NOTICE: My articles are NOT grammatically correct. I am a college graduate and understand all the rules of proper writing. I do use CAPITAL LETTERS to stress and emphasize important points. I do this to enhance your UNDERSTANDING. To me understanding is far more important then proper writing skills.

There is a real Muslim epidemic and invasion spreading across the entire world. And I challenge you and dare you to read this. America we are being FLOODED with so-called Refugees who have (TB) “Tuberculosis”, “Leprosy” and other fatal diseases rarely seen in America. This is no joke so please listen. The CDC (Center for Disease Control) confirmed this 4 months ago, and state Health Departments and hospitals are fighting this every day.

I am going to make a statement from American Politics that you may not believe, but I will document it. Here is the statement. “Today, one-third (over 2 billion people) of the world’s population is infected with TB.Two-thirds of America’s Tuberculosis cases are foreign-born.”


There are more increased cases being reported in various states. Here is a fact. Adults and so-called refugee children are entering public school here in America and “INFECTING” American children, this is now widespread. Our own government IS NOT doing any health screening for the so-called refugees before they come to America and there are too many illegally coming across the border.

This is due to the “Muslim President Obama” ordering the border patrol to stand down and let illegals cross the border freely. If you think this is not real and at epidemic proportions, then please check for yourself and do your own homework. So called refugees come to America and other countries that have not been “VETTED.” They are also given free health care courtesy of the American Tax Payers money.

The WHO (World Health Organization) reports that, Tuberculosis, an airborne disease affecting almost a third of the world’s population remains one of the major public health burdens globally, and the resurgence of multi-drug-resistant tuberculosis in some parts of sub-Saharan Africa calls for concern. YES IT IS AIRBORNE! Their report in 2007 stated 36 million would die from it, this does not include spreading it. Here we are 20 years later.

Reports show that Tuberculosis, Hepatitis B, HIV, Malaria, and many forms of sexually transmitted diseases are found in refugees. We are seeing new forms of diseases that the American Medical community have never encountered, nor the American people.  WE ARE AT RISK.  Medical screenings are NOT being performed before departure to America and other countries. Medical screenings are NOT required upon arrival and neither are vaccinations.                                                                                              

UNICEF reports that 3rd world countries do not have access to routine immunization or health services. Simple vaccines like the polio vaccine are not available even when it only cost pennies to manufacture. Many of the governments of these 3rd world countries do not care enough about their citizens to have a health care program.

22% of resettled refugees resettled in Minnesota have Tuberculosis.  35% in Vermont. Vermont reports that Vermont conceals the true number of refugees with contagious TB. Cases have now been reported in all 50 states and D.C. Indiana is reporting a high percentage of TB cases.

“Milwaukee Wisconsin reports refugees are bringing in new drug resistant strains of TB into the United States. The introduction of MDR TB to the United States represents a serious public health threat by refugees, since its successful treatment is uncertain and very expensive. MDR TB treatment costs more than $150,000 per patient and can take between 20 and 26 months. Over the past several decades, new strains of TB have developed around the world which are resistant to at least two of these four drugs, hence the term MDR TB.”

“On a per capita basis, Georgia has one of the highest instances of refugee TB of any state in the country. Yet nowhere has this important story been reported.” Breitbart said that Texas “is known to have one of the highest rates of foreign-born TB in the country. What was not previously reported, however, is the significant role refugees have played in that phenomenon. CDC says the scale of the TB problem among refugees was under reported by more than 1,000 cases over recent years – off by a factor of more than three. (The CDC) itself, hides the true numbers themselves.”

I have a grand-daughter in public school. I have friends with children just as you have. This is not just a large risk to our children but to ALL Americans. Reports say, Hospitals are not equipped to treat these so-called refugees because they are bringing in diseases, that the American Medical Community has never seen before.                                                                                                                                                  

I am tired of all the Politically Correct crap and garbage. I want to give some common sense information and advice to the American People. I am really sick and tired of hearing how bad American’s are for not wanting Syrian refugees coming to this country. Obama stands up and says, “Americans are afraid of women and children.” That is a lie and he knows it, so let’s look at a few things.

