-19 Vaccines. This information is and has been hidden from the public. LETS LOOK AT THE FULL REPORT. THIS IS A PDF FILE AND WILL LOAD IN 30 SECONDS. PLEASE CLICK ON THIS LINK BELOW.


If you have seen and read this truthful material, I think your eyes should now be open to the truth and what is really going on. The whole world is under the Globalist Great “DECEPTION AND RESET.” As I wrote in Part 4 of my series, They do not hide their Depopulation Agenda. Simply put 7 BILLION People on this earth has to die. (THE GLOBALIST VIDEO ON PART 4 PROVES THIS). I had asked the question: “HOW ARE THEY GOING TO KILL US ALL?” Do you think they will NUKE us all? Or would World War III kill 7 billion? Their goal is to establish 1 world government, 1 world money system and 1 world Religion. (UNITED NATIONS AGENDA 21 AND AGENDA 2030). They do not deny any of this, but brag about it.

Friends, this is not a PANDEMIC, this is a PLAN-DEMIC and DELIBERATE. You see before you can control the masses you have to SCARE them. And this is exactly what they managed to do to the world. They will now do anything and everything to keep you scared so they can keep controlling every person on the planet. Did they not tell you from the beginning, this is the NEW NORM, things are never going back to the way it use to be So what was and is the new norm? “THEM BEING IN CONTROL OVER YOU AND THE WORLD.” Them making their new MANDATES for every nation on the planet. “WELCOME TO GLOBALISM.”

You really need to see this link of how they controlled FUNERAL HOME DIRECTORS AND MADE THEM LIE. But the truth has come out. He and 45 other Funeral Home Directors witnessed “MASS MURDERS” and GENOCIDE. WATCH HIS VIDEO.¬†


We live in a very dangerous day which God told us about and detailed in His word. In Part 1 of my series, I showed what they call covid-19 vaccine really is. It is an experimental Gene Therapy, not a vaccine. And you are the EXPERIMENT. In Part 2 of the series I showed how this so called vaccine DESTROYS YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM. In Part 3 I showed you the Globalist and United Nations Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 agenda of DEPOPULATION. In Part 4 New World Order Plans I showed you a video of the Globalist stating how 7 billion of us on earth has to be killed. In Part 5 I showed the real Covid-19 Horror Movie of what they are using to DEPOPULATE THE WORLD. In Part 6 Are you ready to be killed by Covid-19 Vaccines? Then there is this final article showing the truth of a real scientific “THE VACCINE DEATH REPORT-MILLIONS KILLED.¬†

Globalist, The United Nations, The Media, Big Pharma, The C.D.C. The F.D.A. all want to shut your up. You are not allowed to have an opinion or question anything they do. Their goal is to mandate these killer and poisonous bioweapons on all of humanity to achieve their goals. They have now established their “NEW NORM” which is total control of the world. They truly want to control ALL that you think, do or say. You are not entitled to any opinion different than theirs. They are winning and just getting started, wait until you see what is really coming.

I only see 1 hope for Humanity and only 1 way to escape this. That one way is a belief in, and personal relationship with JESUS CHRIST. As Gods Word has told us we Christians are going home soon in the event called the RAPTURE OF THE CHURCH. When this happens all hell on earth will break loose with the Anti-Christ taking over to rule this world. Jesus Christ is OUR safety and security from all of this. If I were not a Christian I would bow on my knees, look to heaven and ask God to save you. I would realize that Jesus paid on the cross for all of our sins so we could be forgiven. If you do that I GUARNATEE you that God will Save you and make you his child and give you a home in heaven.

Your thoughts, opinions and comments are welcome, so leave them below in the comment section. RAY



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