So how does this fact grab you? Eurabia: “50 million Muslims In Europe and 80% are living on welfare”


Being a Muslim is not a race. It is not a race of people. A Muslim can be any color or race. If you believe in God, the bible and Jesus Christ, then you are a Christian. You can be any color and be a Christian. If you believe in Allah, the Koran, Sharia Law and Muhammed, then you are a Muslim. You can also be any color or race. Muslims are raised from birth to believe in Islam, the Koran, Allah and Sharia Law. This is all they know. They see everyone who is not a Muslim as an “infidel, or  idolater.” NO EXCEPTIONS.

Muslims believe Sharia Law is SUPERIOR to any law on earth. In Islam, Muslims see Allah as the government and Sharia as the only law. There is no separation of church and state in Islam, they are one and the same. As their Koran says, Convert or die. Any non-Muslim is a infidel or idolater, This is not hard to understand. (Koran 9:5).

This does not mean every Muslim is practicing Jihad or is a terrorists. There is a “FANTASY VERSION OF ISLAM. IT IS CALLED THE RELIGION OF PEACE.” You will never understand Islam and Muslims unless you understand one thing. The “ONLY” interpretation of Islam that matters is Mohammed’s. The most sad part of Islam is how the little children are raised and brainwashed, into a rabid political system. Children live what they learn, Muslim women are not even given the right to be called human, and have no human rights.

Under Sharia law women are like sheep, women are not considered human. Their men have all the rights. Women are subjected to the wants and wishes of the men. Muslim men can put their wives, daughters or other women to death for just about anything–HONOR KILLING. They have many means to do this which include burning, stoning cutting off a hand, nose feet, or cutting their heads off. Women are sexually mutilated at the Muslim men’s wishes. Acid attacks are on the rise with Muslim men on women as punishment or death sentence.

If a Muslim woman is raped then she must have 4 Muslim men to testify that she was raped to prove any case. If family members feel that she has dishonored them, then they can have her put to death. Image being put to death because you were raped! They rape women then stone them for not being a virgin. “HOW TOTALLY STUPID.”

Muslim men are allowed to have up to 4 wives and they do out breed any country. At the same time a majority are INBREDS! Muslim men believe also they can, take ANY woman or children for wives and rape them. Muslim men are allowed to have sex slaves for their own pleasure with both male and female children.. Muslim men believe Allah is pleased when they rape women because they are inferior to men.


Muslim women do not object or complain, because they know they can die for it. Muslims do not recognize anyone’s rights except their own. They do not ask for any rights, THEY DEMAND THEM according to the Koran and Sharia law. The goal of Islam and Muslims is to dominate, take over and control. What is their favorite cry? “Islam will rule the world.” Human rights only exist for Muslim men in Islam.              

People do what they want to do and people do what is important to them. Every person is a creature of habit. We all develop and learn from doing things by habit. Habits may be good or bad and we all learn from repetition. This is every person, and it holds true for Muslims who are fanatics. This is ALL THEY KNOW, This is their life, this is their belief system, and they really do think they are SUPERIOR. Muslims believe their very culture gives them special rights above everyone and every government in every country.

Muslims look at their so called Prophet (Mohammed) as the perfect man. Mohammed was nothing more than a traitor, murderer and Pedophile. Muslim men really think, “If Mohammed did it then we can do it.” This is a big reason for all the child marriages at age 9 and their rape of women, and children.  Mohammed was a Warlord who killed millions in the name of his false god.

Muslims accept nothing but Sharia Law. They will tell you Sharia law came from Allah and our Constitution came from men. They believe no one else is right, but themselves. Islam and Muslims do not tolerate anyone else, but other Muslims.

Muslims are NOT Politically Correct or tolerant of any other religion. For Muslims, it is all or nothing, there is no place to compromise! The Koran says, “Death to anyone who is not a Muslim or who does not convert to Islam. There are 109 verses in the Koran that promotes Jihad by terror and forced conversion.

If you know what I have just said and understand it, then what do you think will happen when they get to America? Just look at the other countries that have already taken in refugees. Germany is in chaos. France is in chaos. The United Kingdom is in chaos.

Muslims are taking over those countries and dominating them. Muslims are trying to take over those countries and overthrow the governments. Terrorism and Jihad is their path to domination. Muslims came to those countries as refugees and guest and they are taking over–THEY DEMAND AND DOMINATE. They hate Christians and Jews.

Muslims do not recognize the laws or Constitution of any nation they enter. They only know Sharia Law and want it. In countries they are going into, Muslim men are raping women and children, killing the countries citizens and enjoy doing it. They do believe they have the right as Muslim men to take any non-Muslim female as sex slaves.

They think they have the same Muslim rights in any country they go to. SO, TELL ME WHAT THEY WILL DO IN AMERICA? THE SAME THING. Will ISIS sneak in with refugees? ABSOLUTELY. Do some homework and see how high the percentage is, of Muslims who support what ISIS is doing. Polls of Muslims that I have seen say, 78% of all Muslims support Isis.


Now someone will say, wait a minute, we have Muslims already in America and they are not doing that. We have Muslims in America who obey the law. You hear about Radical Muslims and Moderate Muslims. A radical Muslim is one who wants you dead and wants to dominate and take over. A Moderate Muslim is one who wants the Radical Muslims, to cut your head off or kill you, even though they do not do it themselves.

Here is what Americans fail to realize?? There is only 1 Allah, 1 Koran, 1 Muhammed, 1 Sharia Law, and 1 belief system. THEY ALL BELIEVE IT. IF THEY ARE MUSLIM THEY BELIEVE IT. I have watched too many of the Islamic and Muslims video’s. They will stand and say this, “JUST BECAUSE MUSLIMS DO NOT TALK ABOUT IT DOES NOT MEAN THEY DO NOT BELIEVE IT.” Then they go further and say, “What are they going to do, deport us all?”

Our Constitution of the United States gives us “FREEDOM OF SPEECH.” Our Freedom of Speech should NEVER be limited by Muslims feelings. Do not try and silence me and  take away my right to free speech, just so Muslims will not be offended. I will not be tolerant. Muslims have no problem offending anyone and I reserve the same right for them.

I know this article has been long and I appreciate you reading until now. I headed this, “What America  fail to see.” Every American needs to see what 70 Democrats have proposed in Congress, they want this to be made law. Their names are listed where they signed this bill and you can see. This is from our own official Congressional website. This is legislation making it a “HATE CRIME” to say anything negative about any Muslim.

H.Res.569 – Condemning violence, bigotry, and hateful rhetoric towards Muslims in the United States. This is real people. This simply takes away the freedom of speech of every American citizen. PLEASE CLICK ON THIS AND READ IT FOR YOURSELF.

Maybe you are not aware also of The United Nations acceptance and approval of Islam. They support Muslim rights, culture and Islam. And yes, Obama pushed for it. Go here to see it for yourself.  Obama-Clinton U.N. Resolution against Negative Speech about Islam.

Americans have every right to care about the safety, security, and Health of our citizens, children. and of our country. Mr. Obama will stand up and mock the American people and say women and children are no threat. It is NOT the women and children that have entered Germany, France, The United Kingdom, Sweden alone. The majority of those coming (85%) are young Muslim men, not refugee women and children. They wreak Havoc everywhere they go, and their goal is to take over.                                                      

The truth is Obama knew all of this, and this is what he wanted. Obama also knew what they would do when they got here, so I ask you, why did he LIE and want it? You should already know the answer by now. Are you aware of the estimates of how much it will cost to take care of the refugee Muslims? Estimates say, it will cost the American tax payers $22,000.00 a year for EACH Muslim refugee.

Check it out for yourself. This alone can kill the American economy. Here are your tax dollars at work. One last note under this heading. Like him or not, you better thank God Donald Trump is in office trying to stop this Muslim take over of America!

Think of this and it is happening now. Muslim men come to America and bring their 4 wives. They lie, and say are just sisters or relatives. Each receive $22,000.00 or more of your tax dollars. They are given free housing, food stamps and health care of Americans expense. Then cry, “DEATH TO AMERICA.”

UPDATE: 12-04-2017


UPDATE TODAY 11-25-2018 Things have really got worse than when I wrote this article over a year ago. America is being pounded with so called immigrants and refugees. Our borders are under attack. INFECTIOUS DISEASES are here in America and coming to America just as I said in this article. If you doubt this then click on this link for the latest information. Refugee Infectious Diseases.

I am really not a hard hearted person without compassion. My sympathy lies with the poor little children who know no better and with the abused Muslim women. We have some American Muslims in our country who are good citizens. They hold to our values, Constitution and laws. They do assimilate into our American culture and way of life. “THAT IS AMERICA.”

You need to read this and understand that Muslims wants ” ANYONE’S OPINION” except their own opinion, classified as a hate crime. This is being pushed in the Untied Nations right now. Saudi Arabia pushes the UN to adopt Sharia blasphemy law to force all UN members ” to criminalize criticism of Islam“.

The sad part is that Islam has not changed in over 1400 years. And to be fair, Muslims have “INBRED” for those 1400 years also. According to Islam, women are forbidden to work. Most Muslims have no job skills and will not work. They prefer using the system for everything FREE.

The United Nations and globalists made themselves the authority over all of the Syrian refugee crisis. They decided where the so called refugees goes and how many to each country. It is well know these refugees could have stayed safely in their own country and it would have cost a whole lot less to support them there. Their own brother and sisters (Saudi Arabia) refused to take in 1. The Saudis said, they did not want terrorists in their country.

Here is what I see. I see a Political movement called Islam, who’s goal is to destroy any country until they control it, and institute Sharia law. I see forced conversion to Islam or death. I see no other opinion that matters. I see the very fabric of society and freedom being taken away from every American citizen under Islam. The very definition of Islam is,”Submission and Domination.”

I will never agree with a cult and an ideology of “Barbarians” who target Jews and Christians. Those brainwashed Jihadists who crucify, burn, drown, mutilate, anyone who have a different opinion or belief. Those who rape women in front of their families, before and after they kill them. Sir Winston Churchill said, “ISLAM IN A MAN IS LIKE RABIES IN A DOG.” Even Sunni vs Shia Muslims fight and kill each other. But, they will come together to fight those they consider infidels who oppose them.

I do not agree with a culture or rape, murder, sex with animals and any immoral act some so called Muslim Iman or scholar can justify. I do not agree with all of sexual perversion of Muslim men. They have a religion of sex and perversion with a “whorehouse heaven.” I will never agree with the torture and murder of Christians, all through the Muslim world. I will never agree with the forced female genital mutation of any woman.

I see those who think Jihad is their path to victory. I see a Muslim mens domination and culture, that believes they are special and only they have ANY rights. I see terrorists and terror spreading in any and every country they enter. I do not intend to sit back and watch our country, Constitution and laws be destroyed and be replaced with Sharia law.

This is a war that has been brought to our country and it is a war we must win. Tolerance and Political Correctness, has no place in this war. When Muslims enter a country they use that countries freedoms against them. This must stop. It is time for Americans to stand up for their country and become educated regarding Islam, Muslims culture and doctrines. It is time for Americans to fight for their freedoms, safety and security of our nation.

Feel free to call me any name you choose, I could care less. But you have to call me “CHRISTIAN AND AMERICAN.”

Here is a MUST SEE video that every American needs to see. It details what the real problem is and the solution to the problem. It is less than 5 minutes long. Each of these are excellent and worth watching. These are presented by Brigitte Gabriel of Act for America.

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